1. Los Abominables - formerly known as Six Million Dollar Weirdo (more about 6MDW below) - Back to México

Ricardo Flores

Alias Abulon or A-Boo the great and charismatic singer. The Founder and Constant of the groups along with
the talented and gorgeous drummer Zette Agrede, Zette Drummer or Zette Voltage. Otherwise the Line Up of
the groups tend to change frequently during the years. Abulon, from the Nezahual coyotl district of México City
started in 1987 with the group Tecnopal who later emerged into the popular alt. rock group Las Victimas del
Doctor Cerebre
and with Los Automaticos his other projects besides 6MDW and Los Abominables.
He's a Great Singer and songwriter who really seems to enjoy the Sci-Fi and Psychotronic Pop culture a lot


Zette Agrede, alias Zette Drummer or Voltage, is also a Constant of the 2 groups 6MDW and Los Abominables
and often this insanely gorgeous baterista wears her trademark mohican hairwig during performances.
Her real name is Zette Agrede and she started out in the tough and legendary all girl alt. rock group Violenta, with
their record Demo in 1999. Zette's a fantastic skilled drummer and respected musician who also has sideprojects
as - A To Z Live Scratch and Drums with DJ Ali Masare (se youtube video below)

This Great and Fun Méxican band started in their first incarnation 2005 as Six Million Dollar Weirdo (6MDW).
To find their own niche in the wave of mexican indierock they combined Glam - Synth - Punk - Pop - Electronica
and they found their style in Bionic Pop or Retro Futuristic Rock.
Then, later they changed their name to Los Abominables but always was Abulon and a bunch of Space Chicks.
The Band seems to like everything that's Sci-Fi Futuristic and connected with the Psychotronic Arts, and in this
aspect they somewhat resembles spanish cult rock group Killer Barbies or the pioneer punk-bluesy The Cramps

Zette and Abulon - The Saga of Méxican Bionic Pop Continues. Buy their music, Support this Great and Unique band

Visit the band at their Facebook Page - Los Abominables Facebook Page

Listen to their Studio Live version of the Beautiful Berlin ......... Follow the Link to Youtube - Berlin


The 1st version of the band

2nd version

3rd incarnation

from left: Bo, Zette, Rack and Abulon (and on bass maybe Aura?)

So, 6MDW is no more. Abulon's and Zette's new Bionic Pop project is Los Abominables and they are even
kitschier, trashier, funnier and more electronic than 6MDW. Great Fun and Space is the Place.
In 2013 Tammy and Lauren left the group and new members besides the core duo of Abulon and Zette then
was Monny, Rebecca and Raquel (with her Rack?). Los Abominables released their first CD Percepcion
Extrasensorial in 2009 ....

Percepcion Extrasensorial

and their second album Recuerdos del Futuro in 2011 ....

Recuerdos del Futuro

In spring 2015 they released their album Pseudo Super Science and the new Line Up then besides Abulon/Zette
was Rack Guerrero on guitar (the same as Raquel before? but anyway Rack suits her nice) and Bo on keyboards

Pseudo Super Science


2. Zette Drummer Goddess - La Primera Mujer Baterista Latino Americana

A to Z Live Scratch & Drums
- Zette also have her sideprojects, here she's performing with DJ Ali Masare .... cool


The Lovely Zette Presentando La Bateria - very interesting, i'm all attention


Zette drummer - Zette baterista - Zette Voltage - Zette Agrede, the Great and cool Mexican Rock baterista with
many names. She could be the spanish punkqueen Silvia Superstar's mexican sister (in both the musical and the hotness
department) or maybe the forgotten scottish Rezillos punk legend Fay Fife (regarding the costumes with volts) reborn as
a drummer. Below: in her Zette Voltage outfit and with her Mohawk hair trademark. Charismatic Zette hits her acoustic
and electronic drums with a whole lotta energy and style

Visit and Support the Lovely Zette at her Facebook Page - ZETTE Facebook Page


3. Six Million Dollar Weirdo - 6MDW - later re-grouped as Los Abominables (De Avskyvärda)

Above: Tammy, Abulon and Hot Zette

Above: Zette, Dr. Bona Bonson, Abulon and Diana Wolf

This Great and Fun iconic méxican band started in 2005 with their style of Retro Futuristic Rock, and for sure
these guys were absolutely no snotty indie-bores. Something of a mexican version of old scottish punk legends
The Rezillos/Revillos from the 1970-80's or the 90's group Transvision Vamp with an electronica twist maybe?

Dr. Bona Bonson: also El Pan and producing Las Ultrasónicas - on guitar and production
Abulon or A-Boo - Ricardo Flores: since decades in well known band Las Victimas del Dr. Cerebre and also in
Los Abominables and in Los Automaticos - he's a great singer
Zette: Her real name is Zette Agrede and she's in Los Abominables too. Started in all-female rock group Violenta
Tammy: she also played in Los Abominables too and substituted original bass player Diana Wolf who left in 2007

2nd EP

Their records on the Noise Label were 1. Selftitled debut EP in 2006 with 4 songs - Synthetic 6 - Brain Police -
Six Million Dollar Weirdo - and their Amazing Classic (only?) Hit - Horror Amor (listen to it on Youtube below)

2. Their second EP The Rise and Fall of the 3rd Mind had 5 tracks - Love Transmissions - Sextermination -
Acid Stallion - Non-Human and Weirdo Rock

3. Third EP in 2008 Fallout had 5 songs - Replicas - Robot Malo - Veneno - Hot Pink Passion and Manda tu
Cerebro a Marte

Listen to their Great Méxican Indie Classic Horror Amor ........ Follow the Link to Youtube - Horror Amor

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