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On this page i will highlight some films from my absolute favourite film genre - Horror, and the more hideous the better.
And forget about pompous snore fests as The Shining or puerile teenage orientated strictly commercial stuff as Scream,
on this page we will talk about horror from the Euro Golden Age 1960-80's, US 1980's slashers, some new fun US indie
horror done the Non-Hollywood way, some crazy mexican horror etc. with stuff like that.
Mostly DVD's and some Blu-ray's, beautiful mediums that soon will be obsolete and forgotten due to the streaming mania

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Some short reviews below are written in swedish


Great Psycho inspired B horror with some plot
about an inheritance and with a fine Joan Marshall
as Emily. Also, with a famous William Castle
gimmick - the Fright Break. A Good horror-triller.
Plus the not so good 13 Ghosts from 1960

Homicidal (Plus 13 Ghosts)

Direction and production: William Castle 1960 & 1961

Cast: Jean Arless/Joan Marshall, Patricia Breslin/Jo Morrow
DVD in english audio, black & white, region free
Spanish La Casa del Cine para todos DVD edition


Spanish Gialli and Horror movies from The Golden
Iberian Era, the 1970's and early 1980's are pure
Gold. Bad or Good, Trash or Not, they are almost
all great and very entertaining. It was something
about that unique Iberian atmosphere

Bad Spanish Films ?

Good Good or Good Bad, don't we all just Love the Spanish 1970's films.
The Hombre Lobo - Paul Naschy, Amando De Ossorio, Jorge Grau, Joseph
Larraz, Carlos Aured, Javier Aquirre, Eugenio Martin and Jesús Franco etc.
These gialli and horror genre movies were all fine and are much appreciated
by fans from all over the world .... BUT, what about the seldom seen Other
films, the dramas, the comedies and the sex movies - are they Bad Bad ?


Ha! Ha! Wild, trashy and very funny Spanish satanist
horror shot around Barcelona by the great Iquino and
with the wonderful Concha Valero as a satanist nurse.
A total obscurity in a lovely Vinegar Syndrome release.
Late Spanish Golden Era B horror that rocks. WOW!

Secta Siniestra (Bloody Sect)

Direction and co-script: Ignacio F. Iquino, production: Spain 1982

Cast: Concha Valero, Emma Quer, Carlos Martos, Diana Conca
Blu-ray in spanish audio with english subs, region ALL
US Vinegar Syndrome bluray and DVD 2 disc 2019 combo edition

Ignacio F. Iquino's infamous and nasty crime drama
makes you want to take multiple showers. But it's un-
deniably a very well made film about a gang of Barcelona
thugs that robs and rapes without any remorse, youths
without souls causing suffering for victims and families.
An entry to the Juvenile delinquency raw cinema genre

Los Violadores del Amanecer (Rapists at Dawn)

Direction, script & production: Ignacio F. Iquino, Spain 1978

Cast: Alicia Orozco, Manuel De Benito, Bernard Seray, Silvia Solar
Blu-ray in spanish audio without english subtitles, region ALL
Spanish Mercury Films bluray edition


A very entertaining and funny horror-comedy with
great pace about a priest, a satanist and a clairvoyant
TV star trying to kill the Antichrist on the day of the
end of the world. A Super Hit in Spain and showered
with spanish academy awards and festival praise

El Dia de la Bestia (The Day of the Beast)

Direction and co-script: Alex de la Iglesia, production: Spain 1995

Cast: Álex Angulo, Armando De Razza, Santiago Segura
DVD in spanish audio with english subtitles, region 2
Spanish 20th Century Fox DVD edition


OK, not a horror nor a giallo, but an erotic drama
thriller, very unusual, captivating and weirdly stylish
from the great Lucio. Inept? Bad acting and dialogue?
Doesn't matter, visual flair and the beauty of Blanca
makes this film an odd Lucio Fulci favourite of mine

The Devil's Honey (Il Miele del Diavolo/Dangerous Obsession)

Direction, co-script: Lucio Fulci, production: Spain-Italy 1986

Cast: Blanca Marsillach, Brett Halsey, Corinne Clery
Blu-ray in english or italian audio with english subtitles, region ALL
US Severin 2017 bluray edition


Mutant man-eating slugs attacks a small US town in
a low-budgeted and poorly acted trash-horror, but
with it's very creative gore special effects made on a
shoestring it's Great and FUN watching.
From the director of the legendary "Pieces".


Direction and co-production: Juan Piquer Simon, Spain-US 1987

Cast: Michael Garfield, Kim Terry, Philip Machale, Emilio Linder
Blu-ray in english audio with english subtitles, region B
UK Arrow Films bluray edition


Well made Spanish crime-thriller with an intensely
nasty ending
with a fine Assumpta Serna as a defence
lawyer up against brutal home invading criminals.
Very obscure from cult genre director Jorge Grau in an
alternative market release

Hunting Ground (Coto de Caza/Code of Hunting)

Direction and Co-script: Jorge Grau, production: Spain 1983

Cast: Assumpta Serna, Luis Hostalot, Monserrat Salvador
DVD in english audio, region free
US DVD edition


Obscure, odd, low-budget shot in Oregon slasher
inspired maybe by Psycho and Homicidal.
Re-watched it 15 years later and i still liked it a lot,
when 3 girls crash their car and wake up in a big
isolated mansion in the woods, with 2 women in it


Direction, edit, script and production: Dan Gronquist 1982

Cast: Laurel Munson, Janet Penner, Sara Ansley
DVD in english audio, region free
UK 88 Films DVD edition


A very fine apocalyptic horror, slow but atmo-
spherical when wine plant pesticide turn people into
zombies. A woman is fleeing through an outback
region with creatures. Maybe my Rollin favourite
film and great stuff even without nude vampiresses

Les Raisins de la Mort (The Grapes of Death /Pesticide)

Direction and co-script: Jean Rollin, production: Frankrike 1978

Cast: Marie-Georges Pascal, Brigitte Lahaie, Patricia Cartier
DVD in french audio without english subtitles, region free
Spanish DVD edition


An odd and boring horror comedy about a Trans-
sylvanian witch that's resurrected into a beautiful
british tourist played by Barbara Steele. Directorial

debut by Michael "Witchfinder General" Reeves.
Very overrated nonsense. Audio commentary

The She Beast (La Sorella di Satana/El Lago de Satán))

Direction and script: Michael Reeves, prod: UK-Italy 1965-66

Cast: Barbara Steele, Ian Ogilvy, John Carlsen
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Dark Sky Films DVD edition


A very slow Art Drama Horror from the son of Buñuel
and an obscure gem. Very atmospherical with great
actors, a Morricone ST and Tovoli cinematography.
A medieval knight re-animates his 1st wife with magic
and she, Leonor, commits a series of child murders

Leonor (Mistress of the Devil)

Direction, co-script: Juan Luis Buñuel, prod. Spain-Italy-France 1975

Cast: Michel Piccoli, Liv Ullman, Ornella Muti
Blu-ray in spanish or english audio with english subtitles, region A
US Scorpion Releasing 2018 bluray edition


Very nice anthology horror with 4 stories within a
frame story. A young doctor arrives to a mental
hospital to meet Dr. Starr and he's challenged to
figure out who's the doctor out of 4 patients

Asylum (House of Crazies/Hospitalet)

Direction: Roy Ward Baker, production: UK 1972

Cast: Barbara Perkins, Barry Morse, Britt Ekland
DVD in english audio with swedish subtitles, region 2
Swedish Rapid Stream DVD edition


Great and very entertaining B movie gothic horror
with the amazing Rosalba Neri as Dr. Frankenstein's
surgeon daughter. Trashy but atmospheric and with
a great bizarre monster with a swollen head. FUN
and probably my favourite Frankenstein film

Lady Frankenstein (La Figlia di Frankenstein)

Direction: Mel Welles, production: Italy 1971

Cast: Rosalba Neri, Joseph Cotten, Paul Mueller
Blu-ray in english or italian audio with english subtitles, region B
UK Nucleus Films 2018 bluray edition


Absolute trash masterpiece, a fantasy action with tons
of gore and boobs when The Deathstalker deals with
an evil ruler in a medieval looking castle.
With a topless Lana Clarkson and the amazing Barbi
Benton, the 8th and 9th wonders of the world woman


Direction: James Sbardellati, production: Argentina-USA 1983

Cast: Richard Hill, Barbi Benton, Lana Clarkson, Bernard Erhard
Blu-ray in english audio, region B
German Daredo 2018 limited bluray and DVD combo edition


Great sensual art-horror-drama with fine acting
that was banned in France and caused an uproar in
Sweden too when shown on TV. 2 teenage girls reads
dark poetry, provoke men, kill animals and become
disciples to Satan. It's sad, beautiful and disturbing

Mais ne nous délivrez pas du mal (Don't Deliver us from Evil/
Fräls oss icke från ondo/Und erlöse uns nicht von dem bösen)

Direction and script: Joel Séria, production: France 1971
Cast: Jeanne Goupil, Catherine Wagener, Michel Robin
DVD in french audio with german subtitles, region free or 2
German Bildstörung Alive DVD edition


Two very enjoyable Slashers. The Best one with
the uncomparable Playboy Bunny, singer, actress
Barbi Benton in a Topless Hall of Fame scene ....
and one with Klaus Kinski as a psychiatrist with
mysteriously dying patients

X-Ray (Hospital Massacre)/Schizoid (Murder By Mail)

Direction and script: Boaz Davidson/David Paulsen, prod: 1981/80

Cast: Barbi Benton, Chip Lucia/Klaus Kinski, Craig Wassoon
Blu-ray in english audio, region free (but A on sleeve)
US Shout! Factory bluray & DVD R-rated edition


Great but dark Hungarian crime-drama, so grisly it could
be a horror. About the real murders of the necrophiliac
Martfüi killer during 1950's-60's and the politically bogged
up police investigation leading to an innocent man being
sentenced. Great film, fine actors and 9 film awards

Strangled (A Martfüi rem)

Direction: Arpad Sopsits, production: Hungary 2016

Cast: Hajduk Karoly, Jaszberenyi Gabor, Anger Zsolt
Blu-ray in hungarian audio with english subtitles, region B
UK Eureka! bluray and DVD combo edition


Very funny, entertaining and great looking horror comedy
about an ill-fated Horrorthon at an abandoned old cinema.
Film students plan to use William Castle like gimmicks but
a killer has other plans for the audience. Filmed in Kingston
Jamaica and with great films within the film


Direction: Mark Herrier & Alan Ormsby, production: 1990

Cast: Jill schoelen, Tom Willard, Tony Roberts
Blu-ray in english audio with english subtitles, region ALL
US Synapse 2017 bluray edition


A hidden german horror thriller cult classic i guess, this
very atmospheric gothic filmed in Hungary in 1988 where
a child killer is on the loose in a small village in 1901.
Fantastic camera work and a child actress with amazing
eyes makes this art horror an inspired piece of work


Direction: Robert Sigl, production: Germany-Hungary 1988

Cast: Dora Szinetar, Karoly Eperjes, Endre Katay
Blu-ray in english or german audio with english subs, region B
German Drop Out Bildstörung 2017 bluray edition with DVD extras


Sadly unseen but great indie creature horror with a
delightfully weird Fierman as the scary mythical beast.
It's some sort of a love story too, but beware ... She
mates for life ... Great fun and maybe my favorite horror
of the year 2016. Based on a short film. Shot in 18 days


Direction: Gregg Bishop, production: 2016

Cast: Hannah Fierman, Chase Williamson, Justin Welborn
DVD in english audio with english subs, region 1
US Universal 2016 unrated DVD edition


A brilliant slow-burning horror, darkly atmospheric,
depressing and disturbing. In the cold of winter, at a
northern college for girls evil things starts happening
when young Katherine slips into madness.
Great photo, soundtrack and acting. Osgood Perkins
could be a major genre talent but beware of the ending

The Blackcoat's Daughter

Direction & script: Osgood Perkins, production: US-Canada 2016

Cast: Kiernan Shipka, Emma Roberts, Lucy Boynton
Blu-ray in english audio with english subs, region A
US Lion's Gate 2017 bluray and DVD combo edition


Yes, yes, Ossorio's delightfully trashy La Noche de los
brujos and his masterpiece, Las Garras de Lorelei on a
Blu-ray. Spanish 1970's horror rock and rule.
Leopard bikini's, gore, atmosphere and Helga Liné.
Read my thoughts about these gems below

The Night of the Sorcerers/The Loreley's Grasp

Direction & script: Amando de Ossorio, production: Spain 1974

Cast: Simon Andreau, Bárbara Rey/Helga Line, Tony Kendall
Blu-ray in spanish or english audio with english subs, region A
US Shout! Factory 2017 bluray edition


Spanish horror on the ancient german myth about
the Rhine dwelling creature Lorelei, the murder siren
who rips the heart from young women. Wonderful
enjoyable trashy horror from Blind templar Ossorio.
I love the siren & mermaid myths, just bring them on!

The Loreley's Grasp (Las Garras de Lorelei)

Direction & script: Amando de Ossorio, production: Spain 1972

Cast: Tony Kendall, Helga Line, Loretta Tovar, Silvia Tortosa
DVD in spanish audio with english subs, region free
US BCI Deimos unrated DVD edition -
spanish 1970's horror rules!


Deliriously trashy and funny jungle-vampire women-
exploitation sleaze horror from The Man, El Grande
Ossorio, who gave the world the Blind templars saga.
Vampire leopard women in fur bikinis, you can't get
enough of them can you, or am i a sick puppy?

The Night of the Sorcerers (La Noche de los brujos)

Direction & script: Amando de Ossorio, production: Spain 1974

Cast: Simon Andreau, Kali Hansa, Maria Kosti, Jack Taylor
DVD in spanish or english audio with english subs, region free
US BCI Deimos unrated DVD edition -
spanish 1970's horror rules!


A pitchblack but fascinating and unusual teenage
horror drama where 2 friends finds a living dead
woman tied to a bed in the cellar of an abandoned
hospital. Food for thought about mens, and mans,
capacity for evil, group pressure and sexuality


Direction: Marcel Samiento & Gadi Harel, production: 2008

Cast: Shiloh Fernandez, Noah Segan, Jenny Spain
Blu-ray in english audio with english subs, region A
US Dark Sky Films unrated bluray edition


Absolute Horror Masterpiece. It doesn't get better than
this. Some sort of a love story, but a sick one. Relentlessly
violent, intense, hypnotic about a young taxidermist who
turns to necrophilia when his girlfriend dies.
Great gore from Giannetto De Rossi and a fine soundtrack
CD with Goblin included with this Blu-ray edition

Beyond the Darkness (Buio Omega/Blue Holocaust)

Direction, camera: Aristide Massaccesi, production: Italy 1979

Cast: Kieran Canter, Franca Stoppi, Cinzia Monreale
Blu-ray in italian and english audio with english subs, region ALL
US Severin 2017 bluray edition with extra CD soundtrack


Very impressive directorial debut from El Hombre Lobo
in a dark, opressively so, and atmospheric witchhunt
horror from the 1600's France with Molina/Naschy as
brutal inquisitor Bernard De Fossey. The Spanish
Witchfinder General and Naschy shows he could act

Inquisición (Inquisition)

Direction, script: Jacinto Molina (Paul Naschy), production: Spain 1976

Cast: Jacinto Molina (Paul Naschy), Daniela Giordano
Blu-ray in spanish or english audio with english subtitles, region ALL
US Mondo Macabro 2017 bluray edition


Glorious Spanish gothic vampire horror with Naschy
as Dracula and lots of dripping blood and topless
women. Very enjoyable trashy rendition of the
Dracula legend. Ingrid Garbo and Mirta Miller in the
hallway of the castle was my favourite scene

Count Dracula's Great Love (El Gran amor del conde Dracula)

Direction: Javier Aquirre, production: Spain 1973

Cast: Paul Naschy, Rossana Yanni, Haydee Politoff, Ingrid Garbo
Blu-ray in english or spanish audio with english subs, region ALL
US Vinegar Syndrome 2016 bluray and DVD combo edition


Wow! Spanish 1970's horror rules. Absolutely loved
this occult, bizarre and sleazy horror-drama about a
Madrid couple lured into a mansion of black magic.
Produced and probably co-directed by Juan "Pieces"
Piquer Simon and with gorgeous actresses desnuda

Escalofrío (Satan's Blood/Don't Panic/Schock)

Direction: Carlos Puerte & Juan Piquer Simon, Spain: 1978

Cast: Sandra Alberti, Mariana Karr, Angel Aranda
Blu-ray in spanish or english audio with english subtitles, region B
German Ostalgica bluray Limited 1000 copies 2017 edition

Enigmatic, beautiful and disturbing Psychological
art thriller .... horror .... about 2 children, twins,
living desolate in a house in the countryside with
an unhappy woman who may or may not be their
mother. In my eyes the best horror-thriller of the
latest years. Kids are scary and twins even more so

Ich Seh, Ich Seh (Goodnight Mommy)

Direction & script: Veronika Franz/Severin Fiala, prod: Austria 2014

Cast: Lukas and Elias Schwartz, Susanne Wuest
Blu-ray in german audio with english subs, region B
German Koch Media bluray edition


Cannibal Girls vs. Bad Guys at the outskirts of town.
Very intense and controversial Chilean survival in the
woods horror. A nasty, bloody, a bit trashy but also
darkly comical orgy of violence that surprised me with
it's tremendous Pulse. Incest, murder and cannibalism

Hidden in the Woods (En las Afueras de la Ciudad)

Direction, edit, co-script: Patricio Valladares, prod: Chile 2012

Cast: Siboney Lo, Carolina Escobar, Daniel Antevilo
DVD in spanish with english subtitles, region free?
US Artsploitation Films DVD edition


A Hammer production and a Great atmospherical
and suspenseful crime-thriller with the lovely Susan
Strasberg as a wheelchair bound rich young woman
visiting her stepmother on the Riviera. Hammer goes
Hitchcock and Christopher Lee plays a doctor

Taste of Fear (Scream of Fear/Ein toter spielt klavier)

Direction: Seth Holt, production: England 1961

Cast: Susan Strasberg, Ronald Lewis, Ann Todd, Christopher Lee
DVD in english with english and swedish subs, region 2
German Sony Pictures 2016 DVD edition, black & white


Quite funny and smart horror-comedy where a
couple of youngsters attending a slasher film nerd
showing of the 1986 cult favourite "Camp Bloodbath"
is drawn into the film and has to use all means to stay
alive for 92 minutes until the credits roll. Will there be
a Final Girl, a virgin to kill the slasher maniac ?

The Final Girls

Direction: Todd Strauss-Schulson, production: 2015

Cast: Malin Åkerman, Taissa Farmiga, Thomas Middleditch
Blu-ray in english with swedish or english subtitles, region ALL
Nordic Sony Pictures bluray edition



A slow but atmospherical and unusual greek art-
horror. Clever and interesting low budget indie
about a woman turning men to stone all over Greece.
Is she Medusa, the Gorgon monster from the ancient
greek myth? A pretty great little crime-horror


Direction & script: George Lazopoulos, production: Greece 1998

Cast: Eleni Felini, Thanos Amorgini, Bana Pamnota
DVD in greek with english subtitles, region free
US Mondo Macabro unrated DVD edition


GREAT crime thriller about snuff movies in a Spanish
university. Very enjoyable murder mystery and almost
a giallo in the feature film debut from Amenábar, and
with that rare pulse to it. Very un-Spanish which is great
as i dislike their boring mainstream vibes to genre films

Tesis (Thesis/Snuff-Movie)

Direction & script: Alejandro Amenábar, production: Spain 1996

Cast: Ana Torrent, Fele Martinez, Eduardo Noriega
Blu-ray in spanish with english subtitles, region ALL
US Tanelorn Films bluray edition


Serrador's very atmospheric horror masterpiece
about murders in a french boarding school at the
beginning of the 1900's. The Mother of all Boarding
school horrors and inspired Darios Suspiria for sure.
At last in a as complete as possible dvd edition

La Residencia (Fruktans skri/Das Versteck: Angst und mord im
mädcheninternat/The House that screamed/The Boarding school)

Direction: Narciso Ibáñez Serrador, production: Spain 1969
Cast: Lilli Palmer, Christina Galbo, Mary Maude
DVD in english audio, region free
German Colosseo Film DVD edition


Psychological horror thriller with lots of atmosphere
about a mentally fragile woman inviting a friend to
her big house in the country. But there are strange
sounds in the night and someone seems to be locked
into the attic. Beautifully shot with autumn colors


Direction, co-script: José Ramón Larraz, prod: UK-Belgium 1973

Cast: Angela Pleasance, Lorna Heilbron, Peter Vaughan
Blu-ray in english audio, region ALL
US Mondo Macabro bluray unrated edition


An inspired and exciting indie treatment of the
demonry saga with a GREAT Henry Rollins as
the middle-age loner Jack. He just wants to be
alone and sleep .... But, annoying gangsters
keep popping up. Horror drama crime action

He Never Died

Direction: Jason Krawczyk, co-prod. Henry Rollins 2015

Cast: Henry Rollins, Kate Greenhouse, Jordan Todosey
DVD in english audio with english subtitles, region 1
US Vertical Entertainment 2015 DVD edition


Strong stuff. Infamous Austrian artmovie
psycho horror about a maniac attacking a house.
Intense, depressing, nasty and very well made.
All the more disturbing as it's based on a real
crime case and with narration from a sick mind

Angst (Schizophrenia)

Direction: Gerald Kargl, production: Austria 1983

Cast: Erwin Leder, Silvia Rabenreither
Blu-ray in german audio with english subtitles, region ALL
US Cult Epics bluray unrated 2015 edition


Stage Fright revisited.
Great Bava-esque body count slasher and Soavi
direction debut. Lowbudget but slick looking with
an impressive Nasty looking Owl-headed murderer
Very 1980's and some bad actors but still Very Good

Stage Fright (Deliria/Bloody Bird/Aquarious)

Direction: Michele Soavi, production: 1987

Cast: David Brandon, Barbara Cupisti, Mary Sellers
Blu-ray and DVD combo in english audio, region B and region 2
UK Exposure Cinema bluray and DVD edition


Some sort of a Christmas tale, but with party
guests turned zombies and an annoyed janitor.
A Fun and minimalistic indie horror where our
nameless anti-hero has to hide in a toilet stall
read more on the picture link


Direction: Christian James, production: UK 2013

Cast: Dan Palmer, Antonia Bernath, Tamaryn Payne
DVD in english audio , region 1
US Phase 4 Films unrated DVD edition


Bizarre but funny film about the chaos that Hit
the filming of The Island of Dr. Moreau and how
the dream of talented artist Richard Stanley
was lost in a quagmire of producers, economy,
star egos and jungle. read more on the picture link

Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's
Island of Dr. Moreau

Direction: David Gregory, production: 2014

DVD in english audio with english subs, region free
US Severin Films unrated DVD edition


Delirium. Artmovie and crime horror in a very
strange take on the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde saga.
Great photo. Is this film art ? Is this a turd wrapped
in glossy paper ? I'm not sure. Interesting though
and they just don't make them like this anymore

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Miss Osbourne (Docteur
Jekyll et les Femmes/The Blood of Doctor Jekyll/Dr. Jekyll and His Women)

Direction, script etc.: Walerian Borowczyk, production: France 1981

Cast: Udo Kier, Marina Pierro, Gérard Zalcberg, Howard Vernon
Blu-ray in french or english audio with english subs, region ABC
UK Arrow Academy bluray and DVD edition 2 disc edition


A Surprisingly good low-budget indie slasher
with it's own style even though being slightly retro.
Who's killing people with a baseball bat. It's Billy,
but how to stop him ? Just fine US indie horror

Billy Club

Direction, script, production: Drew Rosas and Nick Sommer: USA 2014

Cast: Erin Hammond, Nick Sommer, Marshall Caswell
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Phase 4 Films unrated DVD edition


Great Stuff !! A Very entertaining Kiwi horror-
comedy where Kylie (Young adult?) has to live
with her mother and somebody is moving
within the walls, in a house where a murder
occurred 20 years earlier


Direction, script: Gerard Johnstone, production: New Zeeland 2014

Cast: Morgana O'Reilly, Rima Te Wiata, Glen-Paul Waru
DVD in english audio, region 1
US XLRator Media unrated DVD edition


Gothic horror with the always fascinating
Barbara Steele as a too young wife planning
to murder her husband. The sequel to Freda's
The Horrible Dr. Hitchcock and with a too dark
picture to be really enjoyable

The Ghost (Lo Spettro/The Spectre) / Dead Eyes of London

Direction: Riccardo Freda, prod: Italy 1963 (Dead Eyes, see Giallo 2)

Cast: Barbara Steele, Elio Jotta, Peter Baldwin
DVD in english audio, region free
US RetroMedia unrated DVD edition


One of my absolute horror favourites in 2014,
i just loved it. Atmospherical, nice photo, great
exotic locations and OK acting when a quintet
visits a forgotten nazi-camp island prison and
meets a Mermaid and her nasty old guardian

Nymph / Killer Mermaid (Mamula)

Direction: Milan Todorovic, production: Serbien-Monte Negro 2014

Cast: Dragan Micanovic, Kristina Klebe, Franco Nero
Blu-ray in english audio with english subs, region B
German Splendid Film bluray edition


Extremely violent and intense crime-horror from
the much talked about Indonesian The Mo
Brothers, or Kimo Stamboel & Timo Tjahjanto
Japanese serial killer vs. indonesian snuff surfer


Direction & script: The Mo Brothers, prod: Indonesia/Japan 2014

Cast: Kazuki Kitamura, Oka Antara, Rin Takahashi
Blu-ray in indonesian, japanese audio with english subs, region B
UK Lion's Gate bluray edition


Absolute horror favourite of mine about German
ockultism on the Channel islands during WW2.
Low budget horror at it's glorious best. Minimalistic
well acted with tons of atmosphere and intensity

The Devil's Rock

Direction & script: Paul Campion, production. New Zeeland 2011

Cast: Craig Hall, Matthew Sunderland, Gina Varela
Blu-ray in english audio, region free B
German Great Films bluray edition


A Big surprise, but the re-make of the old nasty slasher
classic with Joe Spinell ie really good and ditto nasty.
Slicker and not as gritty but with it's own style and the
little mild Elijah Wood is yet again brilliant as a psycho-
path (also in Sin City). In the Psychopath Hall of Fame


Direction: Frank Khalfoun, production: USA/France 2012

Cast: Elijah Wood, Nora Arnezeder, Genevieve Alexandra
Blu-rayin english audio with swedish subs, region B
Swedish Studio S Entertainment bluray edition


MASTERPIECE and could possibly be the best film
ever made. Apocalyptic family relations horror-drama
with a hallucinatory surreal quality. About a separation
and bleak in the vicinity of the Berlin Wall. Unique and
like no other film ever made. Isabelle Ajani rocks


Direction & co-script: Andrzej Zulawski, production: 1981

Cast: Isabelle Adjani, Sam Neill 1, The Creature - Sam Neill 2
Blu-ray in english audio, region B
UK Second Sight bluray edition


Cyberpunk meets Outpost in the WW2 version of
The Monster of Frankenstein. Absolutely wild and
weird when Raaphorst creations are let loose in a
bizarre war horror with fun gore. Have to be seen
to be believed. Hieronymus Bosch meets WW2

Frankenstein's Army

Direction: Richard Raaphorst, prod: Holland-Czechia-USA 2013

Cast: Karel Roden, Alexander Mercury, Robert Gwilyum
DVD in english audio and some german , region ?
US Dark Sky Films DVD edition


Great aussie entry to the well trodden backwoods
psycho maniac genre. Three young tourists, 2
british girls and one aussie are going to visit
The Wolf Creek crater when they meet the friendly
and seemingly jovial local Mick Taylor

Wolf Creek 1-2

Direction, script, prod: Georg McLean, Australia 2006/2014

Cast: John Jarratt, Cassandra Magrath, Kestie Morassi
Blu-ray in english audio, region free or B
UK Optimum Releasing bluray edition


Very atmospheric about an italian businessman
in the timber trade lost in the woods of Jugoslavia
where he meets a cursed family and Undead.
Based on the Tolstoy story The Wurdalak

The Night of the Devils (La Notte dei diavoli)

Direction: Giorgio Ferroni, production: Italy 1972

Cast: Gianni Garko, Agostina Belli, Maria Monti
DVD in italian or english audio with english subs, region free
US Raro Video 2012 unrated DVD edition


Not very good psycho-horror with an exploitation
feeling and some black humour about the weird
nurse Abby who's murdering men
Is it good? Not really. Is it entertaining ? Yes, for some
of us lost souls. Paz is memorable or .... strange


Direction & co-script: Doug Aarniokoski, prod: USA 2013

Cast: Paz de la Huerta, Katrina Bowden, Judd Nelson
DVD in english audio with english subs, region 1
US Lions Gate DVD edition


WW2 Zombie horror action about the hunt for some
electro-magnetic machine deep into eastern europe.
Trashy BUT enjoyable and with an appropriate dark
atmosphere and the nazi zombies are ultra nasty
WW2 Horror - a new and entertaining genre

Outpost: Black Sun / Outpost (2008)

Direction & script: Steve Barker, production: 2011

Cast. Catherine Steadman, Richard Coyle
DVD in english audio, region 1
US XLRator Media unrated DVD edition


An Original take on the somewhat worn by now
Undead theme in an entertaining horror-comedy.
It takes some time, but during the 2nd half there's
plenty of pace and action when Zombie vigilante
gunslingers go rampage

The Revenant

Direction, script and production: Kerry Prior 2011

Cast: David Anders, Chris Wylde, Louise Griffiths
DVD in english audio with english subs, region 2
UK Universal DVD edition





Lovorden stämmer, det här var bra.
Genrehyllning utan pretentioner som trots clichéer
överraskar den mest rutinerade filmräv - inte illa.
Samuel's acting was impressive
läs mer på bildlänken

The Loved Ones

Regi & script: Sean Byrne, production: Australien 2009

Cast: Xavier Samuel, Robin McLeavy, John Brumpton
DVD in english audio with english subs, region 2
UK Optimum Home Entertainment DVD edition


Märkligt psykologiskt horror/crime-drama om en
avmagrad hallucinerande verkstadsarbetare som
inte sovit på ett år.
Christian Bale is hypnotic in the main role
läs mer på bildlänken

The Machinist

Direction: Brad Anderson, production: US - Spain 2004

Cast: Christian Bale, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Michael Ironside
DVD in english audio with english subs, region 1
US Paramount R-rated DVD edition


Tidigare ett underskattat och bortglömt horror-
drama, men inte så längre då den är med på många
horror topplistor. Störande atmosfär och psykisk
press när ett arbetslag ska sanera ett nedlagt
mentalsjukhus. läs mer på bildlänken

Session 9

Direction, script, edit: Brad Anderson, production: 2001

Cast: Peter Mullan, David Caruso, Josh Lucas
DVD in english audio, region 2
UK Universal DVD edition


Mainstream horror-thriller i Evil Child genren som
lyfter pga de strålande skådisarna och som jag
missade 2009. The Bad Seed meets Murderer
läs mer på bildlänken om filmen och boken

Orphan ... / .... The Bad Seed

Direction: Jaume Collet-Serra, production: 2009
The Bad Seed: Författare: William March 1954
Cast: Isabelle Fuhrman, Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard
DVD in english audio with english subs, region 2
Svensk Warner Brothers DVD edition


Obskyr briljant brittisk Black Magic horror.
Professor upptäcker att frun använder magi för att
skydda dem.
Statyscenen, ja den använde Dario i Suspiria
läs absolut mer på bildlänken

Burn, Witch, Burn (Night of the Eagle)
A Horror Masterpiece Lost in the Blåst

Direction: Sidney Hayers, script: Richard Matheson, prod: 1962
Cast: Janet Blair, Peter Wyngarde, Margaret Johnston
DVD in english audio, region 1
US MGM unrated limited 2011 DVD edition


Lågbudget slasher med kultrykte om campfire-
legenden Madman Marz. En i raden av trashiga
Friday the 13th kloner, men yx-freaken Marz
riktigt coolt ryslig som psykopat
läs mer på bildlänken


Direction & script: Joe Giannone, production 1981

Cast: Paul Ehlers, Carl Fredericks, Harriet Bass
DVD in english audio , region free
US Code Red 30 Year Anniversary DVD edition


Atmosfärisk brittisk lågbudgethorror om
satanism i ett litet samhälle i New England.
En kvinnlig student reser till Whitewood för
studier av den lokala häxlegenden
läs mer på bildlänken

The City of the Dead (Horror Hotel)

Direction: John Moxey, production: 1960

Cast: Venetia Stevenson, Christopher Lee, Betta St. John
DVD in english audio, black & white, region free
US VCI Entertainment unrated DVD edition


Detta mina damer och herrar är inget annat än ....
trumvirvel .... WIP filmerna Rolls Royce.
En klockren sleaze-bomb, kopiöst trashig och
med glimten i ögat. Efter många års väntan nu
äntligen på DVD. läs mycket mer på bildlänken

Chained Heat /Red Heat/Jungle Warriors

Direction: Paul Nicolas, production: 1983

Cast: Linda Blair, Sybil Danning, John Vernon, Monique Gabrielle
DVD in english audio, region free
US Panik House Entertainment unrated 2-disc DVD edition


Fågelskrämmor är läskiga. Effektiv och atmosfärisk
Made For TV Horror med kultrykte. Ett brott har
begåtts och fyra män fruktar hämnd från fågelskrämma
läs mer på bildlänken

Dark Night of the Scarecrow

Direction: Frank De Felitta, production: 1981

Cast: Charles Durning, Tonia Crow, Larry Drake
DVD in english audio, region free
US VCI Entertainment 2010 DVD edition


Grå-blått artmovie-dyster, en stark psykologisk
horror-thriller om hämnd när en far får tag i sin
dotters mördare. Filosofiskt om brott och veder-
gällning och Feel Bad Nasty
läs mer på bildlänken

7 Days (Les Sept jours du talion)

Direction: Daniel Grou (Podz), production: 2009

Cast: Claude Legault, Rémy Girard, Martin Dubreil
DVD in french audio with english subs, region 1
US IFC Films unrated DVD edition


WOW! I'm speechless and in Awe of this unhinged
and inspired effort of lunacy. A Great crime-horror
with bizarre trips, demented sex and cool gore.
Superior filmmaking and genius indie paranoia

Someone's Knocking At The Door

Direction, script and production: Chad Ferrin 2008

Cast: Noah Segan, Andrea Rueda, Sylvia Spross
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Vicious Circle Films unrated DVD edition


Mer Chad Ferrin:
Hans första från 1999 om en incestuös
seriemördare och genombrottet, den originellt
innovativa EBKK från 2006
läs mer på bildlänken

Easter Bunny Kill! Kill! och Unspeakable

Direction & script: Chad Ferrin, produktion 1999 & 2006

Cast: Roger Cline, Leigh Silver/Ricardo Gray, Timothy Muskatell
DVD in english audio, region free & region 1
US Vicious Circle Films unrated DVD edition


Förmodad slasher som twistar till det rejält när
collegetjej sitter barnvakt på landet. Inspirerat
vrickad och en riktigt originell lågbudget
läs mer på bildlänken

Babysitter Wanted

Direction: M. Manasseri & Jonas Barnes, prod: 2008-2009

Cast: Sarah Thompson, Bruce Thomas, Bill Moseley
DVD in english audio with english subs, region 1
US Big Screen Entertainment R-rated DVD edition


Djupt imponerad. En mycket välgjord och genuint
spännande norsk slasher i högfjälls-miljö. Kul.
Norge visar att det faktiskt går att göra en horror
som står sig fullt ut i internationell konkurrens
Fantastiska miljöer och hotellet i sig imponerar

Fritt Vilt (Cold Prey)

Direction: Roar Uthaug, production: 2006 Norge

Cast: Ingrid Bolsö Berdal, Rolf Kristian Larsen, Rune Melby
DVD in norwegian audio with english subs, region 1
US Anchor Bay unrated DVD edition


R.I.P. Jacinto Molina Álvarez
alias Paul Naschy 1934-2009

Den spanska horrorfilmen personifierad. En djupt sympatisk eldsjäl
som brann för den klassiska skräckfilmsgenren, som ända in i det
sista ställde upp på intervjuer och talade om sin kärlek till en miss-
förstådd genre. Mest känd för sina många roller som El Hombre
Lobo. El Grande. En skräckfilmshjälte


Naschy är mycket bra i en underhållande
variant på Frankensteins monster och The Beauty
and the Beast och prisbelönades också för rollen.
Aningen trashigt men på helt rätt sätt
läs mycket mer på bildlänken

El Jorobado de la Morgue (The Hunchback of the Morgue)

Direction: Javier Aquirre, co-script: Jacinto Molina, prod: 1972

Cast: Paul Naschy, Maria Perschy, Rossana Yanni
DVD in spanish audio with english subs, region free
US Mya Communication DVD edition


Hyfsat kul spansk B-horror om ett arv, en nekrofil
dödgrävare, om levande döda och med ett visst
kultrykte. kommentar, intervjuer m.m.
läs mer på bildlänken

The Hanging Woman (La Orgia de los muertos)

Direction: José Luis Merino, production: 1972-1973

Cast: Stelvio Rosi, Maria Pia Conte, Paul Naschy
DVD in englsih audio, region ?
US Troma Retro DVD edition


Alla vi Oldboys som var små på 1960-talet minns
denna idag obskyra nästan mytiska franska TV serie.
Min första horror-upplevelse, skrämde vettet ur mig
när den gick på svensk TV 1966. Belphegor ... ryys
läs absolut mer på bildlänken

Belphégor - Le Fantome du Louvre (Phantom of the Louvre/
Spöket på Louvren)

French 1965 TV series och nyversion av Jean-Paul Salomé 2001

Cast: 1965 bl a Juliette Gréco/2001- Sophie Marceau, Michel Serrault
DVD -1965 med franskt tal utan subs/2001 franskt tal och engelsk text
Fransk och tysk utgåva och 2001 US Lion's Gate DVD edition


Briljant och en absolut "borde vara" psycho-horror
klassiker. Suveräna skådisar och puls i en intelligent
horror som har klass
läs mer på bildlänken

Alone in the Dark

Direction & script: Jack Sholder, produkction: 1982

Cast: Jack Palance, Martin Landau, Donald Pleasance
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Image Entertainment DVD edition


Legenden om Erszebet Bathory, den blodiga
grevinnan, ambitiöst av Grau. Filmen i sig är
nästan en legend och detta är efterlängtat dvd
släpp fast bara i sådär kvalitet från Mya
läs mer på bildlänken

Ceremonia Sangrienta (The Legend of Blood Castle/Countess
Dracula/The Female Butcher/Bloody Ceremony/Lady Dracula)

Direction: Jorge Grau, production: 1972
Cast: Lucía Bose, Espartaco Santoni, Ewa Aulin
DVD in english audio, region free
US Mya Communication DVD edition


Bra gotisk kriminalhorror med en lysande Steele
som grevinna besatt av ondska
En riktig horror pärla + en gotisk horror
av Margheriti. läs mer på bildlänken

Un Angelo per Satana (An Angel for Satan)/The Long Hair
of Death/ I Lunghi capelli della morte)

Direction: Camillo Mastrocinque, prod: 1966 /A. Margheriti 1964
Cast: Barbara Steele, Anthony Steffen, Claudio Gora
DVD in italian audio (film 1) with english subs, region free
US Midnight Choir-Ryko DVD edition


En av Jess allra bästa och blodigaste.
En slasher eller rentav en spansk Giallo med
bl.a. en berömd cirkelsågsritt, yuck!
läs absolut mer på bildlänken

Bloody Moon (Die Säge des Todes)

Direction: Jesús "Jess" Franco, production: 1981

Cast: Olivia Pascal, Christopher Moosbrugger, Maria Rubio
DVD in english audio, region free
US Severin unrated DVD edition - spansk 80-tals horror rules!


Kult- och egen favorit från spanske Larraz.
En vampyrfilm som lyckas vara både genuint
som Englands-regnigt atmosfärisk

med vackra Morris och Anulka. kommentar Larraz
läs absolut mer på bildlänken

Vampyres (Daughters of Dracula/The Vampyre Orgy)

Direction: José (Joseph) Larraz, production: 1974

Cast: Marianne Morris, Anulka Dziubinska, Murray Brown
DVD in english audio, region free
US Blue Underground unrated DVD edition


Underbart elak spansk sleaze-psycho slasher
och kultfavorit från guldtiden där en motorsågs-
mördare ger sig på skolelever. Fin utgåva med
massor av extramaterial på disc 2
läs mer på bildlänken

Pieces (Mil gritos tiene la noche/1000 Cries Has the Night)

Direction: Juan Piquer Simon, production Dick Randall 1981

Cast: Lynda Day George, Edmund Purdom, Paul Smith
DVD in english or spanish audio with english subs, region free
US Grindhouse Releasing unrated
2 disc DVD edition


Mycket underhållande brittisk svart magi slasher-
horror med sensationellt slickat bra Gore
samt en småtrist svart magi horror
läs mer på bildlänken

Terror/Satan's Slave (Grindhouse Double Feature)

Direction: Norman J. Warren, production: England 1978/1976

Cast: Carolyn Courage, John Nolan/Michael Gough
DVD in english audio, region 1
US BCI Deimos DVD edition


Ryske särlingen Iskanov's 4 timmar långa
helvetes-skildring av Japans grova krigs-
förbrytelser i Kina i enhet 731 under WW2
och under ockupationen
läs mer på bildlänken

Philosophy of a Knife - Warning, this film bites!

Direction, script, production: Andrey Iskanov 2008

Cast: Tetsuro Sakagami, Elena Probatova, Tomoya Okamoto
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Unearthed unrated DVD edition


2 briljanta vampyrhorrors, dels en fin belgisk
arthorror, dels en sensuell och atmosfärisk
spansk horrorpärla. kommentarspår m.m.
läs absolut mer på bildlänken

Daughters of Darkness (La Rouge aux lèvres) /
The Blood Spattered Bride
(La Novia ensangretada)

Direction: Harry Kuemel/Vincente Aranda, production: 1971/1972
Cast: Delphine Seyrig, Daniele Quimet/Maribel Martín
DVD in english audio, region free
US Blue Underground unrated 2 disc DVD edition


Våldsamt och mycket bisarrt när ett sällskap i en
villa plötsligt attackeras av etruskiska Zombies.
Kultskräck med den berömda Bark-tuggan på
Giordani's tutte. intervjuer
läs absolut mer på bildlänken

Burial Ground (Le Notti del terrore/Zombie 3)

Direction: Andrea Bianchi, production: Italien 1980

Cast: Maria Angela Giordani, Peter Bark
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Shriek Show unrated DVD edition


Underhållande trash-sleaze horror om en man i koma
som orsakar snaskiga dödsfall via ESP krafter.
Sleaze från guldåldern. Med den famösa Giordano
spett scenen. läs absolut mer på bildlänken

Patrick Still Lives (Patrick vive ancora/Patrick is Still Alive)

Direction: Mario Landi, production: 1980

Cast: Maria Angela Giordano, Carmen Russo, Gianni Dei
DVD in italian audio with english subs, region 1
US Shriek Show unrated DVD edition -
Uncut with That scene


Brian De Palma

The Twelve Magic Years 1972-1984


De Palmas sista bra film innan mainstream-träsket
slukade honom. En briljant sensuell thriller där han
Hitchcock's Hitchcock och med en lysande Craig
Wasson som arbetslös skådis. Visuellt fyrverkeri
förstås och humor i egensinnigt udda film

Body Double

Direction: Brian De Palma, production: 1984

Cast: Craig Wasson, Melanie Griffith, Deborah Shelton
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Columbia DVD special edition


Våldsam och underhållande De Palma klassiker om
en rakknivs-mördare och från hans geniala inspirerade
tid av filmande. Making of m.m .
läs absolut mer på bildlänken

Dressed to Kill (special unrated edition)

Direction: Brian De Palma, production: 1980

Cast: Michael Caine, Nancy Allen, Angie Dickinson
DVD in english audio, region 1
US MGM unrated DVD edition


Sjövilt underhållande ESP-thriller i De Palmas trash-
sköna mästerverk. Med Amy Irving i filmhistoriens
kanske mest genialt utflippade slutscen.
läs mycket mer på bildlänken. Stor personlig favorit

The Fury (svensk titel: Mardrömsjakten)

Direction: Brian De Palma, production: 1978

Cast: Amy Irving, Kirk Douglas, John Cassavetes
Blu-ray in english audio with english subs, region B
UK Arrow Video bluray edition


Tidig visuellt läcker horror-thriller av De Palma,
1970-tals mästaren, om mord, systrar och galenskap
Filmen som sparkade igång 12 år av kreativt, visu-
ellt sprakande och personligt filmskapande
läs mer på bildlänken

Sisters (US Criterion Collection)

Direction: Brian De Palma, production: 1972

Cast: Margot Kidder, Jennifer Salt, William Finley
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Criterion DVD edition


De Palmas great and quirky rock-pop-opera
on Faust is still delightfully eccentric today.
Paul Williams ST is a great listening too.
A maximum 10 on the Cult-O-Meter
läs mer på bildlänken

Phantom of the Paradise

Direction & script: Brian De Palma, production: 1974

Cast: William Finley, Jessica Harper, Paul Williams
Blu-ray in english audio with english subs, region B
UK Arrow bluray edition



Mörkt atmosfärisk klassiker från 1600-
talet och inbördeskrigets England
med Price som ondskefull häxjägare.
Med kommentarspår.
läs mer på bildlänken

The Witchfinder General (The Conqueror Worm)

Direction: Michael Reeves, production: 1968

Cast: Vincent Price, Ian Ogilvy, Rupert Davies
DVD in english audio, region 1
US MGM unrated DVD edition


Atmosfär, sex och död när onde adelsmannen
Alaric de Marnac återuppstår från de döda.
Med kommentarspår textsheet
läs mer på bildlänken

Horror Rises From the Tomb (El Espanto surge de la tumba)

Direction: Carlos Aured , Script: Paul Naschy, prod: Spain 1972

Cast: Paul Naschy, Emma Cohen, Helga Line
DVD in spanish audio with english subs, region ?
US BCI Deimos unrated edition -
Paul Naschy dec.2009 R.I.P.


Bra atmosfärisk horror där ett turistpar hamnar
på en spansk ö utan några vuxna, men med
mängder av hotfulla barn. Apokalyptisk stämning
läs mer på bildlänken

Who Can Kill a Child? (Quien puede matar a un niño/
Island of the Damned/Island of Death/Would You Kill a Child)

Direction: Narciso Ibáñez Serrador, production: Spanien 1975
Cast: Lewis Fiander, Prunella Ransome, Maria Durille
DVD in english or spanish audio with english subs, region 1
US Dark Sky unrated DVD edition - spanish 70-tals horror rules!


Waldemar Daninsky is Back! Nu med blodiga
grevinnan Bathory och sina vampiressor.
Med introduktion av El Hombre Lobo himself
läs mer på bildlänken
Från tiden när fina BCI spottade ut spanska pärlor

The Night of the Werewolf (El Retorno del hombre lobo)

Direction : Paul Naschy (Jacinto Molina), production: Spain 1980

Cast: Paul Naschy, Silvia Aguilar, Julia Saly, Azucena Hernandez
DVD in english or spanish audio, region ?
US BCI Deimos DVD edition - Paul Naschy december 2009 R.I.P.


Atmosfärisk spansk horror klassiker.
De döda riddarna måste vara bland
de unikaste figurerna i filmhistorien
Mer info- se under Blind Dead
Collection boxen nedan

La Noche del Terror Ciego (Tombs of the Blind Dead)

Direction: Amando de Ossorio, production: Spain 1971

Cast: Oscar Burner/Tony Kendall/Maria Perschy/Maria Kosti
DVD in english or spanish audio, region 1
US Blue Underground unrated DVD edition


Alla fyra filmerna samt en DVD med
bioinfo om Ossorio, 40 sidigt häfte.
läs mer om innehållet och filmerna
via bildlänken till vänster

The Blind Dead Collection (5 DVD BOX)

Direction: Amando de Ossorio, prod: Spanien 1971-1975, 2005

Cast: Oscar Burner/Tony Kendall/Maria Perschy/Maria Kosti
DVD in english or spanish audio, region 1
US Blue Underground unrated DVD edition


Trashig Campus B-slasher där psyko-
mördare startar en dödsvåg bland
universitets-ungdomarna.... förstås.
läs mer på bildlänken

Splatter University

Direction: Richard Haines, production: 1984

Cast: Francine Forbes, Cathy Lacommare, Denise Texeira
DVD in english audio, region ?
US Elite Entertainment DVD edition


Welcome to Potters Bluff - Not!
Bra zombiehorror i fiskeby-miljö från
begåvade Gary "Raw Meat" Sherman
Med hela 3 kommentarspår
läs mer på bildlänken

Dead and Buried

Direction: Gary Sherman, production: 1981

Cast: James Farentino, Melody Anderson, Jack Albertson
DVD in english audio, region free
US Blue Underground DVD edition


Briljant atmosfärisk debut om ättlingar till de
instängda 1800-talsarbetare som överlevt
olyckan i London Metro och sedan blivit
kannibaler. Insp. många som The Descent
Briljant men orättvist bortglömd klassiker

Raw Meat (Death Line)

Direction: Gary Sherman, production: 1972

Cast: David Ladd, Sharon Gurney, Donald Pleasance
DVD in english audio, region 1
US MGM DVD edition


Min Mattei kalkonfavorit, en kul
post-apokalyptisk sci-fi horror om
människoätande råttor med ett bra
twistslut. Med en intervju Mattei.
läs mer på bildlänken

Rats: Night of Terror (Ratti: Notte di terrore)

Direction: Bruno Mattei, production: 1984

Cast: Richard Raymond, Janna Ryan, Richard Cross
DVD in english audio, region free
US Blue Underground unrated DVD edition


Båtturister besöker isolerad grekisk ö
och har lite otur, möter en kannibal.
En utmärkt D'Amato dokumentär
disc 2. läs mer på bildlänken

Anthropophagus - The Grim Reaper

Direction: Joe D'Amato (Aristide Massaccesi), production: 1981

Cast: George Eastman, Tisa Farrow, Serena Grandi, Zora Kerova
DVD in english or italian audio with english subs, region 1
US Shriek Show 2 disc unrated DVD edition


Atmosfärisk mexikansk horror som baserats på
legenden om La Llorona, gråtande kvinnan.
Nyrestaurerad finfin kopia med en booklet och
ett kommentarspår. läs mer på bildlänken

La Maldición de la Llorona (Curse of the Crying Woman)
Mexican 60's horror rules!

Direction : Rafael Baledon, produktion: Mexico 1961
Cast: Rosita Arenas, Abel Salazar, Beatriz Bustamente
DVD in spanish audio with english subs, b&w, region 1
US Panik House Casa Negra unrated DVD edition


Mycket välgjord spännande horror-slasher.
En klassiker som blev mallen för den våg
av slashers som kom att följa. Briljant!
läs mer på bildlänken

Black Christmas (Silent Night,Evil Night/
Stranger in the House)

Direction: Bob Clarke, production: 1974
Cast: Olivia Hussey, Margot Kidder, John Saxon
DVD in english audio, region ?
US Somerville House R-rated DVD edition


Sydafrikansk kulthorror där kvinna på vift tar
upp liftare, seriemördare och demon. Massor av
extramaterial och några helt fantastiska
samt soundtrack
läs mer på bildlänken

Dust Devil (5 disc edition-limiterad i 9999 exemplar)

Direction: Richard Stanley, production: RSA 1992

Cast: Chelsea Field, Richard John Burke, Zakes Mokae
DVD in english audio, region ?
US Subversive Cinema unrated 5 DVD disc box collection


D'Amatos mest skandalösa film? Softcore,
snuff, hardcore i osannolik D'Amato mix.
intervju med The Man och med Laura Gemser
läs mer på bildlänken

Emanuelle in America (Emanuella nera in America/
Brutal Nights)

Direction : Joe D'Amato (Aristide Massaccesi), production: 1976
Cast: Laura Gemser (Moira Chen), Gabriele Tinti, Paola Senatore
DVD in english audio(or italian/french), region free
US Blue Underground unrated DVD edition


Mexikanskt horror mästerverk om en läkare
som återvänder från de döda. Förvånansvärt
atmosfäriskt vacker och drömlikt poetisk.
Kanske den bästa mexikanska horrorfilmen ?
läs absolut mer på bildlänken

Misterios de Ultratumba (The Black Pit of Dr.M)
Mexikansk 60-tals horror rules!

Direction : Fernando Méndez, production: Mexico 1959
Cast: Rafael Bertrand, Mapita Cortéz, Carlos Ancira, Antonio Raxel
DVD in spanish audio with english subs, black & white, region 1
US Panik House Casa Negra unrated DVD edition


Visuellt hänförande horror-melodrama artmovie
lågbudget mästerverk med imponerande voodoo
scener, samt en läkare som köper lik i klassiska
The Body Snatcher. 2 kommentarspår och 2
Horror-mästerverk. läs mer på bildlänken

I Walked With a Zombie / The Body Snatcher

Direction: Jaques Tourneur/Robert Wise, production: 1943/1945

Cast: Frances Dee, James Ellison/Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1
US WB unrated DVD edition


Den alltid magnifika brasilianskan Florinda
Bolkan är en upprorisk 1400-tals-nunna i en
slickat atmosfärisk Nunsploitation Sleaze
horror. Bolkan, en stor personlig favorit
läs mer på bildlänken

Flavia the Heretic (La Monaca musulmana/Flavia
Priestess of Violence)

Direction: Gianfranco Mingozzi, production: 1974
Cast: Florinda Bolkan, Maria Casares
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Synapse unrated DVD edition


Inspirerat vrickad kulthorror där man
bär runt på psycho-siames-tvilling i
korg. kommentarspår m.m.
läs mer på bildlänken

Basket Case

Direction: Frank Henenlotter, production: 1981

Cast: Kevin Van Hentenryck, Terri Susan Smith, Beverly Bonner
DVD in english audio, region free
US Something Weird Video unrated DVD edition


Två atmosfäriska genrehöjdare i samma utgåva,
Wow! Dels en flamländsk saga om en väderkvarn
med ett makabert dockspel i variant på House of
Wax och dels en av Jess allra bästa filmer med
läckert svart-vitt foto och ton av atmosfär

Mill of the Stone Women (Il Mulino delle donne di pietra)/
The Diabolical Dr Z
(Miss Muerto)

Direction : Giorgio Ferroni, prod: 1960/direction: Jess Franco 1965
Cast: Pierre Brice, Scilla Gabel, Wolfgang Preiss
DVD in french audio with english subs, color/b&w, region free
US Mondo Macabro unrated 2 disc DVD edition


Bra och sensationellt nog en seriöst och välgjord
historisk drama-horror om häxjakt i 1680-talets
England. Mörkt och vibrerande av ondska med
Lee i en av sina bästa roller och naturligtvis en
av Jess bästa filmer. läs absolut mer på bildlänken

The Bloody Judge (Der Hexentoeter von Blackmoor)

Direction: Jesús Franco, production: 1969

Cast: Christopher Lee, Maria Rohm, Howard Vernon
DVD in english audio, region free
US Blue Underground unrated DVD edition


Sadistisk men läckert filmad häxjakts- horror
och en legendarisk Nastie. Med kommentarspår
och intervjuer. Reggie Nalder som leading man i
en romantisk roll .... ha, ha, nä knappast, med det
ansiktet fick det bli roller som mördare antar jag
läs mer på bildlänken

Mark of the Devil (Hexen bis aufs Blut Gequaelt/
Brenn Hexe Brenn)

Direction: Michael Armstrong/Adrian Hoven, production: 1969
Cast: Herbert Lom, Udo Kier, Gaby Fuchs, Reggie Nalder
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Blue Underground unrated DVD edition


Äntligen ? Oklippt och re-mastrad, D'Amatos
unika zombie-sex-horror.
XXX hardcore varning utfärdad.
läs mer på bildlänken

Erotic Nights of the Living Dead (Le Notti dei morti viventi/
Island of the Zombies/In der Gewalt der Zombies)

Direction: Joe D'Amato (Aristide Massaccesi), production: 1980
Cast: Laura Gemser, George Eastman, Dirce Funari
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Shriek Show unrated DVD edition


Ultra sleazig slasher om sjukhem där en mördare
utrustad med antika vapen går lös på de stackars
patienterna. Total Trash men med vackra Rosalba
Neri i all sin glans.Med intervju Di Leo
läs mer på bildlänken

Slaughter Hotel (La Bestia che uccide a sangue freddo)

Direction : Fernando Di Leo, production: 1971

Cast: Rosalba Neri, Klaus Kinski, Margaret Lee
DVD med engelskt tal, region 1
US Shriek Show unrated DVD edition


En bisarr blandning av Emmanuelle Sex och
Kannibal Gore med den sköna kultaktrisen Laura
Gemser i huvudrollen, eg. Moira Chen. Trash,
men ändå nog min D'Amato favorit näst hans
mästerverk Buio Omega. Bra Sleaze helt enkelt

Emanuelle & the Last Cannibals (Emanuelle e gli ultimi
cannibale /Trap Them and Kill Them)

Direction: Joe D'Amato (Aristide Massaccesi), production: 1977
Cast: Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti, Susan Scott, Donald O'Brien
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Shriek Show unrated DVD edition


Deliriskt och deprimerande mörkt med Jess som
en bindgalen ex-präst på ngt korståg i Paris.
En av Jess mörkaste, sjukaste och allra mest
personliga ... burr. Kommentarspår Jess.
läs mer på bildlänken

Exorcism (Exorcisme et Messes Noir/El Sádico de Notre-Dame)

Direction: Jesus Franco, production: 1974

Cast: Jesus Franco, Lina Romay, Nadine Pascal
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Synapse unrated DVD edition


En samtidigt både trashig och slickad galen
kirurg horror i hans nyversion av Gritos en la
Noche, och kanske Jess bästa film från hans
senare filmmakartid. Kvinnor kidnappas till
lyxig klinik för kirurgi-experiment

Faceless (Les Predateurs de la Nuit)

Direction: Jesus Franco, production: France 1988

Cast: Helmut Berger, Telly Savalas, C. Munro, Brigitte Lahaie
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Shriek Show unrated DVD edition


Atmosfärisk tidig Franco-horror där kirurg flyttar
hud till dotters ansikte.
Re-make av Franju's Les Yeux Sans Visage.
läs mer på bildlänken

The Awful Dr. Orlof (Gritos en la Noche/L 'Horrible
Docteur Orlof)

Direction : Jesus Franco, production: Spain 1961
Cast: Howard Vernon, Diana Lorys, Riccardo Valle
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1
US Image Entertainment unrated DVD edition

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