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Welcome Cult Film Lovers, Connoisseurs and Sick Puppies ! 20 years on the Net - insane !
For Great Things Lost in the blåst. Sweden's most obscure filmsite Salutes You


Puzzle : Fine Giallo crime mystery with a luscious Senta Berger and a pretty good
Luc Merenda as the man who lost his memory in a car crash and who may have been involved with
criminal activities and haven't seen his wife for 8 months - read more on Giallo & Eurocrime Film Page 2

The Road to Salina: Great arty drama-thriller beautifully shot in the Canary islands
and with fine acting from Robert Walker, Jr., Mimsy Farmer and Rita Hayworth. Psychedelic music on
the soundtrack and an interesting location with the volcanic sand - read more on Cult and Classics Page 1

Le Passager de la Pluie: Very fine crime-thriller with great acting from Jobert and Tinti,
and with the iconic Charles Bronson giving one of his best acting performances ever
as the mysterious
american who seems to know all about Marléne Jobert's Mélancolie
- read more on Cult and Classics Page


Here i will talk about c
ool film from all over the world, indie, cult and classics. But also rant about Film Noir and
Pulp Fiction, sport, alt. rock and forgotten but great Strange Things. Culture snobs would call it A Plunge into
the Trash Culture - a phrase used by rock journalist Lennart Persson - R.I.P. Maestro. Welcome all bewildered
visitors to this site and let's jump into this glorious cesspool together.
All texts, short reviews and delusional ramblings are written by Gunnar, Strange Things if not noted otherwise

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