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Dessa filmer är DVD om inget annat anges - om Bluray (eller VCD) anges detta. De är i skick som nyskick, om ej annat anges. Varje begagnad film finns i endast ett exemplar.
Självklart listar jag bara filmer som jag själv tittat på och som spelat hos mig utan problem, OM några mindre problem som pixlar
el. transportrepor skulle förekomma så anger
jag detta. Men OBS!
Att asiatiska utgåvor av DVD pga pressmetoder ibland kan konstra på vissa spelare och ev. frysa eller pixla. En DVD kan (ibland) spela olika på en rad
olika spelare. Ha fler än ett spelar-alternativ och prova er dator DVD spelare som ofta fungerar bra av någon anledning, datorspelaren är ofta mer jovialisk till naturen och
mer tillåtande
Klicka på bildlänkarna till vänster för en större bild och för mer film-info. Alla DVD är i NTSC om ej annat anges. Om Bluray anges. Porto extra

links Title Direction
Cast Price
Cat Girl
(UK Network DVD edition)
1957 Fine British version of Cat People when Leonora thinks she has in-
herited a family curse and can turn into a big killer cat. Atmospheric
(read more on the picture link) 4:3 english mono audio. Original
theatrical trailer, stills, UK DVD edition, region 2
(Swedish Njuta Films DVD)
Trent Haaga 2010 Indie cult movie indie frontman Haaga's (who wrote the interesting
Deadgirl) 1st direction effort is a sick horror-comedy about a man
losing his limbs by a psycho revenger without knowing why
Swedish DVD region 2, anamorphic wide 5.1 english audio with subs
Classe tous risques
(UK BFI Blu-ray & DVD 2 disc combo edition)
Claude Sautet 1960 Masterful, stylish, hard-boiled and violent crime drama with impressive
Lino Ventura as a brutal gangster on the run with 2 kids. Hard-boiled
(read more on the picture link) widescreen PCM french audio with
english subs, booklet, documentary, UK blu-ray & DVD region B / 2
Don't Breathe
(Nordic Sony Pictures Blu-ray edition)
Fede Alvarez 2016 Hyped home invasion horror where 3 young burglars decide to rob
a blind and supposedly helpless veteran soldier who lives alone
widescreen 2.40:1 with a DTS-HD MA 5.1 english audio with english
or swedish subs, commentary etc. Nordic blu-ray edition, region ALL
Eden of the East: The King of Eden
(UK Manga Entertainment Blu-ray edition)
Kenji Kamayama 2009 Unusual thriller about a deadly game with beautiful animation and the
first of 2 films made on an anime television series. With a compilation
of the TV series as extra (read more on the picture link) widescreen
japanese audio with subs, UK blu-ray edition region B or all
Great Silence, The (Il Grande Silenzio)
US Film Movement Classics Blu-ray edition
Sergio Corbucci 1968 A very unusual deep snow western and of the best spaghetti westerns
ever made. Great restoration, actors, soundtrack and cinematography
(read more on the picture link) widescreen, italian or english audio with
english subs, extras, booklet, US blu-ray edition region ALL
I Spit On Your Grave 2
(Nordic Atlantic Film DVD)
Stephen R.
2013 Very brutal torture porn horror for the hardened viewers, but
Jemma Dallender as Katie, the female avenger, is good
widescreen 2.35:1, 5.1 english audio DD with swedish subs, region 2
(US Anchor Bay edition DVD)
Dario Argento 2005 Argento har riktigt kul i Masters of Horror serien - Säsong 1 om den
köttätande flickan, eller snarare varelsen, Jenifer (läs mer på bildlänken)
widescreen 5.1 eller 2.0 engelskt tal med massor av extramaterial bl.a
intervjuer och making of, region 1
(Swedish Klubb Super 8 DVD edition)
Arne Mattsson 1965 A somewhat macabre who dunit about a bunch of hateful relatives
living in a huge old villa, and with the patriarch murdered by who?
1.66:1 ratio with swedish audio mono, black & white, extra short film
from No. 13 Demon Street TV series, Swedish DVD region 2
Noragami - The Complete First Season
(US Funimation 4 disc Blu-ray and DVD combo edition)
Kotaro Tamura 2014

Very entertaining anime series based on a manga about the forgotten
and very minor God Yato, a slacker who dreams of being popular
(read more on the picture link) widescreen japanese 2.0 audio dolby
true HD with english subtitles or english audio 5.1 dolby true HD,
US 4 disc blu-ray REGION A and DVD region 1

Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre
(Swedish Njuta films DVD edition)
Julius Kemp 2009 A group of unhappy tourists visiting Iceland goes whale watching,
encounters a family of crazed ex-whale hunters, now tourist hunters
(read more on the picture link) widescreen 5.1 or 2.0 english audio with
swedish subs, commentary, making of, swedish DVD edition, region 2
Rififi (Du Rififi chez les hommes)
Swedish Studio S DVD edition
Jules Dassin 1955 Violent and stylish French crime noir Masterpiece with the Mother of
all Heist scenes when 4 silent men break into a loaded jeweller store
(read more on the picture link) 4:3 black & white french audio stereo
with english subtitles, Swedish DVD edition, region 2
Sky Crawlers, The
(Hong Kong Panorama Entertainment
Blu-ray edition Region A)
Mamoru Oshii 2008 Pensive and dark but quite beautiful Anime drama about young
fighter pilots taking part in a war game in an alternative future
(read more on the picture link) japanese audio DTS 5.1 HD MA or
5.1 DD with english subs, Hong Kong bluray-edition REGION A
Shusho Kusensen Ijonashi
(Hong Kong Universe DVD)
Shusuke Kaneko
Enjoyable comedy about the hardships of finding a job after school.
Yuji Oda is unconcerned though and with 2 girls in love with him
(read more on the picture link) letterbox widescreen, japanese audio
2.0 stereo with english subtitles, region 3
Stratosphere Girl, The
(US TLA Releasing DVD edition)
M. X. Oberg 2004 Visually dreamlike from Tokyo by night, and a crime story too, when
Belgian Angela works as a club hostess. Chloé Winkel as Angela
(read more on the picture link) widescreen, english audio 5.1 with
english subtitles, stills, production note, US DVD region free ?
Survival of the Dead
(Swedish Blu-ray edition)
George A. Romero 2012 An OK and enjoyable Romero entry in his Zombie Saga, when 2 clans
fights it out on Plum Island over how to deal with the undead. The real
Plum Island - more scary. (read more on the picture link) widescreen
DTS HD 5.1 english with swedish subs, bluray edition region B
Tag Along, The
(Hong Kong Welcome Music edition DVD)
2015 Taiwanese horror with some nice atmosphere about mythical spirits
in the woods in the shape of nasty small children or monkeys, Mosien
(read more on the picture link) widescreen 5.1 or 2.0 mandarin with
english subs, 20 min extras and a trailer with NO subs, region 3
(Swedish Atlantic edition DVD)
Dario Argento 1982 Famous Argento giallo about horror writer Peter Neal and a
copy-cat murdering people as depicted in the books, but for real
widescreen with DD mono english audio with swedish subtitles,
swedish DVD region 2
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