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Of all the glorious film genres out there it's the american Film Noir from the 1940's and the early 1950's that i love the most.
When a melting pot of talents from all over the world, directors, script writers, cinematographers and actors, forced together
by the WW2, created the greatest films ever made. When the art of lighting a scene was at it's highest point, when the actors
looked their best due to clothing- and hair styles, when the soundtracks were most atmospheric and when great authors of
the 20th century as Raymond Chandler, William Faulkner and Graham Greene helped writing the scripts to the dark tales.

Crime fiction from this point in time became the foundation, created the archetypes for most of the modern crime, thriller and
action films. The Notion Film Noir could emanate from early 1950's French film critics and US pulp fiction was then released in
France in the Black Series, Série Noire, the crime stories that the films were based on (compare with Italy and the Gialli genre
that was based on crime stories released in the Yellow/Giallo series there) - Read more about Pulp Fiction on my PF page
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Film Noir - The High Point of Film History

Desperation and Angst

The Big City - a jungle with human predators, sexuality, the fast buck, life and death, night and shadow

Some themes central for the 1940's Hollywood film and crime fiction. Femme Fatales, Bad Cops and disillusioned looser
heroes often turned anti-heroes, often dead anti-heroes, at the end. Something completely else than the family-friendly
syrupy fluff, endless superhero stuff and/or patriotic slush that the Factory assaults the zombiefied world with today.

Among the directors geniuses as Otto Preminger, Billy Wilder, Jaques Torneur, Fritz Lang, Robert Siodmak, Edgar G.
Ulmer, Howard Hawks and Joseph H. Lewis much be mentioned. The writers ... see the above Pulp Fiction section ...
but Cornell Woolrich is my favourite and many of his novels/stories has been filmed, as Phantom Lady and The Black
Angel - see below. Most of these classic Film Noirs have been restored and released on fine DVD's or Blurays and
many, as being in the public domain, can also be seen legally on Youtube in streaming video of varying quality

My Top 10 Film Noir Favourites - Follow the link and check them out, OK or have i missed some of your favs ?
Link suggestion: Check up on Steve O's film blog Film Noir of the Week for cool tips about forgotten gems

For more info and pictures - click on the picture link at left. All DVD's in NTSC if not noted otherwise. No films are for sale, only information

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Fine Neo Noir crime movie pastiche with Don Johnson
as the drifter driving through a small southern town,
but staying when opportunities arise. As robbing the
local bank or seducing 19 year old Jennifer Connelly

The Hot Spot

Direction: Dennis Hopper, production: 1990

Cast: Don Johnson, Jennifer Connelly, Virginia Madsen
Blu-ray in english audio with english subs, region A
US Kino Lorber bluray edition

Noir don't get more Noir than this where the celluloid
itself seems to perspire despair and desperation.
Minimalistic B studio Masterpiece with sensational
acting from Tom Neal and Ann Savage.
Without a doubt one of the best Film Noirs ever made

Detour (Farlig omväg) - A Film Noir Masterpiece

Direction: Edgar G. Ulmer, production: 1945

Cast: Tom Neal, Ann Savage, Claudia Drake
Blu-ray in english audio with english subtitles, region A
US Criterion Collection bluray edition, black & white

A late Noir thriller masterpiece with corruption and
murder with an overwhelming Orson as the shady
crime cop Hank Quinlan. With maybe the best ending
line to any film ever made from Marlene Dietrich.
4K UHD limited edition with 100 page book

Touch of Evil - A Film Noir Masterpiece

Direction: Orson Welles, production: 1958

Cast: Orson Welles, Charlton Heston, Janet Leigh
4K UHD in english audio with english subs, region all
UK Eureka! 2 disc 4K UHD 2023 Limited edition, b&w


Great restored and a thought to be lost Melodrama
Fantasy Noir with gorgeous Joan Leslie and with
fine performances. Leslie is theatre actress Sheila Page
who has killed her husband on New Years Eve, but
then relives the last year of her life. Fine extras

Repeat Performance

Direction: Alfred L. Werker

Cast: Joan Leslie, Louis Hayward, Richard Baseheart
Blu-ray in english audio, black & white, region all
US Flicker Alley 2 disc bluray & DVD edition

A Film Noir gem after crime master Cornell Woolrich's
Black Series 1943 novel, where a desperate woman
races against the clock to find evidence that could
acquit her sentenced to death husband. Also, read
some about the writing of master Cornell Woolrich

The Black Angel (based on a Cornell Woolrich novel)

Direction and co-production: Roy William Neill 1946

Cast: Dan Duryea, June Vincent, Peter Lorre
Blu-ray in english audio with english subtitles, b&w, region B
UK Arrow Academy 2020 blu-ray edition


A Swedish film noir ? A melodrama with crime, so i
guess so. Enjoyable B movie with a lot of bad acting,
bad direction and a bad script, but with a glorious
Eva Dahlbeck as the jealous gangster girl. I couldn't
take my eyes of her, she was burning with an ember

Två Kvinnor

Direction: Arnold Sjöstrand, producion: Sweden 1947

Cast: Cécile Ossbahr, Eva Dahlbeck, Gunnar Björnstrand
DVD in swedish audio with swedish subs, black & white, region 2
Swedish Studio S Entertainment DVD edition


Late Film Noir crime action with Victor Mature
as an US narcotics FBI agent on the hunt for the
bad guy, the druglord played by Trevor Howard
and his drug mule girlfriend Anita Ekberg

Interpol (Pickup Alley)

Direction: John Gilling, production: UK-USA 1957

Cast: Trevor Howard, Victor Mature, Anita Ekberg
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 2
German Daredo Limited Booklet Hardcase DVD edition


Great B melodrama noir and low-budgeted made
by Republican, a Powerty Row studio.
Danny is a true Film Noir anti-hero, miserable and
violent he has accidently killed a man and feels
like shit and makes everyone around him feel like
shit because of it. Dane Clark is fine in the role


Direction: Frank Borzage, production: 1948

Cast: Dane Clark, Gail Russell, Lloyd Bridges
DVD in english audio, region 2
German KMM DVD edition


Two fine noir thrillers with the great Joseph Cotten.
Who's the poison murderer, is it Cotten or his sister
in law ? In The Steel Trap Cotten is a bank manager
that robs his bank and plans to fly to Brazil with his
lojal but unknowing wife played by Teresa Wright

A Blueprint for Murder / The Steel Trap

Direction and script: Andrew L. Stone, production: 1953/1952

Cast: Joseph Cotten, Jean Peters/Joseph Cotten, Teresa Wright
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 2
Spanish Cine Club Channel DVD edition


Forgotten Noir Classic! Robert Young is fantastic
as a slick and unlikeable gigolo type of husband
who's getting entangled in love affairs and finally
snared by Fate. A twisting story with an amazing
explosive ending. Great unforgettable melodrama

They Won't Believe Me

Direction: Irving Pichel, production: 1947

Cast: Robert Young, Susan Hayward, Jane Greer, Rita Johnson
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 2
Spanish Vértice Cine DVD edition


Brilliant stuff from austrian-american genius Siodmak.
A Classic Film Noir based on genre master Woolrich's
beautiful 1942 novel. Ella Raines shines as the Angel
Secretary fighting against time and death. And, with
that amazing jazz session. Great stuff !

Phantom Lady (Cornell Woolrich/William Irish)

Direction: Robert Siodmak, production: 1944

Cast: Ella Raines, Franchot Tone, Elisha Cook Jr.
Blu-ray in english audio with english subs, b&white, region B
UK Arrow Academy 2019 blu-ray edition


Woolrich's masterful and suspenseful pulp fiction
crime novel was written in 1942 under his other name
William Irish and can here be seen in the Swedish
original 1946 edition. Great reading and great viewing

Phantom Lady - Recommended reading

Swedish titles: En dam är förlorad & Det försvunna vittnet
One of the best crime novels ever from the Pulp Fiction Master -
Cornell Woolrich. A man is waiting for his execution and only his
faithful secretary believes in his innocense. Will she find his alibi
for the night of the murder, does the lady with the crazy hat really
exist or is he the guilty one ?


Maybe not a Noir really but more of an enjoyable
crime thriller with comic moments and snappy
dialogue. Pat O'Brien is a B Cary Grant in a The
Maltese Falcon type of film with The Map as
the MacGuffin Falcon. A booklet is included


Direction: Ted Tetzlaff, production: 1947

Cast: Pat O'Brien, Walter Slezak, Anne Jeffreys
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 2
Spanish Vértice Cine DVD edition


Fantastic noir-thriller after crime master Woolrich.
A NY boy witnesses a murder being committed in
the apartment above and no-one believes him, not
his parents, not the police .... but the murderer do.
The tragic story of Bobby Driscoll - read more

The Window (based on a Cornell Woolrich short story)

Direction: Ted Tetzlaff, production: RKO Radio Pictures 1947-1949

Cast: Bobby Driscoll, Arthur Kennedy, Barbara Hale
DVD in english audio, black & white, region free
US Warner Brothers Archive Collection DVD-R

The Most elegant and stylish of all crime-dramas
where every piece fits. The first Otto Masterpiece.
A cop falls in love with the otherworldly beautiful
Gene Tierney. Genius photo and theme music from
Joseph La Shelle and David Raksin. Lots of extras

Laura - A Film Noir Masterpiece

Direction & production: Otto Preminger, 1944

Cast: Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Clifton Webb
Blu-ray in english audio with english subtitles, b&w, region A
US 20th Century Fox blu-ray edition

A dreamlike and unusual B Art Movie Noir based
on Cornell Woolrich's 1944 The Black Path of Fear.
Unfortunately in a piss-poor DVD edition from VCI.
Also a decent comedy-noir w. lovely Cathy O'Donnell

VCI Entertainment Classic Film Noir Double Bill Vol. 2.

Bury Me Dead/The Chase (based on the Woolrich novel)

Direction: Arthur Ripley/Bernhard Vorhaus, production: 1946/47

Cast: Robert Cummings,Michele Morgan/Cathy O'Donnell, June Lockhart
DVD in english audio, black & white, region free
US VCI Entertainment Classic Film Noir Double Bill DVD edition Vol. 2


Obscure but very cool and entertaining Good-Bad
B Noir crime mystery where a doppelganger ends at
the bottom of a well. Our beautiful Viveca Lindfors
plays the wife of a missing millionaire
Wow! Thank you Warner Brothers Archive

This Side Of The Law

Direction: Richard Bare, production: First National Picture 1949

Cast: Viveca Lindfors, Kent Smith, Janis Paige
DVD in english audio, black & white, region free
US Warner Brothers Archive Collection DVD-R


Francois Truffaut made a film based on
Woolrich great 1940 novel in 1968 and strangely
enough no one had done it earlier.
Jeanne Moreau is fine as a revengeful Angel
of Death in her hunt after a group of unknowing
male victims. She decimates them one after one

The Bride Wore Black - A Pulp Fiction Masterpiece

Cornell Woolrich ( 1903-1968) one of the geniuses of The Pulp Fiction
Crime Litterature genre and this novel is one his most famous and best.
The First in his Black Series and could've given the Film Noir genre it's
epithet as the french called these type of books Serie Noire and the films
based on them Film Noir. The Color is Black in the Human Big City Jungle
Read more about Woolrich and the Truffaut film in the picture link


Great Crime Drama with a fascinating Jessica
Tandy and a fine Charles Boyer, the husband of a
nagging wife and suspected of murdering her.
Beware of a woman spurned when method acting
meets Film Noir. Based on an Aldous Huxley story

A Woman's Vengeance

Direction and production: Zoltan Korda, 1948

Cast: Charles Boyer, Jessica Tandy, Ann Blyth
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 2
UK Universal - Screenbound Pictures DVD edition


A brilliant and suspenseful Manhunt crime Noir
based on a real LAPD case where a young proper
looking Cop Killer and robber escapes by using the
sewer tunnels under LA. Inspired TV series Dragnet
and probably also Carol Reed's The Third Man

He Walked By Night

Direction: Alfred Werker, production: 1948

Cast: Richard Baseheart, Scott Brady, Jack Webb
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1
US MGM DVD edition


A fine noir crime-thriller with the always great Robert
Ryan as a man on a revenge mission. Van Heflin is a
successful real estate man with a gorgeous wife, Janet
Leigh, but he has a dark secret from WW2 and Ryan's
avenger won't forget it. I love Janet Leigh!

Act of Violence

Direction: Fred Zinneman, production: 1948

Cast: Robert Ryan, Van Heflin, Janet Leigh
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 2
Spanish Cine Club Channel DVD edition

In 1969 the Woolrich lover Truffaut filmed this
1947 magnificent melodrama novel by the Master
of Crime about masochistic and desperate love.
Pitchblack but beautiful and romantic and my
favourite novel from The Poet of the Shadows

Waltz into Darkness / La Sirène du Mississippi

The Master's ambitious 1947 Magnum Opus is a powerful
melodrama Noir novel from 1880's New Orleans where a rich but
lonely and thirsty for love businessman meets his personals
wife from Hell and a macabre dance of death is trodden.
Francois Truffaut made his own version of the novel in 1969


Yet another Good and very unusual B Art Movie
Noir based on Cornell Woolrich novel Nightmare.
Interesting stuff where a man dreams about
having committed a murder. Great Oddball Noir
in a very poor DVD edition from Alpha

Fear in the Night (based on a Cornell Woolrich story)

Direction: Maxwell Shane, production: 1947

Cast: Deforest Kelley, Paul Kelly, Ann Doran
DVD in english audio, black & white, region free
US Alpha Video DVD edition


The first filmatization of Fredric Brown's 1949
pulp classic, and the second by Dario Argento.
Great Cult B Noir with Swedish bombshell Anita
Ekberg as a busty burlesque dancer, with a
Ripper on the loose and a macabre statue

Screaming Mimi

Direction: Gerd Oswald, production: 1958

Cast: Anita Ekberg, Phil Carey, Harry Townes, Devil The Dog
DVD in english audio, black & white, region free
US Columbia Pictures unrated edition DVD


Pretty good crime-thriller where a rich middle-aged
woman fall in love and marries with a younger man
and accidently overhears how he and his mistress
plots to kill her. San Francisco = a chase scene

Sudden Fear

Direction: David Miller, prod: 1952

Cast: Joan Crawford, Jack Palance, Gloria Grahame
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 2
UK Screenbound Pictures DVD edition

Gene Tierney is beyond amazing as the deeply
disturbed but beyond gorgeous Ellen Berent
in a sensational melodrama Film Noir. The out of

this world color cinematography by Leon Shamroy
has never been bettered. But, with a shameful audio
commentary from a hateful duo of cretins

Leave Her To Heaven - A Film Noir Masterpiece

Direction: John M. Stahl, production: 1945

Cast: Gene Tierney, Cornel Wilde, Jeanne Crain
Blu-ray in english audio with english subs
, technicolor, region A
US 2020 Criterion Collection blu-ray edition


A fine drama thriller with atmospheric footage of a
snowy New York with slushy streets anno 1903.
Beautiful socialite Allida believes that her husband
wants to kill her child. Is she overstrung or crazy?

Experiment Perilous (Noche en el Alma)

Direction: Jaques Tourneur, production: 1944

Cast: Hedy Lamarr, George Brent, Paul Lukas
DVD in english audio, black & white, region free
Spanish Memory Screen DVD edition


One of the 2-3 best films ever made, but maybe not a
Film Noir in the usual sense so i won't have it on my
Noir top list. Gloria Swanson is magical in this thriller
drama satire. This BR has a ton of extras

Sunset Boulevard - Masterpiece

Direction and co-script: Bill Wilder, production: 1950

Cast: Gloria Swanson, Erich von Stroheim, William Holden
Blu-ray in english audio with english subs, b&w, region ALL
US Paramount blu-ray edition


A Really cool Noir thriller with fabulous genre duo
Scott and Duryea in a Dance of Death around a suit-
case with money. But, this is an abominable DVD
edition - Yuck! With some interesting extras though
as documentaries and a commentary by Eddie Muller

Too Late For Tears (Killer Bait)

Direction: Byron Haskin, production: 1949

Cast: Lizabeth Scott, Dan Duryea, Arthur Kennedy
DVD in english audio, black & white, region free
US Dark City DVD - dark and blurry picture quality


Is this the First Film Noir Movie ?
Well, anyway it's for sure one of the Masterpieces
of the genre and in Film History. From the Austrian

US director genius Billy Wilder. This edition with
2 commentary tracks, documentaries etc.

Double Indemnity - A Film Noir Masterpiece

Direction: Billy Wilder, production: 1944

Cast: Barbara Stanwyck, Fred MacMurray, Edward G. Robinson
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1
US Universal 2 disc special DVD edition


B-grade film noir based on William P. McGivern's
great novel with a lot of bad acting, but Edmond
O'Brien is great as a desperate and thoroughly
rotten cop. Comes with a great explosive ending

Shield for Murder - based on a novel by William P. McGivern

Direction: Howard W. Koch & Edmond O'Brien, prod: 1954

Cast: Edmond O'Brien, Carolyn Jones, John Agar
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 2
Spanish DVD edition


Great crime-drama. Stringent, stylish, hard-boiled
and violent with an impressive Lino Ventura as a
brutal gangster on the run with his 2 kids. Early
film from favourite Claude Sautet, the director behind
great films as Les Choses de la vie and Un Mauvais fils

Classe tous risques (The Big Risk)

Direction, co-script: Claude Sautet, production: France-Italy 1960

Cast: Lino Ventura, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Sandra Milo
Blu-ray in french audio with english subtitles, b&w, region B & 2
UK BFI blu-ray and DVD combo edition


Ultimate jailbreak crime-drama with an explosive climax
in this 1947 noir masterpiece. Directed by Jules Dassin
and with great acting from Burt Lancaster and everyone
especially Hume Cronyn as the nasty Captain Munsey.
This was intense stuff
for it's time

Brute Force

Direction: Jules Dassin, production: 1947

Cast: Burt Lancaster, Hume Cronyn, Ella Raines
Blu-ray in english audio with english subtitles, region B
UK Arrow black & white combo bluray and DVD edition



A Cult Classic and an absolute Masterpiece about
a sharpshooter couple robbing banks. The superior
precursor to 1967 Bonnie & Clyde and my favourite
Film Noir of all time. Cummins & Dall, dynamite duo
It just don't get better than this ... or more romantic

Gun Crazy (Deadly is the Female) - A Film Noir masterpiece

Direction: Joseph H. Lewis, production: 1949

Cast: Peggy Cummins, John Dall, Barry Kroeger
DVD in english audio with english subs, black & white, region 1
US Warner Brothers DVD edition


Great and really though film noir crime action with great
actors and surprisingly rough fighting scenes for it's time.
B Noir at it's best when an innocent ex-boxer is accused
of murdering his wife. An audio commentary from the
Master of Film Noir commentaries - Eddie Mueller

99 River Street

Direction: Phil Karlson, production: 1953

Cast: John Payne, Evelyn Keyes, Brad Dexter
Blu-ray in english audio, black & white, region A
US Kino Lorber blu-ray edition


Great melodrama noir thriller with gorgeous photo
from the master John Alton. When a rich widow
hear her dead husband calling in the night and when
there's spookery going on, she visits a charismatic
psychic played by Turhan Bey. B Noir at it's best

The Spiritualist (The Amazing Mr. X)

Direction: Bernard Vorhaus, production: 1948

Cast: Lynn Bari, Turhan Bey, Cathy o'Donnell
DVD in english audio, black & white, region free
US Columbia Pictures DVD edition


A very fine but unseen crime-drama about 2 childhood
friends, a robber and a cop killer and a policeman.
Directed by the great Robert Siodmak and with a very
charismatic Richard Conte in the Bad Guy role.
But, Hope Emerson steals the film as the evil masseuse

Cry of the City

Direction: Robert Siodmak, production: 1948

Cast: Richard Conte, Victor Mature, Hope Emerson
DVD in english audio, black & white, region free
US 20th Century Fox Cinema Archive DVD



A Forgotten and obscure british screen adaption of
the Vera Caspary follow up to Super Hit novel and film
Laura. Bedelia is a great melodrama noir novel about a
dangerous but beautiful psychotic murderess, a black
widow killing her rich husbands. The Film is quite good


Direction: Lance Comfort, production: UK 1946

Cast: Margaret Lockwood, Ian Hunter, Barry K. Barnes
Youtube streaming, black & white, fullscreen 4:3

Brilliant drama-horror-noir with a fantastic
Laird Cregar in his last role. Darnell is good too
as a beautiful Bitch from hell and the photo from
La Shelle and Herrmanns Conserto Macabre creates
an intense movie watching experience

Hangover Square

Direction: John Brahm, production: 1945

Cast: Laird Cregar, Linda Darnell, George Sanders
Youtube streaming, black & white, fullscreen 4:3


The Follow-Up to Laura from the genious son-of-a-
bitch Otto. Dana Andrews is great as the drifter who
meets the sexy predator waitress of Linda Darnell.
Linda steals every scene and Noir Maestro Eddie
Muller supplies a fine commentary track

Fallen Angel

Direction: Otto Preminger, production: 1945

Cast: Dana Andrews, Linda Darnell, Alice Faye
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1
US 20th Century Fox DVD edition


One of the most iconic Film Noir masterpieces with the
great Robert Mitchum as a virile looser in a deadly en-
counter with the genre archetype of the Femme Fatale,
the unforgettable Jane Greer. Commentary track

Out of the Past - A Film Noir Masterpiece

Direction: Jaques Tourneur, production: 1947

Cast: Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer, Kirk Douglas
Blu-ray in english audio with english subtitles, b&w, region ALL
US Warner Brothers blu-ray edition


Unjustly forgotten figure-skating Film Noir crime drama
with the sensational ice goddess Belita as an ice queen
in an Ice Show skating beautifully. She's smoking HOT,
and there is some murder too. Lovely Belita and genius
cinematographer Karl Struss makes this a true gem


Direction: Frank Tuttle, production: 1946

Cast: Belita, Barry Sullivan, Albert Dekker
DVD in english audio, black & white, region free
US Warner Brothers Archive Collection DVD


The Follow-up to Suspense and a fine Feel Bad crime
drama about a racketeer being helpless when bigger
fish is moving in on his turf. Barry Sullivan is great
as the tormented gangster with a low self esteem.
A Powerty Row production from the King Brothers

The Gangster

Direction: Gordon Wiles, production: 1947

Cast: Barry Sullivan, Belita, Akim Tamiroff
DVD in english audio, black & white, region free
US Warner Brothers Archive Collection DVD


The best crime thriller in film history - the DVD cover
proclaims, and yes this could actually be true.
This French crime noir is a Masterpiece and features
the Mother of all Heist scenes when 4 silent men break
into a loaded jeweller store. Violent and stylish

Rififi (Du Rififi chez les hommes)

Direction, co-script: Jules Dassin, production: France 1955

Cast: Jean Servais, Robert Manuel, Jules Dassin
DVD in french audio with swedish subtitles, region 2
Swedish Studio S Entertainment DVD edition, black & white


A brilliant, different and heartbreaking noir drama
with a sensational Jean Simmons and great Mitchum.
An almost forgotten Classic from The Genius Otto
Preminger and with a wonderful commentary track
by the Film Noir expert No.1 - Eddie Muller

Angel Face - A Film Noir Masterpiece

Direction and production: Otto Preminger 1952

Cast: Jean Simmons, Robert Mitchum, Leon Ames
DVD in english audio with english subs, black & white, region 1
US Warner Brothers edition


Another forgotten B gem from the Archive Collection
and a really cool crime psychodrama with Laraine Day
as a disturbed young woman with a thing for diamonds.
Nice photo, atmosphere and with intricate flashbacks

The Locket

Direction: John Brahm, production: RKO Radio Pictures 1946

Cast: Laraine Day, Robert Mitchum, Brian Aherne
DVD in english audio, black & white, region free
US Warner Brothers Archive Collection DVD-R


A nice melodrama noir thriller with former swimsuit
queen Esther Williams in a fine dramatic role as a
sexually harassed music teacher in a small town
plagued by the assaults and even murder of women
Edward Andrews is beyond amazing in this, wow!

The Unguarded Moment

Direction: Harry Keller, production: 1956

Cast: Esther Williams, John Saxon, Edward Andrews
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Universal - TCM Vault Collection DVD edition


Another forgotten and obscure Film Noir, but this
time a really great one in a finally restored version.
A woman hunts her missing husband, a murder
witness, through the streets of San Francisco.
Atmospherical with pace and fine Ann Sheridan

Woman on the Run

Direction: Norman Foster, production: 1950

Cast: Ann Sheridan, Dennis O'Keefe, Robert Keith
Blu-ray in english audio with english subs, region A, B
DVD in english with english subs, b&w, region 1, 2
UK Arrow combo bluray and DVD edition



What is The Red House? Don't enter the Woods!
Paranoia, hysteria and fear in a very unusual B noir.
Intense melodrama-thriller with an unhinged Edward
G. Robinson and an ear-splitting soundtrack by
Miklos Rozsa. A bizarre and beautiful film

The Red House

Direction & script: Delmer Daves, production: 1947

Cast: Edward G. Robinson, Allene Roberts, Julie London
DVD in english audio, black & white, region free
US American Pop Classics


A late and very nice B grade film noir where ex-Tarzan
Barker plays totally innocent Dave Barrett, suspected of
2 killings, at the same time at 2 different places, a murder
and a hit and run accident. Merle Oberon plays an
elegant business woman guilty of the latter crime

The Price of Fear

Direction: Abner Biberman, production: 1956

Cast: Lex Barker, Merle Oberon, Charles Drake
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 2
German Pidax 2017 edition


A Brilliant and controversial Noir drama with race
issues where a hospital death results in riots. With
the lovely Linda Darnell in maybe her best role as a
white trash girlfriend. A Great commentary from the
Master of the Film Noir commentaries, Eddie Muller

No Way Out

Direction: Joseph L. Mankiewics, production: 1950

Cast: Richard Widmark, Linda Darnell, Sidney Poitier
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1
US 20th Century Fox DVD edition


A Masterful Film Noir with a phenomenal
Edward G. Robinson as a middle-aged fool
falling for a slutty street-walker and drawn
into crime. With one of the most Feel Bad
endings of all time, aaah, so depressing!

Scarlet Street - A Film Noir Masterpiece

Direction: Fritz Lang, production: 1945

Cast: Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennet, Dan Duryea
DVD in english audio, black & white, region ?
US Kino Video DVD edition


Aggression and racial tensions explodes in a
very fine Heist and late Film Noir crime movie.
Robert Ryan vs. Harry Belafonte, and Ryan yet
again is beyond great as a violent Bad Guy, as
a walking keg of gun powder

Odds Against Tomorrow - based on a novel by William
P. McGivern

Direction: Robert Wise, production: 1959
Cast: Robert Ryan, Harry Belafonte, Gloria Grahame
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1
US MGM unrated edition


YES, another Cornell Woolrich flick and now a
very obscure one, a Powerty Row B noir with
so-so acting but with lots of Despair and
malignant forces at work makes this a great
viewing. Beautiful oddball B Noir and i Love it!

I Wouldn't Be In Your Shoes (Cornell Woolrich/Irish)

Direction: William Nigh, production: 1948

Cast: Elyse Knox, Don Castle, Regis Tomey
Youtube streaming, black & white, fullscreen 4:3


A dark and very good Noir drama with Power as an
unlikeable man working at a Carnival and who uses
any mean to be famous and rich. Tyrone Power tried
to shock the audiences of the 1940's by playing
against his pretty boy good guy type

Nightmare Alley

Direction: Edmund Goulding, production: 1947

Cast: Tyrone Power, Joan Blondell, Coleen Gray
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1
US 20th Century Fox edition

Intense, violent and fantastic Film Noir crime
action masterpiece based on William P.
McGivern's novel. Glenn Ford is an unstoppable
cop out for revenge, Lee Marvin the psycho
killer gangster and Gloria Grahame is unforgettable
as the unhappy gangster bitch

The Big Heat - based on a novel by William
P. McGivern

Direction: Fritz Lang, production: 1953
Cast: Glenn Ford, Lee Marvin, Gloria Grahame
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1
US Columbia Pictures DVD edition


Fine early B Film Noir from one of the masters of
genre where an insider robbery of a beauty salon
goes wrong and an innocent man is suspected of
murder. With a cool catfight and great looking
shoot-out for it's time


Direction: Anthony Mann, production: 1947

Cast: John Ireland, Jane Randolph
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1
US Kino Video DVD edition


The Great Erich von Stroheim falls for a lush young
woman and degrade himself in the old Sucker Boogie.
Forgotten Film Noir and a early one from future genre
master Mann. B-movie actress Mary Beth Hughes is
great as a vulgar femme fatale floozy

The Great Flamarion

Direction: Anthony Mann, production: 1945

Cast: Erich von Stroheim, Mary Beth Hughes, Dan Duryea
Youtube streaming, black & white, fullscreen 4:3

Intense and dark historical noir drama about the
power struggles during the French revolution and
the tyranny of Robespierres dictatorship.
Pitch-black and really impressive stuff from the
Film Noir maestro Anthony Mann. Ambitious

The Black Book (Reign of Terror/Der Schwarze Buch)

Direction: Anthony Mann, production: 1949

Cast: Robert Cummings, Arnold Mons, Richard Baseheart
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 2
German Koch Media PAL


Fantastic Fonda in a gripping Noir melodrama
and almost Masterpiece. There's Night, Shadows
and Despair when a killer is surrounded by the
police and the night is long. Overstrung but nice.
US version of Marcel Carnés Le Jour se léve

The Long Night (Daybreak)

Direction: Anatole Litvak, production: 1947

Cast: Henry Fonda, Barbara Bel Geddes, Vincent Price
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1
US Kino Video edition


An enjoyable and snappy Noir with a fine Robert
Taylor as a cynical and corrupt cop out for
revenge of the murder of his brother.
With the great Janet Leigh and based on a novel
by Pulp Fiction master William P. McGivern

Rogue Cop - based on a novel by William P. McGivern

Direction: Roy Rowland, production: 1954

Cast: Robert Taylor, Janet Leigh, Ann Francis
TV movie in english audio with swedish subs, black & white
TCM Television


A nice taut revenge crime thriller, if not a typical
film noir. With Cotten as a police detective and
Wendell Corey as the prisoner with his wife killed
by Cotten. Simple story but effectively told

The Killer is Loose

Direction: Budd Boetticher, production: 1956

Cast: Joseph Cotten, Rhona Fleming, Wendell Corey
DVD in english audio with english subtitles, region 1
US MGM 2017 DVD edition, black & white


Maybe not a regular Noir film but more of a Hitch-
cockian british thriller made by blacklisted great US
director Dmytryk. Dr. Clive is tired of his wife's
many infidelities and plans to murder her latest lover.
Robert Newton is great as the scheming Doctor

Obsession (der Wahnsinn des Dr. Clive/Den besatte
syrabadsmördaren/The Hidden Room)

Direction: Edward Dmytryk, production: 1949
Cast: Robert Newton, Naunton Wayne, Phil Brown
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 2
German Studio Hamburg Enterprises 2017 DVD edition


Greed and desperation in a noir-melodrama from
blacklisted script genius Trumbo and Losey.
Superb acting in a much talked about but
rarely seen Film Noir classic.
Almost on the Top 10 Film Noir All Time list

The Prowler

Direction: Joseph Losey, script: Dalton Trumbo, production: 1951

Cast: Van Heflin, Evelyn Keyes, John Maxwell
DVD in english audio with english subs, black & white, region free
US VCI Entertainment DVD edition


A Brilliant but today sadly forgotten crime melodrama
from the theatre world of NY where the Oscar
awarded Ronald Colman portrays an actor who's
performing the role of Othello and goes mad.
With the lovely Signe Hasso, Shelley Winters and
a fine soundtrack by Miklos Rozsa

A Double Life

Direction: George Cukor, production: 1948

Cast: Ronald Colman, Shelley Winters, Signe Hasso
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1
US Artisan DVD edition


Brilliant, depressing and claustrophobically
dark drama thriller about the battle between
gaming syndicates. From the by the McCarthy
Terror blacklisted director Abraham Polonsky

Force of Evil

Direction & co-script: Abraham Polonsky, production: 1949

Cast: John Garfield, Thomas Gomez, Marie Windsor
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1
US Lion's Gate Entertainment DVD edition


A Very enjoyable B Noir with a great
Mickey Rooney in a tragi-comic
morality tale about a mechanic who
sinks deeper and deeper into crime


Direction: Irving Pichel, production: 1950

Cast: Mickey Rooney, Jeanne Cagney, Peter Lorre
Youtube streaming, black & white, fullscreen 4:3

Some of her roles

Belle Starr 1941, The Shanghai Gesture 1942,
Heaven Can Wait 1943, Laura 1944, Leave Her to
Heaven 1945, The Razor's Edge 1946, The Ghost
Mrs Muir 1947, Whirlpool 1949 and
Where the Sidewalk Ends 1950

Gene Tierney -
Enigmatic beauty

A Photogenic actress beyond belief who made a huge success in
a row of films during the 1940's as Heaven Can Wait and The Ghost
and Mrs Muir, but for me she will always be Laura and Ellen Berent
in the masterpiece Leave Her To Heaven.
But she had a troublesome private life and suffered mental problems


Charlton Heston is fine in his debut film role as
a maybe gangster. A revenge film noir where a
psychopathic killer is about to avenge his brother
being screwed by three poker hustlers

Dark City

Direction: William Dieterle, production: 1951

Cast: Charlton Heston, Lizabeth Scott, Jack Webb, Viveca Lindfors
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1
US Olive Films - Paramount DVD edition


Two decent and uncorrupted crime cops, Jack and
Cal, are tempted by illegal robber money loot and
are dragged down into the Hell of corruption and
shame. Ida Lupino is a singing femme fatale

Private Hell 36

Direction: Don Siegel, production: 1954

Cast: Steve Cochran, Ida Lupino, Howard Duff
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1
US Olive Films - Paramount DVD edition


Superior Crime Action with great actors and skillful
direction by Don Siegel in a re-make of the 1946 Film
Noir classic The Killers by Robert Siodmak.
Ronald Reagan is very good in his last film before

becoming Governor and later President of the US

The Killers

Direction: Donald "Don" Siegel, production: 1964

Cast: Lee Marvin, John Cassavetes, Angie Dickinson, Ronald Reagan
DVD in english audio, region free PAL
Thai Triple x Film DVD edition


A Film Noir Classic with criminals vs. criminals
after that a big robbery has been committed. The
story is cleverly told through multiple flashbacks
The Swede plus The Femme Fatale
A great re-make was made by Don Siegel 1964.

The Killers

Direction: Robert Siodmak, production: 1946

Cast: Burt Lancaster, Ava Gardner, Edmond O'Brien
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 2
UK Universal DVD edition


Crime Noir Love Drama and the Debut film of
director Nicholas Ray with desperado killers On
the Run and young couple hunted just like Bonnie
and Clyde. Plus a so-so Noir from New York with
the same couple re-united by Anthony Mann

They Live by Night / Side Street

Direction: Nicholas Ray prod. 1948 / Anthony Mann prod. 1949

Cast: Farley Granger, Cathy O'Donnell
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1


Decent Crime Noir where a woman and her lover
plans to murder her older husband during a drive
by car. Lovely Ella Raines, the genre favourite,
plays a Gas station manager and an Angel


Direction: Arthur Lubin, production: 1949

Cast: Brian Donlevy, Ella Raines, Helen Walker
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1


Crime thriller and a very Noir Love Story or
maybe a Hate Story with a magnificent Jean
Simmons as the housemaid that wants to be
the new missus of the house. Even though she
knows that the master is a murderer

Footsteps in the Fog

Direction: Arthur Lubin, production: 1950

Cast: Jean Simmons, Stewart Granger, Belinda Lee
DVD in english audio with english subtitles, region 2, 4


A Who Dun It murder mystery that according to
the Film Noir expert Eddie Mueller is the first
Film Noir movie with it's visual style. Carole Landis
have been murdered and who did it? The agent,
the sister or someone of her lovers?

I Wake Up Screaming - The first Film Noir?

Direction: Bruce Humberstone, production: 1941

Cast: Betty Grable, Victor Mature, Carole Landis, Laird Cregar
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1
US 20th Century Fox DVD edition


James Cagney is magnificent as a robber and killer
in a B crime-noir with a lot of sexual undertones
and with Barbara Payton as a delightfully rotten
gangster bitch. Based on Horace McCoy's novel.

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

Direction: Gordon Douglas, production: 1950

Cast: James Cagney, Barbara Payton, Helena Carter
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1
US Artisan DVD edition


John Hodiak is good in a fine B Noir crime mystery
as a returning WW2 soldier who suffering from
amnesia and who tries to find both a lost friend
and his own identity and a bag of Nazi money

Somewhere in the Night

Direction & co-script: Joseph L. Mankiewicz, production: 1946

Cast: John Hodiak, Nancy Guild, Richard Conte
DVD in english audio with english subs, black & white, region 2
UK 20th Century Fox DVD edition


Nice collection of 5 films. A Fritz Lang WW2 thriller
and a B mystery by Boetticher plus 3 films you can
read about separately above: Sudden Fear, The Long
Night and Anthony Mann's hardboiled Railroaded

Kino Video Film Noir - i.a. Hangmen Also Die, Behind Locked
Doors, Sudden Fear, Railroaded, The Long Night

Direction: Fritz Lang, Oscar Boetticher, production: 1943-1952
Cast: Bl.a Joan Crawford, Gloria Grahame, Brian Donleavy
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1
US Kino Video 5 disc DVD edition


A very fine Film Noir crime drama and a
Cult favourite among some genre fans.
A bored, married and average office rat
has a love affair with a fatal woman and
are threatened by 2 psychotic men


Direction: André De Tooth, production: 1948

Cast: Dick Powell, Lizabeth Scott, Raymond Burr
Youtube streaming, black & white, fullscreen 4:3


Classic B noir with a wild pace about a
poisoned dead man chasing his murderer.
Unusual plot and snazzy with great atmo-
sphere from the streets of San Francisco
A Cult favourite


Direction: Rudolph Maté, production: 1950

Cast: Edmond O'Brien, Pamela Britton, Neville Brand
Youtube streaming, black & white, fullscreen 4:3


A delicious and vibrantly stylish Neo Noir crime
drama and Film Noir homage with an unforgettable
Linda Fiorentino as the aggressive Femme Fatale.
A cool, sexig and hardboiled film noir pastiche
Whatever happened to Linda ?

The Last Seduction (En kvinnas list)

Direction: John Dahl, production: 1994

Cast: Linda Fiorentino, Bill Pullman, Peter Berg
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Artisan DVD edition

DVD double feature with 2 gems of Film Noir.
One about a henpecked husbands revenge on his
slutty wife, and one about a doomed relation,
with a fine Mitchum and a glorious Audrey Totter
Audio commentaries to both films

Tension/Where Danger Lives

Direction: John Berry/Jon Farrow, production: 1949/1950

Cast: Audrey Totter, Richard Baseheart/Robert Mitchum
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1
US Warner Brothers double feature DVD edition


The Re-Evaluation of Hedy. Wow, that was great!
Unfair trash label on this smart beauty who here
show us that she really could act, in a historical
melodrama-Noir and in a crime-melodrama.
Read more on the picture link - In Swedish only

The Strange Woman (Den onda ängeln)/ Dishonored Lady

Direction: Edgar G. Ulmer/Robert Stevenson, production: 1946/1947

Cast: Hedy Lamarr, George Sanders/Hedy Lamarr, Dennis O'Keefe
DVD in english audio, black & white, region free
VCI Acme Works DVD


Barbara Stanwyck is yet again good as a Bad girl
in a fine Noir melodrama where a witness to murder
creates fear. Very nice actors with Kirk Douglas in
his first film and Lizabeth Scott in her second

The Strange Love of Martha Ivers

Direction: Lewis Milestone, production: 1946

Cast: Barbara Stanwyck, Kirk Douglas, Lizabeth Scott
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1
US Paramount DVD edition


Obscure but very entertaining. British Heist
crime thriller done in a late Film Noir style.
A cool armored car robbery leads up to a
Set-Up, a double Set-Up and many deaths
Highly recommended viewing


Direction: Sidney Hayers, production: UK 1961

Cast: Michael Craig, Francois Prevost, Kenneth Griffith
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 2
UK Optimum Classic DVD edition


A trashy but very snazzy and entertaining British
B-Noir with lots of violence and sex. Based on the
James Hadley Chase's infamous crime novel
Chase omtalade skandal pulp fiction Hit.
Read a lot more on the picture link - IN SWEDISH

No Orchids for miss Blandish (Black Dice/The Snatch)
plus Robert Aldrich 1971 version The Grissom Gang

Direction: St. John Legh Clowes, production: UK 1948
Cast: Linden Travers, Jack La Rue, Walter Crisham
DVD in english audio, black & white, region free
US VCI Entertainment DVD edition


OK, no genre masterpieces in this collection but
with a nice spectrum of films, in time 1945-1956
and in style, a type of films today called Film Noir
i.a. gems as Dial 1119 and The Phenix City Story.
Read more on the picture link - IN SWEDISH

Film Noir Vol. 5: Cornered/Desperate/Dial 1119/The Phenix City Story/
Armored Car Robbery/Crime in the Streets/Backfire/Deadline at Dawn

Direction: Bl a Edward Dmytryk, Gerald Meyer, Anthony Mann
Cast: Bl a Dick Powell/Marshall Thompson/Viveca Lindfors/Adele Jergens
DVD in english audio with english subs, black & white, region 1
US Warner Brothers 4 disc DVD edition

How NOT to filmatize a Cornell Woolrich novel.

The pretentious bore Clifford Odets rapes Woolrich's
poetic and beautiful original text and transforms it
into an awful crime comedy.
Read more on the picture link - IN SWEDISH

Deadline At Dawn - based on a Woolrich/Irish novel

Direction: Harold Clurman, script: Clifford Odets, production: 1946

Cast: Bill Williams, Susan Hayward, Paul Lukas
DVD in english audio with english subs, black & white, region 1
OBS! Ingår i WB Film Noir DVD Vol. 5


4 film collection with the great Night Editor as the
shining gem, Janis Carter Rocks! One Girl's Con-
fession with lovely Cleo Moore were fine too.
Plus a WIP with Ida Lupino and a melodrama.

Bad Girls of Film Noir Volume 2: Night Editor/One Girl's Confession
/Women's Prison/Over-Exposed

Direction: Henry Levin, Hugo Haas, Lewis Seiler, prod: 1946-1956
Cast: Janis Carter, Cleo Moore, Audrey Totter, Ida Lupino
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1
US Sony - Columbia Pictures 2 disc DVD edition


American produced British Film Noir by british
directors and british actors, and with some US
actors with careers on the skids. London is the
place and Diana Dors was great
Read more on the picture link - IN SWEDISH

Hammer Film Noir 3 disc Double feature

Direction: Terence Fisher x 3, Ken Hughes m.fl,
produktion: UK 1952-1954
Cast: Barbara Payton/Diana Dors/Dane Clark/Alex Nicol
DVD in english audio, black & white, region free
US VCI Entertainment 2009 - 3 disc DVD edition

Underrated Diana Dors is fantastic in this film.
Unforgettable and gripping portraying a woman
sentenced to death waiting for her execution.
The sex bomb show us how talented she really
could be in a Feel Bad Crime Death Row-drama
Read more on the picture link - IN SWEDISH

Yield To The Night

Direction: J. Lee Thompson, production: UK 1956

Cast: Diana Dors, Michael Craig, Yvonne Mitchell
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 2
UK Optimum Classic DVD edition



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Below there are som short information about other films within the Genre worth to be mentioned. Films of varying quality, from
the more obscure ones to acclaimed classics. Some of them has clickable picture links to a page with more text about the film

The Big Sleep 1946
direction : Howard Hawks
Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall
A famously Complicated plot in this classic crime noir based on the Raymond
Chandler novel and with very good chemistry between Bogart and Bacall

The Big Steal 1949
direction: Don Siegel
Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer
Illegal 1955 Edward G. Robinson,

Crime comedy in the reunion of Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer after Out of
the Past, with the hunt down in Mexico after a bag full of money. Entertaining!
Illegal though is a quite boring story about a mob-connected lawyer, and with
beautiful Jayne Mansfield in her debut film as a bar pianist
Black Widow 1954
direction : Nunnally Johnson
Van Heflin, Ginger Rodgers

More a who-dunit murder mystery than Noir. Great colors in Cinemascope and
in Surround. Based on a Patrick Quentin novel with a then sick Gene Tierney
Läs mer på bildlänken (in swedish)

Blonde Ice 1948
direction : Jack Bernhard
Leslie Brooks, Robert Paige
Leslie Brooks is a psychopathic femme fatale in this very obscure B film noir
that was presumed Lost. Pretty entertaining in a DVD edition that could've been
better quality wise, but a lot of fine extras in this US VCI edition.
Läs mer på bildlänken (in swedish)
Blue Dahlia, The 1946
direction : George Marshall
Alan Ladd, Veronica Lake
Ladd is a soldier returned from WW2 who's suspected of the murder of his
unfaithful wife. Based on the famous Raymond Chandler novel and supposedly
inspired naming the victim in a murder case The Black Dahlia ? Something the
crime writer James Ellroy has written about
Blue Gardenia, The
direction: Fritz Lang
Anne Baxter, Richard Conte
Fritz Lang Crime drama criticizing the Yellow press. Late film noir and based on a
story by Vera Caspary, where a woman is accused of a murder she can't remember
having committed. Nat King Cole sings the title song.
Read more on the picture link
Boomerang 1947
direction : Elia Kazan
Dana Andrews, Lee J. Kobb
Courtroom drama and documentary noir about political corruption and where
a prosecutor doubts the guilt of the accused. Well made by the famous Kazan
BUT .... Boring. Stiff and tiresome for a Film Noir, this was not Kazan's thing.
Läs mer på bildlänken (in swedish)
Border Incident 1949
direction : Anthony Mann
Ricardo Montalban
Thriller about crimes committed against mexican guest-workers. Violent for it's
time with Ricardo Montalban as an undeercover agent. Fine, but maybe not a
Film Noir really. Exquisite cinematography from the great John Alton
Born To Be Bad 1950
direction : Nicholas Ray
Joan Fontaine, Robert Ryan
Film Noir drama where a rotten to the bone Joan Fontaine is determined to
ruin the marriage of her cousin Joan Leslie and instead plan to catch the
stinking rich fiance herself. Fontaine is great as a disgusting Snake.
Läs mer på bildlänken (in swedish)
Born To Kill 1947
direction : Robert Wise
Lawrence Tierney, Claire Trevor
Fortune seeker Claire Trevor is turned on sexually by psychopath Tierney's
evil and dangerousness in a Feel Bad Noir. Pitch-black from director Wise
about the taboo subject, female violence groupies
Läs mer på bildlänken (in swedish)
Clash By Night 1952
direction : Fritz Lang
Robert Ryan, Barbara Stanwyck
Zzzzzzz ... snore ... a not that good Fritz Lang movie. Too Theatrical and
overstrung after a play by the always pretentious bore Clifford Odets.
But, Robert Ryan is brilliant as always, what an actor he was
Criss Cross 1948
direction : Robert Siodmak
Burt Lancaster, Yvonne De Carlo,
Dan Duryea
Lancaster is an ex-prisoner that tries to live a regular guy life when Dan "The
Human Weasel" Duryea makes him take part in a Heist robbery. A pretty
good sequel to the classic, the 1946 The Killers
Crossfire 1947
direction : Edward Dmytryk
Robert Ryan, Gloria Grahame
Heavy-handed and boring about anti-semitism with an uninterested Mitchum
Zzzzz .... BUT with an explosive scene where Gloria Grahame and Paul Kelly
ignites the screen in a sidestory. They are fantastic and naturally this film should
have been about them instead. Läs mer på bildlänken (in swedish)
Dangerous Crossing 1953
direction : Joseph M. Newman
w. Jeanne Crain, Michael Rennie
OK thriller more than a Film Noir with beautyful Jeanne Crain in danger
onboard of an Atlantic Cruise ship and about a disappearing person
Läs mer på bildlänken (in swedish)
Dark Corner 1946
direction : Henry Hathaway
Lucille Ball, Clifton Webb
Another boring Film Noir from Hathaway (i didn't like his overrated Kiss of
Death from 1947 that much) where Lucille Ball is a secretary to a threatened
private detective and Clifton Webb does his "After Laura" forever typecasted
middle-aged Dandy role
Dark Passage 1947
direction : Delmer Daves
Humphrey Bogart,Lauren Bacall
Initially filmed very oddly with a subjective camera as the eyes of Bogie.
Clearly inspired by the previous years Lady in the Lake and ripped off
by film collossus Ed Wood, Jr.'s Z grade crime drama Jailbait
Dillinger 1945
direction : Max Nosseck
Lawrence Tierney
Tierney is great as Public Enemy No.1 in a crime action and maybe this film
is not really a Film Noir. Young Tierney looks a bit like the swedish Table
Tennis champion J.O.Waldner
Framed 1947
direction: Richard Wallace
Glenn Ford, Janice Carter
An alcoholic drifter is picked up by a lush blonde to play the part of a corpse
in an elaborate bank-heist planned by her and her boyfriend. Will Glenn Ford
survive this scheme? Läs mer på bildlänken (in swedish)
His Kind of Woman 1951
direction : John Farrow
Robert Mitchum, Jane Russell,
Raymond Burr

Film Noir combined with Comedy is usually a bad mix and so here also.
Small time hustler Mitchum meets voluptuous singer Russell and the
gangster Burr down in Mexico. Very forgettable entry to the genre

House of Bamboo 1955
direction : Samuel Fuller
Robert Ryan, Dennis O'Keefe
Not sure if this is a Film Noir or not, but it's about american gangsters in
post-war Tokyo, and with a really cool shoot-out at an amusement park
at the end of the film. Looks very good in color and Cinemascope.
Read more on the picture link
Kiss Me Deadly
direction: Robert Aldrich
Ralph Meeker, Jack Elam
Classic late Film Noir and visually groundbreaking from Aldrich. based on a
Mickey Spillane novel about a PI's hunt for a "burning" secret
Läs mer på bildlänken (in swedish)
Kiss of Death 1947
director: Henry Hathaway
Victor Mature, Richard Widmark
Crime drama where Richard Widmark does his famous performance as
Tommy Udo, the psychopathic giggling killer
Read more on the picture link
Lady in the Lake 1946
direction : Robert Montgomery
Robert Montgomery, Audrey Totter
Very unusual Noir, almost experimental with a subjective camera and with
some delightfully offbeat acting. Based on a Raymond Chandler novel and
with the always HOT Audrey Totter. Never, that a woman like that would fall
wooden loser as Montgomery, OK, maybe if he was stinking rich
Madigan 1968
direction: Don Siegel
Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda
An OK only Police buddy crime drama that Siegel remade a couple of years later
as Dirty Harry. A NY cop duo (Richard Widmark and Harry Guardino) chases a
brutal and desperate killer. Not sure if this a film noir, but the ending was dark and
gritty and depressing
Man in the Vault 1956
direction : Andrew McLaglen
William Campbell, Anita Ekberg
A B-ish crime movie produced by John Wayne and with bad direction and a
bad script. Maybe not a Film Noir but still an entertaining film when an honest
locksmith gets involved with gangsters. Anita Ekberg looks sensational
Missing Women 1951
direction: Philip Ford
Penny Edwards, James Millican
A Snappy Powerty Row studio low budget B Noir that clocks in at only
60 minutes. With adequate acting and with James Millican as a rough bad guy
mishandling the missing Penny Edwards. A sort of Female Revenge story
Read more on the picture link
Narrow Margin, The 1952
direction : Richard Fleischer
Charles McGraw, Marie Windsor
A very fine crime thriller on a Train movie in a mix of Hitchcock and
Film Noir, when a cop has to escort a witness against-the-mob by train
over the continent. Marie Windsor as a gangster bitch is fine as always
Läs mer på bildlänken (in swedish)
New York Confidential 1955
direction: Russell Rouse
Anne Bancroft, Richard Conte
Great actors in a great mafia crime Noir that could be the blueprint to all
modern mob movies, including Johnnie To's HK Triad one's. Richard
Conte is an ice-kold stone killer. Commentary audio track with Alan K.
Rode och Kim Morgan. Läs mer på bildlänken (in swedish)
Nora Prentiss
director: Vincent Sherman
Ann Sheridan, Kent Smith
Fine crime-drama with ditto actors Ann Sheridan and Kent Smith. A beautiful
nightclub singer hits the respected doctor like a bomb, The Sucker's Blues,
and soon his life is in shambles. Läs mer på bildlänken (in swedish)
On Dangerous Ground 1952
direction : Nicholas Ray 
Robert Ryan, Ida Lupino
Noir-melodrama where a burnt-out cop played by Robert Ryan is transfered
to a countryside village where he meets Ida Lupino and has to hunt down a
young killer
Portrait in Black 1960
direction: Michael Gordon
Lana Turner, Anthony Quinn
Madame X 1966 Lana Turner
Two Times Lana in a crime noir melodrama with murder and passion and it was
an entertaining watch for sure, plus a crazy melodrama
Läs mer på bildlänken (in swedish)
Racket, The 1951
direction : John Cromwell
Robert Mitchum, Lizabeth Scott
Robert Ryan
Boring propaganda crime noir about the heroic battle of a few against
the organized crime. McCarthy-ism was raging and the films became
lduller. A pity, with a genre icon like Lizabeth Scott - those eyebrows!
and with favourite actors as Robert Ryan and Robert Mitchum
Raw Deal 1948
direction : Anthony Mann
Dennis O'Keefe
Rock-hard film noir when a gangster is about to take revenge on his ex-
fellow gangsters with the help of the innocent Ann, who are drawn into
the world of crime. From the master of hardboiled Film Noir
Roadhouse 1948
direction : Jean Negulesco
Richard Widmark, Ida Lupino
Noir drama where 2 business companions running a joint clashing over
a hot femme fatale Film Noir woman. Widmark, who was typecasted a lot
after the Hit "Kiss of Death" giggles hysterically a lot and seeks revenge.
Sorry, but i didn't like this very much
Sellout, The 1952
direction: Gerald Mayer
Walter Pidgeon, Audrey Totter
Anti-Corruption thriller with a newspaper man and a prosecutor up against
a corrupted Sheriff. Read more on the picture link
Shed No Tears 1948
direction : Jean Yarbrough
June Vincent, Wallace Ford

Hardboiled B noir bordering to the C when an old man with a too young
wife commits an insurance fraud and with infidelity leading to misery
and murder. Läs mer på bildlänken (in swedish)

Slightly Scarlet 1956
direction: Allan Dwan
Rhonda Fleming, John Payne
Good Crime-Noir drama based on James M. Cains Love's Lovely Counterfeit
with a smart gangster and his two sisters. Commentary track with author Max
Allan Collins. Läs mer på bildlänken (in swedish)
T-Men 1947
direction : Anthony Mann
Dennis O'Keefe, Mary Meade
Hardboiled legendary Film Noir crime entry to genre with lots of police
procedure and lots of hardboiled cops from hardboiled genre master Mann
Where the Sidewalk Ends
direction: Otto Preminger
Dana Andrews, Gene Tierney
Dana is good as a Bad Cop when he kills a suspect and then tries to erase the
tracks, and then he falls in love with the dead man's widow, Crime drama
directed by Otto Preminger. Read more on the picture link
direction: Otto Preminger
Gene Tierney, Richard Conte
Psychological crime drama where a society woman (Gene Tierney) who's a
shoplifter is also suspected of having committed a murder. Otto made it!
Read more on the picture link
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