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On this page i will write about some of my favourite films. Some undisputed and certified classics, some more eccentric such
ones, some cult movies and some just trashy fun ones including the Guilty Pleasures. There's a long listing of my All Time
favourite film classics (see link below) and a shorter one of some legendary and stunning actresses.
I hope there are some interesting films to read about here for other film lovers, nerds or psychos out there.

Also visit My favourite 100 Film Classics All Time (with some slightly pretentious vibes maybe)

or my listing of 10 legendary and stunningly beautiful film actresses

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Some short reviews below are written in swedish


Fascinating, haunting, disturbing and unforgettable
feature film debut from Rose Glass. A slow indie art
movie, psychological drama and horror that touches
religion and philosophy. Fantastic performance from
Morfydd Clark. A powerful film that stayed with
me for days and days. Maybe a Masterpiece

Saint Maud

Direction and script: Rose Glass, production: UK 2019

Cast: Morfydd Clark, Jennifer Ehle, Lily Knight, Lily Frazer
Blu-ray in english audio with english subtitles, region A
US Lion's Gate 2021 bluray edition (with digital download)


Well made and acted minimalistic and taut German
cult elevator thriller from the good old 1980's in a
new 4K restored copy. 4 people gets locked into
the confined space of a lift cabin and the tensions
are rising among them, three men and one woman

Abwärts (Out of Order)

Direction and script: Carl Schenkel, production: West Germany 1987

Cast: Götz George, Renee Soutendijk, Wolfgang Kieling
Blu-ray in german or english audio with english subtitles, region all or B
German Subkultur Entertainment 2022 bluray edition


Interestingly bizarre sado-machochistic psycho
drama from Venezuela where David Hemmings
is brilliant but reprehensible as a deranged land-
owner with dead glaze eyes using his power to
harass poor local women. David is the Bad Guy

It's Nothing Mama, Just a Game (No es nada, mamá, solo un juego)

Direction, co-script: José Maria Forque, production: Spain-Venezuela 1974

Cast: David Hemmings, Alida Valli, Andrea Rau, Francisco Rabal
Blu-ray in spanish or english audio with english subtitles, region all
US Mondo Macabro bluray edition


Great arty drama thriller with crisp cinematography
from a landscape of volcanic sand, and with fine
performances from Farmer, Walker and Hayworth.
Psychedelic sounds on the ST and what could the
secret of the beautiful Desert Girl be ?

The Road to Salina (La Route de Salina)

Direction and co-script: Georges Lautner, production: France-Italy 1970

Cast: Mimsy Farmer, Robert Walker, Jr., Rita Hayworth
Blu-ray in english or french audio with english subtitles, region A
US Kino Lorber Studio canal bluray edition


Another entry to the 1960's Eurospy genre. An
inept secret agent action spoof and trash that
was entertaining to burn brain cells to. An all
female crime syndicate wants a world without
men, with the exception of agent Nick West

The Million Eyes of Su-Muru

Direction: Lindsay Shonteff, production: US 1967

Cast: Shirley Eaton, George Nader, Maria Rohm, Klaus Kinski
Blu-ray in english audio, region all
Spanish bluray edition


The "Great" Lindsay Shonteff gives us a trashy
sexploitation comedy the Adventures of a Big-
Boobed Girl, a satire of low budget filmmaking.
Sue Bond is most famous for being in the Benny
Hill TV show in 1970-1973

Pin-Up Girl (The Yes Girls)

Direction: Lindsay Shonteff, production: UK 1971

Cast: Sue Bond, Felicity Oliver, Sally Muggeridge, Jack May
DVD in english audio DD 2.0, region 2
German Mr. Banker DVD edition


Beautiful Linda Marlowe in a beyond belief
trashy exploitation action garbage. Yes, sounds
cool doesn't it. Entertaining British 1970's
Sexploitation-Comics-Action or something.
Tacky and sleazy with an even worse sequel

The Big Zapper (The Sex Life of a Private Eye)

Direction: Lindsay Shonteff, production: England 1973

Cast: Linda Marlowe, Gary Hope
Is there a DVD of this trash classic ? - i have no idea


Enjoyable Amnesia crime-thriller with Alain
Delon losing his memory after a car crash, but
waking up with a gorgeous wife and he may be
very rich and living in a huge country mansion
but is it too good to be true ?

Diabolically Yours (Diaboliquement votre)

Direction: Julien Duvivier, production: France-West Germany 1967

Cast: Alain Delon, Senta Berger, Peter Mosbacher
Blu-ray in french audio with english subtitles, region A
US Kino Lorber Studio Canal bluray edition


Great looking drama-thriller bordering the horror
with a dark atmosphere of fear and paranoia in
Berlin, Germany 1923. Uneven but still a pretty
impressive work from the Master. Maybe it's
underrated (but i don't know for sure)

The Serpent's Egg (Ormens ägg)

Direction and script: Ingmar Bergman, prod. US-West Germany 1977

Cast: David Carradine, Liv Ullman, Gert Froebe, Heinz Bennent
Blu-ray in english audio with english subtitles, region B
UK Arrow Academy bluray edition


Forgotten Hitchcockian thriller with an outstanding
performance by Doris Day. Yes, that DD known
for syrupy musicals comedies and singing "Que
sera sera". She's intensely likeable as a frightened
into hysterics woman receiving death threats

Midnight Lace

Direction: David Miller, production: US 1960

Cast: Doris Day, Rex Harrison, Myrna Loy, John Gavin
Blu-ray in english audio, region B
German Koch media bluray edition


Experimental artmovie drama psychological thriller
or something. Hard to define Spanish Cult movie by
designer and experimental director Iván Zulueta, and
with fine actors. A young man is obsessed with his
camera and terrified about what it plans to do to him

Arrebato (Rapture)

Direction, script: Iván Zulueta, production: Spain 1979

Cast: Eusebio Poncela, Cecilia Roth, Will Moore
Blu-ray in spanish audio with english subtitles, region all
Spanish Escalones Films bluray edition


Visually cool and stylish fluff á la Bava in a
groovy pop art comic action-heist adventure

with a soundtrack from Ennio Morricone.
Law is quirky, Mell is hot and Celi is great.
Lowbudget with Bava visual tricks

Danger Diabolik

Direction and co-script: Mario Bava, production: Italy-France 1967

Cast: John Phillip Law, Marisa Mell, Michel Piccoli, Adolfo Celi
Blu-ray in english audio with english subtitles, region all
Spanish bluray edition


Funny 1965 German Secret Agent parody comedy
with stupid Agent 006 John Krim (Lange) sent to
USA to retrieve a stolen secret laser rifle.
Where he meets two gorgeous women, Lass and
Weis, who will help him or stop him. Delightful
Euro nonsense from the swinging 1960's

Serenade für zwei Spione

Direction: Michael Pflegher, production: West Germany-Italy 1965

Cast: Hellmuth Lange, Barbara Lass, Heidelinde Weis
DVD in english audio or german audio without subtitles, region all
German M Square Classics 2020 DVD edition


Early Schlöndorff art drama and German nouvelle
vague about a girl trying to get rid of a dead body.
A Classic? No. Cult then? Yes, maybe due to the
soundtrack by Brian Jones and the presence of
the legendary and charismatic Anita Pallenberg

Mord un Totschlag (Murder by Degree)

Direction, script, story: Volker Schlöndorff, prod: West Germany 1967

Cast: Anita Pallenberg, Hans Peter Hallwachs, Werner Enke
Blu-ray in german audio with english subtitles, region all
German Subkultur bluray edition


Fun B-Trash Sci-Fi Action about a school in a
future No-Go Zone where the teachers have to
be Super Teacher Battle Cyborgs to be able to
handle the criminal gang member students.
Great fun and the sequel to "Class of 1984"

Class of 1999

Direction, story, co-production: Mark L. Lester, production: 1989

Cast: Stacey Keith, Bradley Gregg, John P. Ryan, Pam Grier
Blu-ray in english audio with english subtitles, region B
UK Lion's Gate 2019 bluray edition


Unusual and/or idiosyncratic number mystique
paranoia thriller about a NY genius number theorist
recluse looking for patterns and the 216 digits code.
Fascinating and almost experimental. Shot in b&w
But, also this talented director later lost his edge
when Hollywood's grinding machine finally got him


Direction and script: Darren Aronofsky, production: 1997

Cast: Sean Gullette, Mark Margolis, Ben Shenkman
Blu-ray in english audio with english subtitles, black & white, region B
UK Lion's Gate blu-ray edition


Amazing Crime Drama Noir from french auteur
master Sautet and with sensational performances
from Michel Piccoli and Romy Schneider.
A police inspector sets a trap for a gang of small
time criminals and has sex with lovely Schneider

Max et les Ferrailleurs (Max and the Junkmen)

Direction and co-script: Claude Sautet, production: France-Italy 1971

Cast: Michel Piccoli, Romy Schneider, Bernard Fresson
Blu-ray in french audio with english subtitles, US region A
US Kino Lorber Studio Classics 2020 blu-ray edition


Powerful and visually hypnotic masterpiece
and the King of Feel Bad movies. Deeply
harrowing, sad, beautiful and fascinating on the
novel and script by legendary Hubert Selby, Jr.
Great cinematography and Ellen Burstyn is
otherworldly great in her role as poor Sara

Requiem For a Dream

Direction: Darren Aronofsky, script: Hubert Selby Jr. prod: 2000

Cast: Jared Leto, Jennifer Connelly, Ellen Burstyn
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Artisan unrated DVD edition


The Strange Highschool Movie that gained Cult
Status in a 30th Anniversary edition with tons
of extras. Veronica hangs out with the snotty
and rich girls, Heathers, until she meets the
mysterious handsome school transfer guy, J.D.

Heathers (Häxor, läxor och dödliga lektioner)

Direction: Michael Lehmann, production: 1988

Cast: Winona Ryder, Christian Slater, Shannen Doherty
Blu-ray in english audio with english subtitles, region B
UK Arrow Video 2018 bluray edition


Asia Argento directed her first short, and acted
in this 1994 collection of 10 shorts by young Italian
indie film directors. From bad to good, and also
Alex Infascelli directed an early short film here

De Generazione - Short Film Collection

Direction: Various, production: Italy 1994

Cast: I.A. Giorgio Tirabassi, Asia Argento, Cecare Bocci
DVD in italian with english subtitles, region all
Italian Home Movies 2019 DVD edition


Brilliant Arty Noir Crime Thriller with a beyond
fantastic Jane Fonda as a prostitute stalked by
a killer. Intense and truly gripping and a certified
crime Masterpiece from Alan J. Pakula. Jane won
an Oscar for her insanely great performance


Direction and production: Alan J. Pakula, USA 1971

Cast: Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland, Charles Cioffi
Blu-ray in english audio with english subtitles, region all
Spanish Blackfire Productions 2019 blu-ray edition


Fun French second grade James Bond Eurospy
adventures with Frederick Stafford as Agent
OSS117. Shot nicely on location in Tokyo and
the series was re-animated in the 2000's as
spy action comedies w. Jean Dujardin as OSS117

A Tout Coeur à Tokyo pour OSS 117 (Tokyo Hora Cero OSS117)
and the 2009 remake OSS117: Lost in Rio

Direction: Michel Boisrond, production: France-Italy 1966
Cast: Frederick Stafford, Marina Vlady, Jitsuko Yoshimura
Blu-ray in french audio without english subtitles, region all
Spanish Great Films Collection blu-ray edition


Cool 1960's Euro Spy Trash about deadly oil
games when Hugh Drummond hunts
down the 2 beautiful but deadly hitwomen Sylvia
Koscina and Elke Sommer. Agent OSS117 was
another 1960's spy and B James Bond version

Deadlier Than The Male & OSS 117: Lost in Rio

Direction: Ralph Thomas, production: UK 1966

Cast: Elke Sommer, Sylva Koscina, Richard Johnson
DVD in english audio, region all
US Hen's Tooth Video DVD edition


Magic art movie horror saga from the
unique mind of iconoclast director and
writer Jodorowsky about a destructive
sort of mother & son relationship.
Blanca Guerra is beyond fantastic, so
powerful and i love her. Lots of extras

Santa Sangre

Direction: Alejandro Jodorowsky, production: Mexico/Italy 1989

Cast: Blanca Guerra, Axel Cristobal Jodorowsky, Adan Jodorowsky
DVD in english audio, regionall
US Severin 2 disc DVD edition


Directed by Burt Reynolds in a slightly B-ish way
and with some cringy dialogue this film still is a
Great Neo-Noir Crime Action, one of the best where
others have failed. Fine shoot-outs, a nasty Henry
Silva as bad guy and with a gorgeous Rachel Ward

Sharky's Machine

Direction: Burt Reynolds, production: US 1981

Cast: Burt Reynolds, Rachel Ward, Henry Silva
Blu-ray in english audio with english subtitles, region all ?
German Warner Brothers bluray edition


Hailed Spanish crime classic with an unforgettable
and intense performance from the great Victoria
Abril. A 1990's type of crime thriller about a
mistreated and sad woman drawn into the affairs
of a bunch of brutal gangsters. Best Spanish film,
best actress etc. It won all the Goya Awards

Nadie hablará de nosotras cuando hayamos muerto (Nobody will
speak of us when were dead)

Direction, script: Agustin Diaz Yanes, production: Spain 1995
Cast: Victoria Abril, Pilar Bardem, Federico Luppi
DVD in spanish audio without subtitles, region 2
Spanish El Pais DVD edition


Up til then Water's most mainstream film, but
also his snazziest and most charming one, and
with great Lake & Divine. My Waters favourite
with fantastic 1960's music and with a cool
theme song by Rachel Sweet. Audio commentary
with John Waters and Ricki Lake.


Direction: John Waters, production: 1988

Cast: Ricki Lake, Divine, Debbie Harry, Sonny Bono
DVD in english audio
US New Line DVD edition


Well made Spanish crime drama with fine acting about
the 1949 murder of the prostitute Carmen Broto played
by luscious Silvia Tortosa. Made for TV and the
popular - La huella del crimen series 1984-1990

El Caso de Carmen Broto

Direction, script and production: Pedro Costa, Spain 1991

Cast: Silvia Tortosa, Sergi Mateu, Angel de Andres Lopez
DVD in spanish audio without english subtitles, region 2
Spanish Circulo Digital DVD edition


A VERY unusual revenge-thriller which
should be something of a swedish cult classic.
But isn't. Not many know about this gem.
Max von Sydow is fantastic as vengeful murderer
in a desolate and gloomy winter landscape

The Night Visitor (Papegojan/Mordvittnet)

Direction: Laslo Benedek, production: USA-Sweden 1970

Cast: Max von Sydow, Trevor Howard, Per Oscarsson, Liv Ullman
DVD in english with english subtitles, region all
US VCI Entertainment DVD edition


Great Stuff! A very entertaining swedish B noir
heist crime-thriller with drugs, booze and boobs.
Banned in Sweden and unjustly defamed by ass-
hole critics this was swedish grindhouse before
it's time, and the film has a great pulse to it

Det händer i natt (Aldrig i livet/Web of Desire/Babes and Hoodlums)

Direction, co-script: Arne Ragneborn, production: Sweden 1956

Cast: Arne Ragneborn, Lars Ekborg, Sven-Erik Gamble, Ingrid Thulin
DVD in swedish, region 2
Swedish Klubb Super 8 DVD edition


Yugoslavian Makavejev's most legendary
and controversial scandal art movie.
Anarchistic, bizarre, funny and disturbing
with sex, murder, scat and puke en masse.
Interview with Makavejevand booklet.

Sweet Movie (Criterion Collection)

Direction: Dusan Makavejev, production: 1974

Cast: Carole Laure, Anna Prucnal, John Vernon
DVD in english, serbo-croatian audio etc. with english subs, reg. 1
US Criterion Collection DVD edition


Wow! A beyond obscure 1980's female revenge
crime-action with the lovely but sadly forgotten
Karin Mani. A female B or even C version on the
Death Wish formula. For all deranged puppies
like me - The stuff that dreams are made of

Alley Cat

Direction: Victor M. Ordonez, Eduardo Palmos and Al Valletta under
the alias Edward Victor, production: USA 1982-1984

Cast: Karin Mani, Robert Torti, Britt Helfer, Michael Wayne
DVD in english audio, region 2
German Alive 2017 DVD edition


Absolute Trash Sci-Fi Action Masterpiece with
a cool
Rhona Mitra in an unhinged cult classic.
Mitra, the true Lara Croft is magnificent in a
sadly huge film flop but I just LOVE it.
Is this The Smartest Dumb Movie Ever made?

Doomsday - Rhona Mitra - Lara Croft

Direction: Neil Marshall, production: UK 2008

Cast: Rhona Mitra, Malcolm McDowell, Craig Conway
DVD in english audio with swedish subtitles, region 2
Swedish Paramount DVD edition - Recommended Trash!


An often astoundingly beautiful ballet melodrama
masterpiece in gorgeous technicolor, with lovely
redhead Moira Shearer as Vicky dancing the main
part in the ballet based on the H.C. Andersen saga

The Red Shoes

Direction, script: M. Powell/E. Pressburger, production: UK 1948

Cast: Moira Shearer, Anton Walbrook, Marius Goring
Blu-ray in english audio with english subs, region all or B
UK ITV Studios bluray edition


Total charm. Super Cute Alert! Vol. 1-4 Season one.
A teenager superhero TV series for kids and adults
inspired by anime and manga and with some amazing
Paris settings. Cute Marinette turns into Ladybug
and fights crime with her sidekick Chat Noir. Season 1

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir (Season 1 Vol. 1 - 4)

Direction: various, production: France, South Korea, Japan 2015-2016

Cast: animated
DVD in french or english audio with english subtitles, region 1
US Shout! Factory DVD edition


The Great Kathryn Bigelow's forgotten and
underrated futuristic Noir thriller masterpiece.
Unforgettable visual fireworks and dystopian
dark about a chaotic 1999 LA soon to enter the
new scary millennia, and a great love story too

Strange Days - 20th Anniversary edition

Direction: Kathryn Bigelow, production/script: James Cameron 1995

Cast: Ralph Fiennes, Angela Bassett, Juliette Lewis, Tom Sizemore
Blu-ray in english audio with english subs, region B
German Koch Media 2015 bluray edition + DVD disc with extras


Super agent, hero, spy or whatever pop art action
comedy from the swinging 60's.
Trashy nonsense as only Jess could make them.
What's the strange lure of Franco films ? Is it the
absolute disregard of any cinematic coherence ?

Lucky, The Inscrutable (Lucky M. füllt alle särge)

Direction, co-script: Jess Franco, prod. Italy-Spain-Germany 1967

Cast: Ray Danton, Rosalba Neri, Jess Franco
DVD in english audio, region 2
German Pidax DVD edition


An obscure but really cool, intelligent and
before it's time computer run amok sci-fi thriller,
and it's scary too with a genius ending.
Should be a hailed classic but i had never heard
about this forgotten gem. Directed by the able
Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 director Joseph Sargent

Colossus: The Forbin Project

Direction: Joseph Sargent, production: USA 1969-1970

Cast: Eric Braeden, Susan Clark, Gordon Pinsent
Blu-ray in english audio, region B
UK Universal 2017 bluray edition


R.I.P. Daliah Lavi - May 3rd 2017. One of her 2 great
films in 1963 was the horror-drama Il Demonio. Strong
stuff and a gripping performance from Lavi.
See the famous possessed spider walk that inspired
William Friedkin in The Exorcist (even though Linda
Blair's scene was cut from most prints)

Il Demonio (The Demon)

Direction & co-script: Brunello Rondi, production: Italy 1963

Cast: Daliah Lavi, Frank Wolff
Streaming video on Youtube, italian audio with english subtitles
Black & white, widescreen


An explosion of colors in talented filmmaker
Anna Biller's unique retro sex melodrama musical
something. It's hard to define but it's great fun.
Anna plays a sexy swinging housewife in LA 1972
Follow her colorful journey into sin .... and back


Direction, script and else: Anna Biller, production: 2007

Cast: Anna Biller, Bridget Brno, Jared Sandford, Chad England
DVD in english audio, region 2
UK Noveau Pictures DVD edition


Powerful and visually beautiful Masterpiece
about the intolerance, ignorance and hatred that
led to a christian mob killing the famous scientist
Hypatia in Alexandria A.D. 415. Weisz is fantastic.
Should be shown in schools and for politicians


Direction, co-script: Alejandro Amenábar, prod: Spain 2009

Cast: Rachel Weisz, Oscar Isaac, Max Minghella
Blu-ray in english audio, region all bluray edition


A Great High School sex comedy classic with a
10 on the Sleazometer. Cute Jeannie wants to be
a member of the Amarosa High cheerleader team.
The girls are Lovely. Superior softcore fun and
this must be American culture at it's best

The Cheerleaders

Direction, co-script, co-prod. Paul Glickler, 1972

Cast: Stephanie Fondue, Denise Dillaway, Jovita Bush
DVD in english audio, region all
US Code Red unrated DVD edition


Yeah, yeah, you can laugh as much as you want,
but this is a Sci-Fi action war film masterpiece.
CGI still today looks impressive and the delightfully
bombastic ST from Basil Poledouris is a marvel.
Come on, you apes! You wanna live forever?

Starship Troopers

Direction: Paul Verhoeven, production: 1997

Cast: Casper Van Dien, Dina Meyer, Denise Richards
Blu-ray in english audio with english subtitles, region all
UK Touchstone Tri Star bluray edition


Great obscure and forgotten thriller with a fine
cast, 2 x Sir and the lovely Gina Lollobrigida in
what could've been her best role. Sean Connery
schemes on how to get his hands on his uncle's
fortune and a sweet nurse could be the answer

Woman of Straw (La mujer de paja)

Direction: Basil Dearden, production: UK-USA 1964

Cast: Gina Lollobrigida, Sean Connery, Ralph Richardson
DVD in english audio, region 2
Spanish Impacto Films DVD edition


Best Sci-Fi Action of this or any other Millennia
and already a certified cult classic among the
initiated. Orgasmic intensity and visually mind-
blowing based on the greatest sci-fi comic ever.
An amazing dystopia with great pulse

Dredd (3D - 2D)

Direction: PeteTravis, script: Alex Garland, prod: UK-RSA 2012

Cast: Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, Lena Headey
Blu-ray in english audio with english subtitles, region B
UK Entertainment In Video bluray edition


A very atmospheric and beautiful mermaid
drama with a young Dennis Hopper. Early
indie lowbudget production inspired by the
1940's Jaques Tourneur classic Cat People.
Also a murder mystery in a restored version

Night Tide - R.I.P. Legendary Dennis Hopper 2010

Direction and script: Curtis Harrington, production: 1961

Cast: Dennis Hopper, Linda Lawson, Gavin Muir
DVD in english audio, black and white, region free
US Kino Lorber 2013 DVD edition


A haunting indie Mystery-Drama. A Tragic tale
that's strangely uplifting and with a meditative
beauty. Unforgettable images with Kumiko in
the Minnesota snow. The Mystery of Fargo
in a clever script from the Zellner brothers

Kumiko The Treasure Hunter

Direction and co-script: David Zellner, production: USA-Japan 2013

Cast: Rinko Kikuchi, David Zellner, Nobuyuki Katsube
Blu-ray in japanese and english audio with english subs, region B
UK Soda Pictures bluray edition


Funny and bizarre indie drama bordering on horror
about an apathetic bum who hasn't left his dirty
apartment for 16 months and only watches TV
besides talking to the heap of mold in his bathroom
The Mold has a plan for him and he better listen

Motivational Growth

Direction, script and editing: Don Thacker, production: 2013

Cast: Adrian DiGiovanni and Jeffrey Combs as The Mould
DVD in english audio with english subtitles, region all
US Parade Deck Films unrated 2014 DVD edition


A Charming and beautiful love story combined
creature horror where a young american falls in love
with a gorgeous italian girl who's also an ancient
creature. Great chemistry between the leads and
a reverse rendition of The Beauty and The Beast


Direction: Justin Benson/Aaron Moorhead, production: 2014

Cast: Lou Taylor Pucci, Nadia Hilker
Blu-ray in english audio with swedish subtitles, region B
Swedish Njuta Films bluray edition


The Mother of all TV sitcoms and still
the funniest and best. A Good script
and good actors with funny Lucille
Ball the Star made this a TV classic

I Love Lucy: The Complete 1st Season

The Funniest and Best TV Sitcom Ever Made, 1951-1952

Cast: Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance, William Frawley
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1
US Paramount CBS 6 disc DVD edition


Visual beauty and groundbreaking cinemato-
graphic fireworks
in a gripping love story and
melodrama from the German director Master.
One of the greatest films in Film History

Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans

Direction: F. W. Murnau, production: USA-Germany 1927

Cast: George O' Brien, Janet Gaynor, Margaret Livingston
DVD, silent, black & white, swedish text, region 2
Swedish Studio S DVD edition


Brilliant but very underrated Bank Heist
crime thriller and one of the best in the
genre of the later years. Based on The
Great Baker Street Robbery 1971.
Statham's best role and with Kiwi Roger
Donaldson again in great 1980's shape

The Bank Job

Direction: Roger Donaldson, production: UK 2008

Cast: Jason Statham, Saffron Burrows, David Suchet
Blu-ray in english audio with swedish subs, region B ?
Swedish bluray edition


Old time trashy Hollywood Old Testament
bible spectacle about the bumpy love relation
between Samson and Delilah. With George
Sanders and a Hedy Lamarr at her greatest.
Great entertaining colorful Trash at its best

Samson and Delilah

Direction: Cecil B. DeMille, production: USA 1949

Cast: Hedy Lamarr, Victor Mature, George Sanders
Blu-ray in english audio with english or swedish subs, region ?
Nordic Paramount bluray edition


Sex, Drugs and Rock'n Roll when the German
Scandal Beauty exploitation film actress debuts
in her 1st film where she follows a rock band, take
drugs and has a lot of sex. Wild 1960's Europe

Ich - Ein Groupie (Higher and Higher/Sesso a domicilio)

Direction: Erwin C. Dietrich/Jack Hill, production : Schw. 1969

Cast: Ingrid Steeger, Vivian Weiss, Birth Control, Hells Angels
Blu-ray in english, german or italian audio, region B
German Ascot Elite Home Entertainment bluray edition

Brian De Palma
The 12 Magic Years 1972 - 1984

Aaaaah .... Brian De Palma, one of my favourite
wizards of visually entertaining filmmaking, the
master of the crime-thriller. 107 minutes of just
De Palma talking about his films, and it's great.
Between 1972 and 1984 he just couldn't miss and
i've seen these films many, many, many times

De Palma

Direction: Noah Baumbach & Jake Paltrow, prod. 2016

Documentary - Interview with Brian De Palma
Blu-ray in english audio with english subs, region A
US Lion's Gate bluray edition


De Palma's last great film before being devoured
by the Hollywood mainstream swamp of crap.
A brilliant and sensual horror thriller where Palma
Hitchcock's Hitchcock and with a great Craig
Wasson as an out of work actor. Visual fireworks,
humour, music in a uniquely De Palma-ish film

Body Double

Direction: Brian De Palma, production: 1984

Cast: Craig Wasson, Melanie Griffith, Deborah Shelton
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Columbia DVD edition


Violent crime thriller and Slasher or a Giallo about
a killer with a razor. Very entertaining De Palma
classic, snappy with a pulse from his genius golden
era when every film he made was a winner, between
1972 - 1984, from Sisters to Body Double

Dressed to Kill

Direction: Brian De Palma, production: 1980

Cast: Michael Caine, Nancy Allen, Angie Dickinson
DVD in english audio, region 1
US MGM DVD special unrated edition


An Absolutely wild ESP thriller and De Palma
at his most inspired best. This furious blend of
action, suspense and trash is my favourite De
Palma film. With the lovely Amy Irving in the
most unhinged ending scene in film history

The Fury ( Mardrömsjakten)

Direction: Brian De Palma, production: 1978

Cast: Amy Irving, Kirk Douglas, John Cassavetes
Blu-ray in english audio with english subs, region B
UK Arrow Video bluray edition


De Palmas great and quirky rock-pop-opera
on Faust is still delightfully eccentric today.
Paul Williams ST is a great listening too.
A maximum 10 on the Cult-O-Meter

Phantom of the Paradise

Direction and script: Brian De Palma, production: 1974

Cast: William Finley, Jessica Harper, Paul Williams
Blu-ray in english audio with english subs, region B
UK Arrow bluray edition


Visually gorgeous thriller with traits as split
screen, voyeurism and visual pizzazz that later
would be his sign. Danielle has a homicidal
Siamese twin sister in the film that started Brian
De Palmas 12 year Golden Era


Direction: Brian De Palma, production: 1972

Cast: Margot Kidder, William Finley, Lilse Wilson
DVD in english audio with english subtitles, region 1
US Criterion Collection DVD edition


Unusual but fascinating Love Drama from the
idiosyncratic Artmovie filmmaker Pole Ukraine
French whatever Andrzej Zulawski. Schneider
is brilliant in a hailed Euro cult classic

Nachtblende (L'Important c'est d'aimer)

Direction: Andrzej Zulawski, production: France-Germany-Italy 1974

Cast: Romy Schneider, Fabio Testi, Klaus Kinski, Jacques Dutronc
DVD in english audio, region 2
German VZ DVD edition


Great, violent and odd crime action with a
a lot of 1970's Grindhouse vibes.
Mr. Cool (Marvin) is a Chicago-mob hitman
who takes on a defector from the Family
Many unconventional scenes for the genre

Prime Cut

Direction: Michael Ritchie, production: USA 1972

Cast: Lee Marvin, Gene Hackman, Sissy Spacek
DVD in english audio with english or swedish subs, region 2
Swedish Paramount DVD edition


Masterpiece about the Japanese attack on
Pearl Harbor, and maybe the best warmovie
ever made. In documentary style and objective
with amazing explosions long before shitty
and failed CGI looking like crap

Tora! Tora! Tora!

Direction: Richard Fleischer, production: USA-Japan 1969-1970

Cast: Martin Balsam, Soh Yamamura, Jason Robards
DVD in english audio with swedish subtitles, region 2
Svensk SF- 20th Century Fox DVD edition


An absolute film classic based on Nikolaj
Gogol's 1942 story The Overcoat.
The film a slightly absurd but gripping and
tragi-comical drama about a not so brilliant
pencil pusher and his beloved overcoat.

Il Cappotto (The Overcoat/Överrocken)

Direction: Alberto Lattuada, production: Italy 1952

Cast: Renato Rascel, Yvonne Sanson
DVD in italian audio with english subtitles, b&w, region all
US Raro Video DVD edition


The Mystery of the Lost Room. A great and
very well made suspenseful Crime mystery
taking place in 1880's Paris. Sadly obscure
but Jean Simmons is brilliant, as usual

So Long At The Fair

Direction: Terence Fisher/A. Darnborough, production: UK 1950

Cast: Jean Simmons, David Tomlinson, Honor Blackman
DVD in english, black & white, region 2
UK Spirit DVD edition


Robbers panic as they've stolen money
belonging to the Mob. Another Great Crime
but somewhat obscure Siegel movie and with
quirky favourite Walter Matthau surprisingly
effective as a mild-mannered heist criminal

Charley Varrick (Fallgropen)

Direction: Don Siegel, production: 1973

Cast: Walter Matthau, Joe Don Baker, Andy Robinson
DVD in english audio, region all
UK Fremantle Media DVD edition


A slow 1970's arty and pensive crime movie
with a brilliant Gene Hackman as a PD on the
hunt after a runaway teenage girl.
A 1970's crime thriller classic, sadly forgotten

Night Moves (Dödligt utspel)

Direction: Arthur Penn, production: 1975

Cast: Gene Hackman, Melanie Griffith, Jennifer Warren
DVD in english audio with english subtitles, region 1
US Warner Brothers DVD edition


A mentally deranged girl is hold captive by
a sociopathic couple in a disturbing dark
Spanish crime drama, interesting fairytale
and strange love story.
Obscure and forgotten from basque Ulloa

La Madre Muerta (The Dead Mother)

Direction: Juanma Bajo Ulloa, production: Spanien 1993

Cast: Karra Elejalde, Ana Alvarez, Lio
DVD in spanish audio, region 1
US Strand Releasing DVD edition


A very suggestive German expressionistic
silent horror saga, visually impressive and
based on the classic jewish legend about
a statue made of clay turning to life in the
16th century Prague. Restored copy from
Kino Video edition

Der Golem: Wie Er in die Welt Kam (The Golem)

Direction: Paul Wegener, production: Germany 1920

Cast: Paul Wegener, Lydia Salmonova, Ernst Deutsch
DVD, silent, black & white, english subtitles, region ?
US Kino Video DVD edition


March 2010 Jeff Bridges got his well earned
Oscar for Best Actor. He's one of my favourite
actors and can be seen in my great favourite
The Fabulous Baker Boys along with his
brother Beau and the lovely Michelle Pfeiffer

The Fabulous Baker Boys

Direction: Steve Kloves, production: 1989

Cast: Jeff Bridges, Beau Bridges, Michelle Pfeiffer
DVD in english audio
US Artisan or SVE Scanbox


The Walt Disney masterpiece with almost
magically beautiful and haunting visuals.
Animated bliss in a very fine 70 year
anniversary jubilee edition. Based on the
1881 fairytale by Carlo Collodi

Pinocchio (70th Anniversary) 2 disc edition

Direction: Walt Disney Studios, production: 1938-1940

Animated film
DVD in enlish audio, region 1
US Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment 2009 DVD edition


ABC's smart detective TV series with fine
Anne Francis as the judo and karate expert
private detective and action heroine Honey
is better than the Bruce Willis and Cybill
re-make "Moonlighting"

Honey West: Complete Series 1965-66

Direction: Diverse, production: Aaron Spelling 1965-1966

Cast: Anne Francis, John Ericson, ozeloten Bruce
DVD in english audio, black & white, region all
US VCI Entertainment 4 disc DVD edition


Fando y Lis, El Topo, The Holy Mountain,
the early La Cravate and the documentary
La Constellation plus the soundtracks to
El Topo and The Holy Mountain.
Great collection of films from the iconoclast
Chilean artmovie master

The Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky

Direction: Alejandro Jodorowsky, production: 1970

Cast: diverse
DVD in spanish & english audio with english subtitles, region 1
US Anchor Bay unrated 6 disc DVD edition


Visionary Spanish iconoclast avant garde
director and author Arrabal's three early
films in beautiful editions from Cult Epics:
Viva La Muerte, I Will Walk Like Crazy Horse
and The Guernica Tree.

The Fernando Arrabal Collection (3 disc)

Direction: Fernando Arrabal, production: 1970-1975

Cast: Mahdi Chaouch, Nuria Espert/George Shannon
DVD in french audio with engish subtitles, region all
US Cult Epics 3 disc DVD edition


Another one of Buñuel's many Méxican film
masterpieces where El Maestro deals with
Sex, Religion and clashes between social
classes and with lots of black humour too
and with the lovely Silvia Pinal.

Viridiana (US Criterion Collection)

Direction: Luis Buñuel, production: Mexico 1961

Cast: Silvia Pinal, Fernando Rey, Francisco Rabal
DVD in spanish audio with english subtitles, b&w, region 1
US Criterion DVD edition


Oemotståndligt udda och väldigt rolig
kärlekshistoria med massor av svart humor.
Möt bizarro-världens Romeo och Julia i
den roligaste svenska filmen sen "Vi hade
i alla fall tur med vädret"

Brorsan .... såsett (en kärlekshistoria)

Direction: Björn Oscarsson,
Manus: Patrik Lager, production: 2006
Cast: Björn Oscarsson, Eleonor Johansson
DVD in swedish audio, region 2
Swedish limited DVD edition

Born Prague 1934
The David Lynch of Czechia
The Eccentric Master, The One and Only - Jan Svankmajer


The Czech Master of Surrealism is back
with a philosophical horror inspired by
the writings of Edgar Allan Poe and

Marquis De Sade. With a Making of and
an interview with Jan Svankmajer.

Lunacy (Sileni)

Direction: Jan Svankmejer, production: 2006

Cast: Jan Triska, Anna Geislerova, Jaroslav Dusek
DVD in czech audio with english subtitles, region 1
US Zeitgeist Video DVD edition


A minor surrealistic masterpiece from the
idiosyncratic and experimental Czech.
Funny and absurd about a childless couple
who feeds and raises a stump of wood as a
child and turning it alive. Based on the folk
tale about Otesánek a family drama horror

Little Otik (Otesánek)

Direction: Jan Svankmejer, production: 2000

Cast: Jan Hartl, Veronika Zilkova, Kristina Adamcova
DVD in czech audio with english subtitles, region 1
US Zeitgeist Video DVD edition


Delightfully bizarre and off-beat about a
group of Prague people being ockupied
with different kinky projects leading to
pleasure. Special effects and animation
Extra: 1993 short film "Food"

Conspirators of Pleasure

Direction: Jan Svankmajer, production: 1996

Cast: Gabriela Wilhelmova, Peter Meissel, Barbora Hrzanova
DVD without any dialogue, region ?
US Kino Video DVD edition


Unique artful and fascinatingly bizarre take
on Lewis Carroll's
Alice in Wonderland.
Maybe the best film of the genius Czech, in
4:3 and with english narration from the novel
Plus the short Darkness, Light, Darkness


Direction: Jan Svankmajer, production: 1988

Cast: Kristyna Kohoutova
DVD with english narration from Lewis Carroll's novel, region ?
US First Run Features edition DVD edition


Another collection of short films made by the
genius experimental filmmaker and animator
Jan Svankmajer
. 14 shorts and some extras on
two discs, and made between 1965-1992.
Essay , documentary, artwork and poesi

The Collected Shorts of Jan Svankmajer (2 disc)

Direction: Jan Svankmajer, produktion: 1965-1992

DVD in czech audio with english subtitles, region?
US Kino Video Kim Stim 2 disc DVD edition


ollection of short movies by the idiosyncratic
genius and experimental filmmaker and animator
Czech Jan Svankmajer 1964-1989, nine shorts
including The Tale about Don Juan


The Ossuary and Other Tales

Direction: Jan Svankmajer, production: 1964-1989

DVD in czech audio with english subtitles, region ?
US Kino Video Kim Stim DVD edition



Immortal silent film masterpiece with a unique
visual power from German genius Gustav Pabst
Poetic and with an unforgettable performance
from the insanely beautiful Louise Brooks.

Die Büchse der Pandora (Pandora's Box) - Masterpiece

Direction: Gustav Wilhelm Pabst, production: Germany 1928

Cast: Louise Brooks, Franz Lederer, Gustav Diessl
DVD, silent, black & white, english subtitles, region 1
US Criterion DVD edition


The silent-film Icon and legendary beauty
Louise Brooks 2nd film in Germany made with
the genius Gustav Wilhelm Pabst
Plus the short Windy Riley Goes to Hollywood
where Brooks can be heard speaking

Tagebuch einer verloreren (Diary of a Lost Girl)

Direction: Gustav Wilhelm Pabst, production: Germany 1929

Cast: Louise Brooks, Fritz Rasp, Edith Meinhard
DVD, silent, black & white, english subtitles, region ?
US Kino Video DVD edition


Typical Highschool comedy where the smart
science nerd gets telekinetic powers from an
experiment, and rips off the sweater from the
Cheerleader. Some thoughts on the Highschool
film comedy genre


Direction: Robert J. Rosenthal, production: 1982

Cast: Scott Baio, Heather Thomas, Wllie Aames
DVD in english audio with english subtitles, region 1
US MGM DVD edition


Even more Guilty Pleasure: A charming
College Sex comedy where the girls in
H.O.T.S. challenge a rivalling snotty girl
Sorority in a football match.
American culture at it's best


Direction: Gerald Sindell, production: 1979

Cast: Susan Kiger, Lisa London, Danny Bonaduce
DVD in english audio, region ?
US Anchor Bay DVD edition

More Guilty Pleasure: Softcore sex comedies
about Cheerleaders in the of film critics so
hailed High School Trash Film genre.
American culture at its highest level. Great fun!
Audio commentary

The Cheerleders Collection (3 disc edition)

Direction: Jack Hill/Paul Glicker/Richard Lerner, prod: 1972-76

Cast: Stephanie Fondue, Jerri Woods, Rainbeaux Smith
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Anchor Bay 3 disc DVD edition


A both beautiful and poetic fairy tale drama
about the psychology of a child from Wise,
and the classic atmospherical horror Cat People
with the Cat Woman, french actress Simone
Simon. Audio commentaries by Greg Mank

The Curse of the Cat People/Cat People

Direction: Robert Wise/Jacques Tourneur, production: 1944/1943

Cast: Simone Simon, Kent Smith/Ann Carter, Kent Smith, S. Simon
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1
US WB DVD edition


Fascinating, riveting horror-drama about a 10 year
old girl who believes in black magic and thinks she's
a witch, and drags a friend into her chaotic world.
Mexiko's Master of Terror - Carlos Enrique
read more on the picture link

Veneno Para las Hadas (Poison for the Fairies)

Direction: Carlos Enrique Taboada, production: México 1984

Cast: Ana Patricia Rojo, Elsa Maria
DVD in spanish audio with english subtitles, region 1
US Desert Mountain Media DVD edition


Legendary underground filmmaker Richard
Kern with a collection of his films, i.a. the great
Lydia Lunch in Fingered & in the controversial
Right Side of My Brain. From The NY Cinema
of Transgression

Hardcore Collection: The Films of Richard Kern

Direction: Richard Kern, production: 1984-1993

Cast: Lydia Lunch, Kembra Phaler, Henry Rollins, Lung Leg
DVD in english audio, black & white/color, region all
US Third Wave Media DVD edition


Iconoclast director, actor and musician Zedd the
founder of The NY Cinema of Transgression, and
in this collection of his art i.a. Police State and
War is Menstrual Envy. Avant garde material
Booklet with info

Abnormal: The Sinema of Nick Zedd

Direction: Nick Zedd, production: 1980-90's

Cast: Nick Zedd, Lydia Lunch, Annie Sprinkle
DVD in english audio, region ?
US Rubric Records DVD edition


Adult 1970's Film

Yes, also this genre seems to be included into the 1970's retro cult wave. Why ?
Maybe because the 70's today is considered a happy decennium with free non-
HIV sexuality, strong economies and with cool music as glamrock, progressive,
disco and punk. Sex on Film was better when shot on 35 mm film by real directors
and often with real actors, wearing happy bushes and without gym defined bodies
disfigured by plastic implants in boobs and disgusting duck-lips


The No. 1 Swedish Cult Film ? Female revenge
exploitation action thriller with 1970's Goddess
Christina Lindberg as an one-eyed avenger.
The uncut version with hardcore inserts

Thriller - A Cruel Picture (They Call Her One Eye / Hookers Revenge)

Direction: Bo A. Vibenius, production: 1974

Cast: Christina Lindberg, Heinz Hopf
DVD in swedish or english audio, region all
US Synapse DVD edition (limited edition 25 000 copies)


A Cult Movie
. Drama-thriller where 2 sociopaths
becomes a couple. Great acting (and from Perkins
too). Whatever happened to Tuesday Weld ?
She should've been a Superstar, it's a mystery

Pretty Poison

Direction: Noel Black, production: 1968

Cast: Tuesday Weld, Anthony Perkins
DVD in english audio, region 1
US 20th Century Fox DVD edition


Funny and quite charming Chilean martial
arts Action Comedy with a heart, when the
browbeated doorman Maco turns into a
super crime-fighter on the streets of Santiago
The Mirageman


Direction, script: Ernesto Díaz Espinoza, production Chile 2007

Cast: Marko Zarar, María Elena Swett, Iván Jara
DVD in spanish audio with english subtitles, region all
Thai Big Warner DVD edition

T&A, spectacle and chaos and a little bit
of wrestling too. Allow your reptile brain
to take charge and enjoy some of the most
delirious entertainment possible when a bunch
of female wrestlers fake it in the ring. Shimmer
is another female wrestling organization

Womens Extreme Wrestling (2 disc Vol. 1-4) Shimmer

Direction: No idea, production: 2003 / 2006

Cast: Diverse female wrestlers
DVD in english, region all
US BCI Eclipse 2 disc DVD edition


Wildly entertaining Swamp Noir thriller.
Deligthfully trashy, sexy and snazzy with
twists worthy of a Chubby Checker.
Campbell och Richards, Hotttttttt !
The sequel was awful though

Wild Things

Direction: John McNaughton, production: 1998

Cast: Neve Campbell, Denise Richards, Matt Dillon
DVDin english audio with swedish subtitles, region 2
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2 disc DVD edition


A very well made and suspenseful thriller with
some visual impact and also a drama where a
10 year old boy in southern Italy finds a captive
child locked into a hole in the ground.
A film that should be more talked about

Io Non Ho Paura (I'm Not Scared)

Direction: Gabriele Salvatores, production: 2003

Cast: Giuseppe Christiano, Mattia Di Pierro, Dino Abrescia
DVD in italian audio with english subtitles, region 1
US Miramax DVD edition


Charles Laughton's unique dark drama horror
tale is one of the Greatest Films Ever Made with
cinematography by Stanley Cortez and Robert
Mitchum in the best role of his amazing career

The Night of the Hunter (Trasdockan) - Masterpiece

Direction: Charles Laughton, production: 1955

Cast: Robert Mitchum, Shelley Winters, Lillian Gish
Blu-ray in english audio, black & white, region B
Spanish Divisa bluray edition


Intense and controversial crime drama with
an as usual brilliant Adjani as a harrassed
teacher in a problem-school. One day she
loses it and she takes "the weapon" in her
own hands. A lovely actress and great kids

Skirt Day (La Journée de la jupe)

Direction: Jean-Paul Lilienfeld, production: France 2008

Cast: Isabelle Adjani, Denis Podalydes, Yann Ebongé
DVD in french audio with english subtitles, region 3
Thai J-Bics DVD edition


A smart, funny and great looking homage
to the master of the sex-action movies, Russ
Russ Meyer, and to his eternal masterpiece
Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
Sex, violence, comedy and weird drama

Pervert !

Direction: Jonathan Yudis, production: 2006

Cast: Mary Carey, Sean Andrews, Darrel Sandeen
DVD in english audio, region 1
US TLA Releasing DVD edition


Groundbreaking cinematically silent sci-fi
drama who still today baffles you visually
from German Master Fritz Lang, in a fine
restored copy. lots of extras


Direction: Fritz Lang, production: Germany 1925-1926

Cast: Brigitte Helm, Alfred Abel, Gustav Frölich
DVD, silent movie with english subtitles, b/w, region ?
US Kino Video DVD edition


A very funny comedy and satire of 1950's and
1960's melodramas with Divine as the poor
suburban housewife Francine Fishpaw
With an Odorama smell card and an audio
commentary by John Waters

Polyester (with an Odorama smell card)

Direction: John Waters, production: 1981

Cast: Divine, Tab Hunter, Mink Stole, Edith Massey
DVD in english audio, region 1
US New Line DVD edition


Divine is magnificent in one of her best roles
and in one of John Waters best films.
A bizarre Baltimore melodrama about a woman's
life told in various tableau.
Audio commentary by John Waters

Female Trouble

Direction: John Waters, production: 1974

Cast: Divine, Mink Stole, David Lochary, Edith Massey
DVD in english audio, region 1
US New Line DVD edition


Water's very funny alt. scandalous and
disturbing indie underground comedy
in an uncut version with the famous eating
of dog poo scene. A freak classic with an
audio commentary by John Waters

Pink Flamingos

Direction: John Waters, production: 1972

Cast: Divine, Mink Stole, David Lochary, Edith Massey
DVD in english audio, region 1
US New Line DVD edition


One of the most controversial films of all time.
A drama horror where the Freaks are the
normals and the normals are the Freaks.
With an evil trapeze artist and her dwarf
. Banned in many countries for years

Freaks (Forbidden Love/The Monster Show)

Direction: Tod Browning, production: 1932

Cast: Wallace Ford, Olga Baclanova, Harry & Daisy Earles
DVD in english audio, black & white, region 1
US Warner Brothers DVD edition


A Somewhat entertaining TV series about a
Highschool situated above the Gate to Hell.
And .... the only reason to watch this demon
crap are the gorgeous Sarah Michelle Gellar
as The Slayer. 4:3 commentary, interview

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Season 1) & 1992 The Movie

Direction: Diverse, script: Josh Whedon, production: 1997/1992

Cast: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan/Kristy Swanson
DVD in english audio with english subtitles, region 1

US 20th Century Fox DVD edition


Unusual and strange black horror comedy
about the Merrye Family suffering from a
hereditary Brain Rot disease.
An audio commentary with the great cult
movie director Jack "Coffy-Foxy Brown" Hill

Spider Baby (The Maddest Story Ever Told/Cannibal Orgy)

Direction & script: Jack Hill, production: 1964

Cast: Lon Chaney Jr., Carol Ohmart, Jill Banner, Sid Haig
DVD in english audio, black & white, region all
US Image Entertainment DVD edition


Not a cult movie or a classic, but a very odd
art drama on the novel by
Tournier about a
dwarf freaking out, becoming the lover of an
aging Anita Ekberg and hooking up with a circus.
Nicely strange.Ekbergs last film - R.I.P. Anita 2015

The Red Dwarf (Le nain rouge)

Direction: Yvan Le Moine, production: Belgium 1998

Cast: Jean-Yves Thual, Anita Ekberg, Dyna Gauzy
DVD in french audio with english subtitles, b&w, region 1
US Columbia Tristar DVD edition

Mexico's most beloved superhero the Lucha
Libre icon El Santo in one of many films where he
fighted gangsters, monsters and aliens. In this
fun Sci-Fi
he battles bad guy Marsians
More about Méxican wrestling movies, visit my
Méxican film page

Santo vs. La Invasion de los Marcianos (Santo vs. The Marsians)

Direction: Alfredo B. Crevenna, production: México 1966

Cast: El Santo, Wolf Ruvinskis, Maura Monti
DVD in spanish audio with english subs, black&white, region all
US Kit Parker Films DVD edition

The Voice
Tammy Wynette
The First Lady of Country Music

Soulful Tammy, the woman with the divine crystal clear voice and charisma
who managed to reach out over the genre limits and to be loved by not only
the hardcore country fans but by just about everyone, as e.g. me.
The Queen of tearful ballads telling us about a poor childhood and a tough
love life. Plagued by sickness she died prematurely in 1998. Her immortal
classic Stand By Your Man is the best selling record in Country music history


Sexy and unique when Romanian superstars in
gymnastics, including legend Lavinia Milosovici
do exercises dressed in underwear or topless.
From the greatest (or sickest) minds of Japan
and the hot topic of the gymnastic world

3 Gold Girls (Gold Birds)

Direction: Tokichiro, production: 2002 Japan

Cast: Lavinia Milosovici, Corina Ungureanu, Claudia Presecan
DVD, sounds of gymnasts doing their stuff, region all
German Mascotte 2004 DVD edition


Delightful and just a bit, the right bit, trashy B-ish
sci-fi action with political satire. Great stuff and one
of my favourite John Carpenter films when wrestler
Roddy Piper plays a drifting construction worker
dealing with a hidden alien invasion

They Live

Direction, script & music: John Carpenter, production: 1988

Cast: Roddy Piper, Keith David, Meg Foster
DVD in english audio with english subtitles, region 1
US Shout! Factory DVD edition


A Masterpiece classic about a wounded
IRA man fleeing through Belfast at night.
in the night. Fateful, beautiful and romantic
about guilt, belief and redemption with the
northern Irish conflict as the background

Odd Man Out (En natt att leva)

Direction, production: Carol Reed, UK (Ireland) 1947

Cast: James Mason, Kathleen Ryan, F.J. McCormack
DVD in english audio with swedish subtitles, b&w, region 2
Svensk Studio S Entertainment DVD edition


The opera of Opera's, Mozart's Don Juan
in a for Opera movies pioneering rendering
by the from the US blacklist craze escaping
director Joseph Losey. Kiri Te Kanawa and
Ruggero Raimondi looks spectacular

Don Giovanni (Don Juan)

Direction: Joseph Losey, production: Frankrike 1978

Cast: Ruggero Raimondi, Kiri Te Kanawa, Edda Moser
DVD in italian audio with english subtitles, region 2
UK Second Sight 3 disc DVD edition


Surrealistic, absurd and provocative
follow-up to Un Chien Andalou with a script
by Salvador Dali,
with an audio commentary

L'Age d'Or

Direction: Luis Buñuel, production: 1930

Cast: Lya Lys, Gaston Modot, Max Ernst
DVD in french with english subtitles, b&w, region ?

US Kino Video DVD edition


Alfred Hitchcock's own favourite movie, a great
thriller with murderer Joseph Cotten visiting his
relatives. Great acting, stringent and without the
annoying childish stuff that sometimes plagued
Hitch movies. Cinephile ramblings on the link

Shadow of a Doubt

Direction: Alfred Hitchcock, production: USA 1942

Cast: Joseph Cotten, Teresa Wright
Blu-ray in english audio with english subtitles, region all (or B)
Nordic Universal blu-ray DVD edition, black & white

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