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s a kid i listened to bands as The Kinks, The Who, Hollies and The Beatles, so it's classic rock-pop that makes me truly happy.
Then came the 1970's Punk, 1980's New Wave and 1990's indie era with the re-animation of Rock music. Indie garage, rock, pop.
There must be others like me, also young people, maybe derogatory called indie-kids by the mainstream crap music reviewers,
and this page is for You. Many cool and obscure Youtube music videos and links below can be gone any time

Libby Lux - charismatic singer and banjo player in the strange but fascinating Portland,
Oregon group - The Bridge City Sinners. A great band playing some sort of acoustic string band folk punk mountain music
and i must admit that i had never heard anything so .... unusual as this type of "rock" music.
I remember listening to them by chance in a youtube surfing session, and .... WTF was that ? Then i listened to them again,
and again, and again .... I had found a for me unknown genre Folk-Punk. Please listen to their "Song of the Siren" on Youtube


Bridge City Sinners records can be bought from US Flail Records, and they now have a European shop also, and it's based in
Switzerland. When i write this their second and latest album is "Here's to the Devil" and available on vinyl.
Their unusual music for sure is addictive - Devil Folk Punk.


Another fine group in the Folk Punk genre is "Days N' Daze" from Houston, Texas formed in 2008 by Whitney Flynn and Jesse
Sendejas and also with Meagan Melancon and Geoff Bell. Jesse on guitar, banjo etc. and vocals, Whitney on trumpet, ukulele
and vocals, Meagan on Washboard and Geoff on Wash Tub Bass.

I had never heard anything like this before and i wasn't sure what to think the first time i heard them except WTF? maybe.
But, i've found myself returning to listen to them, again, again and again. A unique acoustic sound and ditto type of rock'n roll.
With just a washtub, a stick and a piece of string, a washboard, a trumpet and a guitar - It Rocks!

Listen to their Wholesale Failure and Day Gaunts video from Bridge City Sessions on Youtube - follow the Youtube link

2013 album "Rogue Taxidermy" re-issued in 2020 on Flail Records, and 2020 album "Show Me the Blueprints"


Lisasinson - Spanish Girl Pop Punk group from Valencia playing High
Energy indie pop-rock that makes you feel good. Miriam Ferrero (guitar/vocals), Mar Espinosa (guitar/vocals), María
Martínez (drums/vocals) and Paula Barberán (bass/vocals) made their first single with the joyful and energetic -
Barakaldo -

In april 2021 they released their first Mini album "Perdona Mamá" with 9 songs including Barakaldo and the album was
released in a limited 500 copies clear vinyl , but also as a digital download in Elefant's "New Adventures in Pop" series


The Messer Chups - Cool Russian Surf Rock trio based in St. Petersburg founded in 2008 by the great guitarist Oleg
Gitaracula Fomchenkov (former Oleg Gitarkin) and with the gorgeous Betty Page influnced bass player Svetlana
Zombierella Nagaeva (former Zombie Girl) and with drummer Dr. Boris (i think ? There has been frequent member
replacements). A healthy dose of Surf Rock is never wrong (or a bass player with Betty Page looks).
Listen to their great Magneto -


The Distillers - Coral Fang (2003)

Maybe the greatest rock group this millennia and founded in 1998 by
the very talented guitarist and songwriter Brody Dalle (born in Melbourne). This LA, California band played energetic
and punky rock and made 3 albums and with their third and last, the much hailed "Coral Fang" album in 2003 they
released one of the best, if not the best, rock album of this century yet. This album is just amazing.
After the break-up of the band Dalle played with others and made solo albums (and turned blonde) and there's talk
about re-uniting The Distillers. OK, Distillers were hailed by critics and had a huge fanbase, Brody Dalle is a rock icon
but i feature them here because they were just so good. Drain the Blood is one of their most popular songs -



Elefant Records - Spain's most beautiful indie record label is based in Madrid and has released great alternative rock and pop
for some 30 years now. Not just many a fine band from Spain but also but also bands from all over the world.
Great but most often obscure music due to the garbage cesspool of mainstream music played in MSM today. No indie rock
or pop is heard or talked about, and not even metal is played - only crappy R&B and Hip Hop, Hip Hop and R&B ....
A beautiful shimmering piece of pop that guaranteed never ever will be played on the radio is :

Marine Life - The US-Philippine indie based band led by fine singer & songwriter Des De Leon Nicolas

Fool of a Kind

2014 Elefant released an EP in their New Adventures in Pop series with a band called Marine Life. The EP was released in a
vinyl limited edition of 500 copies and also for digital download and had 4 songs on it, includin"Fool of a Kind" and "Boy
from B-612". Elefant made two nice music videos and pics from "Fool of a Kind" can be seen above.
It's a beautiful piece of pop and with some nice brass added, and almost as a law of nature a song like this will be absolutely
ignored, unplayed and doomed for obscurity. In a better world this song would've been played
Listen to the cute music video on Youtube -

This San Francisco based band has been playing as Julie Plug since the 1990's and have or had, as members the singer and
songwriter Mercedes Des De Leon Nicolas, Terry Nicolas on guitar, Marvin Santos on bass, Rob Uytingco on drums and
Rex Padayhag on keyboards and background vocals

The EP


No. 1 Favourite of mine - rock, indie, punk, pop or something

1. Urge Overkill - Sister Havana

An underrated, if today not almost unknown, group that released this their Saturation album in 1993 and was featured on the
soundtrack to Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction with a great Neil Diamond cover. I remember hearing this masterpiece of delightful
guitar riffs being played on the normally very shitty Swedish radio, but that was the 1990's, a great decade in time. Those guitars.
This is a truly great video to an almost ORGASMIC song - Listen to it below


Urge Overkill - Rock and Roll Submarine

And, finally they're back. After 16 years of silence they released their new album - Rock and Roll Submarine - in 2011, and
they continue in the same vein as when they left us back in 1995. With heavy riffs, gorgeous guitars and plenty of hooks
that makes you smile big like an idiot. Sure, an obscurity nowadays that surely will pass completely unnoticed in the Sea
of Crap that make the music scene nowadays with wailing idiot Idols screaming their ugly lungs out.
Effigy is their 1st single from the album which have some great songs on it, like Mason Dixon and Rock'n Roll Submarine



Los Abominables and Elis Paprika - Two great findings from the fun Méxican indie rock scene.
And if you like it, please read more about these enjoyable bands on my Méxican Page. Listen to the Méxican Cult band
Los Abominables and their psychotronic Bionic synth pop trash punk Live version of the 6 Million Dollar Weirdo's, and
the earlier incarnation of Los Abominables, in México beloved trash rock anthem - Horror Amor


Los Abominables - Abulon and Zette

Listen to Elis Paprika's cute power pop gem Tarde o temprano



Some more favourites of mine - rock, indie, punk, pop or something

2. Frank Black - Los Angeles

Genius Frank Black, the ex-Pixies frontman or the Bach, Mozart, Beethoven of alternative rock music made his first self
titled solo album in 1993 and produced it with ex-Captain Beefheart, Pere Ubu and Pixies member Eric Drew Feldman.
The first song on the album is the beautiful Los Angeles.
Only Frank Black could make something as heavenly gorgeous out of these seemingly simple parts, at first it rocks and
then .... and then comes the break, the melodic hook that gives you goosebumps. Los Angeles in Patagonia, Frank Black,
You Genius You. But, Frank Black, Pixies and Kim Deal's Breeders, i love them all. Listen to Los Angeles below

3. Pixies - No. 13 Baby ...... Listen - follow Youtube link here

I have a Pixies page elsewhere on this site and i'm a huge fan. I could've chosen "Where is My Mind" from their
1st album or just about any tune from their 2nd classic, the Doolittle album. The latter one with songs as "Monkey
Goes to Heaven" and "Debaser" (latter giving the name to a rock club in Stockholm, and is also a tribute to the
great Salvador Dali and Luis Buñuel film classic. An epic song, but i choose No. 13 Baby as my ultimate favourite
from the Dolittle album. Just like Alec Eiffel from Trompe Le Monde it has got that mindblowing outro to it

4. The LA's - There She Goes ...... Listen - follow Youtube link here

One of the most beautiful pop songs ever made, awhether it's about drugs or not. Liverpool group The La's released this
fine song in 1988 and then for the 2nd time in 1990. It is written by Lee Mavers and the group disbanded in 1992 after re-
leasing an album in 1990. I remember hearing this song for the first time on the soundtrack to the 1997 film Fever Pitch, a
film after the Nick Hornby novel and i've heard There She Goes in some damned commercial too

5. Lemonheads - If I Could Talk I'd Tell You ...... Listen - follow Youtube link here

The Lemonheads fronted by the talented Evan Dando made some great albums, It's a Shame about Ray in 1992 and Car
Button Cloth a couple of years later. On the latter bass player Bill Gibson had joined Dando, he was once a member of
great Aussie bands as The Lime Spiders and Legendary The Eastern Dark (Walkin/Johnny and Dee Dee/Julie is a Junkie).
The beautiful "If I could talk i'd tell you" is my favourite Lemonheads song and it's from the Car Button Cloth album

6. Gun Club - She's Like Heroin to Me ...... Listen - follow Youtube link here

The Most influental unknown album? 1981 Fire of Love by The Gun Club gave us a mix of garage style punk bluesy
psychobilly with a touch of southern Gris Gris. Fronted by troubled soul Jeffrey Lee Pierce they performed some sort
of silence-noice-silence-noice type of rock and their style must've inspired Frank Black and The Pixies.
This album both looks and sounds dangerous. There's the mighty Fire Spirit, there's is the manic Sex Beat and then
there's the intense "She's Like Heroin to Me"

7. The Eastern Dark - Walking ...... Listen - follow Youtube link here

Legendary Australian group that existed for a short time 1984-1986 before death ended it in a traffic accident, and
before they could've had developed into something as great as The Pixies. James Darroch ex-Celibate Rifles guitar/song,
Bill Gibson ex-Lime Spiders pre-Lemonheads bass and Geoff Milne drums made only one single and a mindblowing great
mini album before the 1986 car crash R.I.P. James Darroch. This mini album was released by Waterfront and by another
label in Europe. Those were the days when aussie alt rock had listeners and record buyers in Europe and i remember that
the record was recommended to me by one of the members of the great Swedish garage band The Pushtwangers.
The album starts with a BANG, the powerful Walking

8. Splatterheads - Fish Bisquit ...... Listen to their Fish Bisquit on Youtube

Another powerful rock group from Down Under, Sydney, New South Wales, and active between 1986 - 1996 and today
(when i'm adding this song to my favourites list it's the end of April 2021) there seems to be something of a Retro indie
rock wave in Australia with a lot of great bands as i.a. Amyl and the Sniffers and Dicklord.
Splatterheads was a hardrock indie group that released Fish Bisquit on their 1992 Bot The Album, and they did like
splatterfilms. Read in an interview that they spended too much money on splatter special effects for their concerts
and instead they had to cut themselves to get blood for their stage performances. Great singer on Fish Bisquit

9. Matthew Sweet - Sick of Myself ...... Listen - follow Youtube link here

Matthew Sweet made almost perfect pop songs and was virtually unknown i guess, him too. This lovely tune "Sick of
Myself" has got some beautiful fake endings and very fine guitarwork, and it was released in 1995 as a CD single on
the Zoo Entertainment label. I remember playing it over and over again. Those were the days, the happy indie rock days
from the glorious 90's long before the attack of the wailing Idol crapping Creepozoids

10. Breeders - Cannonball ...... Listen - follow Youtube link here

The Surreal words of Kim Deal combined with some outstanding guitar riffs makes Cannonball one of the iconic
indie rock songs of the 1990's. Kim Deal the Pixies legend and minimalistic bass player

11. Amyl and the Sniffers - Some Mutts can't be Muzzled

Listen to this energetic and fast Neo-Punk explosion on Youtube

Another band from Down Under who knows of how to rock. This Melbourne band is fronted by the hyper
energetic aussie Poly Styrene - Amy Taylor, and they play Neo-Punk.
The great Some Mutts can't be muzzled comes from their 2019 album (but the single version differs)

12. The Pop! - Down on the Boulevard ...... follow Youtube link here

The Pop! A US band that actually was a "real" Power Pop band. Playing this type of American pop that existed
exclusively in the 70's and early 80's. This California group released 2 forgotten albums, The Pop in 1977 and Go!
in 1979. Almost unknown then, with some genre fans, and still unknown today. This is extinct and forgotten but
beautiful late 1970's pop music. I remember buying their 1st lp and the single Down on the Boulevard.
This shimmering gem of a song has only got a few hits on Youtube - Shame on Us - it's a rotten world

13. Nada Surf - Popular ...... Listen - follow Youtube link here

I saw the "Popular" video on MTV in 1996, bought it, and played it the whole summer, over and over again.
The video depicts Highschool life á la Hollywood style with all it's given clichés and may be a bit annoying.
BUT, when the chorus hits it really hits BIG. Another genius production from Ric Ocasek from The Cars, who
also produced Weezer's Blue Album. Listen to the teacher kids, don't forget the Teenage Guide to Popularity

14. Weezer - My name is Jonas ...... Listen - follow Youtube link here

The 1994 Blue album by Weezer, their debut produced by Ric Ocazek became an instant world wide Smash.
Fronted by talented Rivers Cuomo the album's full of teenage power pop and Buddy Holly, helped by an
amazing music video, was a HUGE hit everywhere (and very much so also in my Sweden, we just loved it).
But, my favourite song is the opening number, the somewhat mysterious "My Name is Jonas"


BUT ...... from 1976 and still The Best "POP" Song Ever

Blietzkrieg Bop by the Ramones, Punk or Perfect Pop?

Listen (follow the link) to the great Youtube Video



Pushy Parents - Secret Secret - Most Underrated Power Pop Song of 2011 ?

2011 EP on Elefant Records

What's this then ? The Answer: A really obscure Swedish indie pop project released on the fine Spanish Elefant label.
An EP with the very catchy song Secret Secret and 3 more songs. Secret Secret with a sugary sweet twee pop feeling
to it, but also with such perfect classic pop harmonies that it gets stuck in your head. It should've been played every-
where, in a better world that is. The music video is delightfully sugary with kids playing the instruments and the creators
of this sweet indie bliss are Amanda Aldervall, Roger Gunnarsson, Daniel Jansson and Le Prix. Buy it at Elefant Records

........................................... ...........................................

Alert! Power Pop Alert. Alert! Power Pop Alert

Juniper Moon - Beautiful Crystal Clear Power Punk Pop in spanish from an almost unknown group of youngsters

El resto de mi vida

Their Lost and/or Classic 2002 Album. Re-released in 2010 by Barcelona based Elefant Records

Listen to their beautiful Sólo una sunrisa on the Youtube video below


These talented youngsters came from the small town of Ponferrada, Léon, near the Portuguese border and the group
existed between 1997-2004. Unique in their style among Spanish indie bands with their energetic, fast, loud and
gorgeous power punk pop. A lot of fast guitars, a Hammond organ and the fine red haired vocalist Sandra

El Grupo

Spanish indie rock band who won all the critics hearts, but not the record buyers, with a cult following in Japan, Peru
and Mexico, maybe also in the UK after being on an indie collection and radio play. How could they not be popular in
Spain and almost unknown in their homeland ? Well, spanish indierock seems to be a bit Twee-ish and maybe a bit too
cute, often - but not always, there are a lot of interesting rock in Spain and i.a. also on Elefant records. Bands as Single,
Le Mans, Linda Guilala and Barcelona Krautrock inspired electronic duo Svper (ex Pegasvs) are all really great.

Core members were Sandra on guitar/vocals, Iván on drums, Eva on keyboards, Dado on guitar and Jaime bass/vocals.
Eva and Iván has since started Linda Guilala with fine melodic electronic pop and got heavier and more progressive with
their great 2016 album Psiconáutica (released also in a limited vinyl album 500 ex edition) and they're very recommended.
Juniper Moon made a couple of great singles, among them Volverás in 1999 and Sólo una sunrisa (only a smile) with a
fine music video in january 2003. What is Sandra doing today? We are waiting for your return You great girl ...

Below middle pic, a Japanese compilation album from 2010


Joy Formidable - The Big Roar -
maybe the alt. indie rock Album of the Year ?

The Joy Formidable - Powerful Welsh trio who plays really loud melodic indie rock with lots and lots of gorgeous hooks
and they could be destined for Super Stardom? But probably not

A Great album

Heavy and delightfully melodic indie rockband trio formed in Mold, Wales in 2007 fronted by the dynamic lead
singer and guitarist Ritzy Brien, with her childhood buddy Rhydian Dafydd on bass and Matt Thomas, drums.
They released 2 singles, Austere and Cradle in 2008 and a mini album EP in 2009. The Big Roar was released in
january 2011 to world wide critical acclaim. Very soon they gained a reputation as UK's No.1 Live performance
attraction with their intensity and Ritzy's charisma. They've toured a lot also in the US and could be destined for
Super Hugeness? But, they've this Big Sound to them and there could be a risk of them falling into the Stadium Rock
fold in the future, but let's hope not. When i first wrote this in 2011 the band was completely unknown in Sweden

Listen to the official video of Whirring, the greatest song of 2011 for many


The Great Musician/Songwriter Ritzy Brien



And, then we've a cool Norwegian artist. Is that really possible? Yes, it is. Her name is Ida Maria Sivertsen, that
girl with the gravelly voice. Listen to the really great Music Video of ......

Ida Maria-Oh My God! - Follow link to Youtube

A great Live Power

Her 1st album Fortress Round My Heart 2008 had some great songs and some less great, but was a promising debut.
But she's the real thing Live (a rarity today) and exploded on stage with furious energy. Therefore Ida was a highly in
demand Live artist and she toured for 2 years in a row in the UK and US getting rave reviews, before having a Meltdown
in Boston september 2009. Then she took a Time-Out. Get well Ida Maria, she was the coolest Norwegian alive for sure


US New Wave - Hardcore: Wild, Experimental, Scary and Influental. The Missing Link

There were some great Post-Punk New Wave bands in UK as Cure, Joy Division, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus etc.
but mostly synth bands or minimalistic art student type of groups and i know many of these bands are indie cult bands
today as Marine Girls or Young Marble Giants. But I was missing the energy from the 1970's, so where was it ?
The Missing link between 70's punk and the re-animated indie alt.rock music scene ignited by The Pixies in 1987 ?

This raw power could be found in the US with post-punk hardcore new wave bands as Hüsker Du, Black Flag, Dead
Kennedys, Flipper, Violent Femmes, Cramps, Agent Orange, TSOL, Wall of Voodoo and the mighty Gun Club.

So, here are some favourites of mine ... (note: as this is Youtube the videos can disappear at any time)

Wall of Voodoo

Listen to them - Follow link to Youtube here

Great enigmatic band led by charismatic Stan Ridgway. 1980 debut with an amazing unusual garage synth-rock EP that
included songs as Longarm and a Killer synthetic version of Ring of Fire. Factory is another great song of theirs and
their only almost a Hit song was the uniquely quirky and funny Mexican Radio.
The above Youtube Live clip is from the crazy wild 1981 music film Urgh! A Music War. A very recommended film


1980-1981 Live DVD US Target Video

The Flipper DVD has two Live concerts:

1. Live at Bereley Square San Francisco juli 1980 - en tidig ostrukturerad konsert, 35 min med bla Ha, Ha, Ha,
Love canal och The Wheel
2. Live at Kezar Stadium San Francisco maj 1981 - nu betydligt tyngre och hypnotiskt malande, 36 min, and
3. Sex Bomb - Live at Cable Channel TV 1983
4. About Flipper and Target Video, textsheet av Will York

An influental (and Yes, Kurt Cobain loved them, too) avantgarde slow-fi hardcore US band that took us on
a scary journey into rock chaos. Fondly remembered for hardcore classics as Ha Ha Ha, Love Canal and Sex
Bomb. This is Pure 1980's Energy and far, far from lame british farts as Depeche Mode, Spandau Ballet or
Duran Duran etc. Listen to their powerfully minimalistic "Ha Ha Ha" on Youtube

Listen to the great Ha Ha Ha - Follow link to Youtube here

Ett av de legendariska US rockbanden, hardcore-experimentella-slow fi-punk...något, Flipper, en av länkarna
mellan 70-talets power pop/punk-scen och det sena 80-talets indie rock explosion med Pixies, Nirvana och
Smashing Pumpkins. Kaotiskt, skramligt, tungt hotfullt och ständigt på gränsen till total upplösning.
Flipper lär ha varit Kurt Cobains favoritgrupp, Not Bad.

En gång hade jag klassikerna Ha, Ha, Ha, Love Canal och Sex Bomb på vinyl från ngt underground skivbolag,
men sålde dem för någon tia eller så ..... aaaargh ....

The Cramps

Listen to their fantastic version of Rockabilly desperado Hasil Adkins She Said - Follow the Youtube link here

The Cramps was an even more influential rock group that melted 1950's rockabilly and 1960's garage into a new
music genre - Psychobilly. They may be the first rock band to make tribute to The Big American Treasure of
Trash Culture, to great obscure forgotten music (as She Said) and to the today much beloved US Grindhouse
film genre (as Russ Meyer's "Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!) and this looong before younger psychotronic film fans
as i.a. Quentin Tarantino did. Lux Interior and Poison Ivy - The Greatest Couple in Rock. R.I.P. LUX feb. 2009

I bought everything by them since their 2nd single and 8 years onwards. Finally i saw them Live in 1986 at
Göta Lejon, Stockholm.


Los Abandoned - Great, but unknown and disbanded spanglish power pop band from Van Nuys, Los Angeles

El Grupo

I discovered this fine group in 2009 and i've listened a lot to their only album, the 2006 "Mix Tape" a lot since then.
A lot of joyful and smart power rock - pop in a mix of latino influences, pop and punky garage rock, and there are
not one bad song on this album. But many good one's as Van Nuys, Stalk U, A La Mode and State of Affairs.
This LA group is fronted by the talented singer and songwriter, american-Chilean Lady P or Pilar Diaz.

Pilar's charming and maybe slightly ironic declaration of love to the scruffy Van Nuys in northern LA is performed
in a Highschool Movie skatepunk style (and maybe in a homage to the 1990's classic "Popular" by Nada Surf) ?
It's a lovely tune and an adorable music video and the young girls playing the somewhat clumsy cheerleaders are
very cute too, so youthful and filled with joyful energy .... and maybe not even conscious yet of the fact that they
come from the wrong part of town, the poor one, and something that life will surely teach them soon, to soon.
So, let's enjoy life and being alive together with the band kids

Lyssna på Van Nuys (Es Very Nice) - Följ YouTube länken här

The Group disbanded already in 2007 but released one single, two EP records and this album "Mix Tape" that
was met by rave reviews by the music press. The frontwoman of the group, and the songwriter, singer and
Ukulele, guitar and keyboard player was Pilar Diaz or Lady P. and she moved from Chile to the US when she
was 10 years old. The other band members were Don Verde (Dave Green) bass, Moses B. and Dulce


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