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As we all know, there's differences in taste so don't get upset if your film favourites are missing from this list. It would be interesting to see what
your favourite list would look like, and You .... that's the rare visitors to this my obscure film site at the most remote corner of the internet cosmos.

Even if i had 2 lives i wouldn't be able to see every great film that has been made and i'm not a film scholar. I haven't seen any films of Satyajit Ray,
the bengali master, since they were shown on TV when i was a child, and i haven't seen a lot from masters like Ozu, Mizoguchi, Ichikawa, Godard
or russians Eisenstein and Dovsjenko, and i've a lot of silents to see yet also. And, i'm trying to avoid listing all Buñuel films i've seen (he's a big
favourite director of mine). So, there are lot of great movies i haven't seen yet and some i've forgotten i've seen, so don't take this list too seriously.
The List will maybe also differ some from the many anglo-saxon centered ones with films like The Godfather and Taxi Driver at the top

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Sorry for my sometimes bad english, i'm struggling with the grammar but i'm trying. Get on with the Swenglish!


1. Los Olvidados (Gatans desperados) 
Luis Buñuel 1950

Film dynamite! Earth-shaking.
Sensual, visual magic but un-
sentimental from a Buñuel in
rage over the human situation
Buñuel = Genius
2. Sunset Boulevard
Billy Wilder 1950

Billy Wilder = Genius
Gloria Swanson, awesome
Von Stroheim, fantastic

Read more on the Cult & Classics page 1
3. Sunrise
Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau
1927 Silent

Great visual beauty in a gripping
love story from the german
master. Groundbreaking cine-
matic fireworks
Read more on the Cult & Classics page 1

4. The Magnificent Ambersons
Orson Welles 1942

RKO asses cut 43 min and made
a new upbeat ending. Still, a genius
tells us about the Vanitas of
life and the comeuppance of a
once rich and proud family
Read more on the Cult & Classics Page 2


5. Andrei Rubljov (Den yttersta domen)
Andrei Tarkovskij 1968

Tarkovskij = Genius
The scene in the forest with
the heathens ...
unforgettable, magic
Read more on my Russian film page


6. The Third Man
Carol Reed 1949

The greatest crime-drama ever.
From a post WW2 Vienna on a

script by Graham Greene and with
that zither theme by Anton Karas
Read more on the Cult & Classics Page 2

7. Ugetsu Monogatari (Sagor om
en blek mystisk måne sfter regnet)

Kenji Mizoguchi 1953

Masterful phantasmic drama and
ghost story about the hellish
effects of war on the civilians
Read more on Japan page 2


8. Barry Lyndon
Stanley Kubrick 1975

The Rake's progress set during
the 1800's european wars. Visual
beauty beyond belief and my
favourite Kubrick film


9. Die Buchse der Pandora
Georg Wilhelm Pabst 1929 silent

The most beautiful actress in film
history, Louise Brooks,, is the
amoral Lulu in Pabst's brave and
visually haunting masterpiece
Read more on Cult & Classics Page 1

10. Throne of Blood
Akira Kurosawa 1957

Maybe the best Shakespeare
film adaption ever. But Welles,
Polanski and Bhardwaj had a go
at it too with their MacBeth films
Read more on Japan Film Page 2


11. The Night of the Hunter
(Trasdockan) Charles Laughton 1955

A Dark and visually masterful
fairytale about Good vs. Evil.
Gish vs. Mitchum and photo
from the great Stanley Cortez
Read more on the Cult & Classics page 1


12. Ladri di biciclette (Cykeltjuven)
Vittorio De Sica 1948

A father, a son, a bicycle and
a theft. Timeless and gripping
drama that makes you cry

13. Solaris
Andrei Tarkovskij 1972

Pensive, visually poetic and
existentially philosophic after
Stanislaw Lem's sci-fi novel.
Tarkovskij = Genius


14. Possession
Andrzej Zulawski 1981

Apocalyptic family drama horror
Bizarre and hallucinatory and
not resembling any other film.
A strange masterpiece
Read more on Horror Page 1


15. Persona
Ingmar Bergman 1966

Experimental and absolutely
mesmerizing about 2 women
and 2 minds and the fusion
thereof. Dissection with great
photo and a ditto soundtrack

16. Simón del desierto (Simon
Luis Buñuel 1965

Sex, religion, black humour
and Sylvia Pinal in a quirky
mix from the Master
Buñuel = Genius
Read more on the Cult & Classics page 2


17. Bronenosets Potyomkin
Sergei Eisenstein 1925 silent

Visual dynamite about the
Odessa uprising in 1905 and
the film montage that changed
history. Very intense
Read more on the Cult & Classics page 2


18. Smultronstället
Ingmar Bergman 1957

Heartfelt, deeply gripping and
visually warm about the
memories of an old man.
Victor Sjöström the old master
makes this film his own

19. Viridiana
Luis Buñuel 1961

Sex, religion, black humour
and Sylvia Pinal
Buñuel = Genius
Read more on the Cult & Classics page 1


20. McCabe & Mrs. Miller
Robert Altman 1971

A Dark "western" drama with
gorgeous photo V. Zsigmond
and melancholic music from
Leonard Cohen makes powerful
Feel Bad movie experience


21. Clockwork Orange
Stanley Kubrick 1971

A Perfect union of visuals and
music in an inspired adaption
of Anthony Burgess novel 1962
(Sverige 1972 En Apelsin med
urverk). Iconic imagery

22. Touch of Evil (En djävulsk fälla)
Orson Welles 1958

Visually gorgeous made Film
Noir with a hypnotic Orson
Welles stealing every scene as
corrupted cop Hank Quinlan
Read more on the Film Noir page


23. El Ángel Exterminador
(Mordängeln) Luis Buñuel 1962

Some pompous upper class
folks just can't leave a dinner
table no matter how they try
Satirical Buñuel about the
hardships of the poor rich


24. Dodes'kaden
Akira Kurosawa 1970

Pitch Black surreal drama of
people living among garbage
Impressive Feel Bad and some
say Akira tried to commit
suicide after making this film

25. Odd Man Out
Carol Reed 1947

Gripping romantic crime-drama
about an injured IRA man who
flees through the Belfast night
Beautiful with a great Mason
Read more on the Cult & Classics page 1


26. Jeanne d'Arc
(En kvinnas matyrium) Carl T.
Dreyer 1928 Silent

Intense and disturbing about
the torture and murder of the
Maid of Orleans. Falconetti's
like a blow-torch in your head


27. Nattvardsgästerna
Ingmar Bergman 1963

Magic Björnstrand as a priest
plagued by doubt and full of
rage. Thulin great too as his
harassed woman. Stringent
from a bleak winter landscape

28. Apocalypse Now
Francis Ford Coppola 1979

Visual fireworks and masterful
on Conrad's Heart of Darkness
about the US war in Vietnam
Keeps the racism from Conrad,
so suited to the western minds


29. Viskningar och Rop
Ingmar Bergman 1973

A Delightfully hysteric and
high-strung drama with
amazing photo from Sven
Nyqvist in intense colors


30. Some Like it Hot
Billy Wilder 1959

Very funny and with that
crazy last line
Billy Wilder, a Genius

31. Five Easy Pieces
Bob Rafaelson 1970

Jack Nicholson in, maybe, his
best role as a volatile piano
player on the run from his
family, girlfriend and himself


32. All About Lily Chou-Chou
Shunji Iwai 2001

Haunting and mystic teenager
drama experimentally told and
visualized in a total union of
images, sound and .... text
Read more on Japan Film page 2


33. Nosferatu
Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau
1929 Silent

Still the best vampire movie
ever made with the scariest
or ... creepiest Dracula

34. The Conversation

Francis Ford Coppola 1974

Brilliant psychological neo-
noir crime drama with a ditto
Gene Hackman as a surveill-
ance operator. The Artful 70's


35. Gun Crazy
Joseph h. Lewis 1949

My favourite Film Noir of all
time. Low budget B master-
piece about a robber love
couple on the run. Great
chemistry between the leads
Read more on the Film Noir page


36. Once Upon a Time in the
Sergio Leone 1969

My favourite western of all
time. Grand scale epic, visual
magic, Morricone's music and
the blue eyes of Henry Fonda
Read more on the Cult & Classics page 2

37. Onibaba
Kaneto Shindo 1964

Dark horror tale from medie-
val Nippon about 2 women,
2 predators, in a big field of
grass. Mystic and Sensual
Read more on Japan Film page 2


38. Detour (Farlig omväg)
Edgar G. Ulmer 1945

Minimalistics B studio Film
Noir masterpiece with more
desperation per piece of
celluloid than any other film
Read more on the Film Noir page


39. Double Indemnity (Kvinna
utan samvete)
Billy Wilder 1944

Fast and hardboiled dialogue
in a Film Noir that became
the archetype of the genre
Billy Wilder, a Genius
Read more on the Film Noir page

40. The Mirror
Andrei Tarkovskij 1974

Enigmatic, dreamlike and
Tarkovskii = Genius

41. Le Cercle Rouge
Jean-Pierre Melville 1970

The French Maestro of Crime
films gives us a beautifully
stylized genre effort full of
delirium and Zen
42. The Milky Way (Vintergatan)
Luis Buñuel 1969

A quite sweet satire on the
lunacies of religious fervour
during a pilgrimage to
Santiago de Compostela

43. Il Gattopardo (Leoparden)
Luchino Visconti 1962

Burt Lancaster in the role of
his life as a pensive aristocrat
feeling obsolete in the united
new progressive Italy
Read more on the Cult & Classics page 2


44. Dil Se (From the Heart)
Mani Ratnam 1998

Romantic combined political
masterpiece with a Big Bang
ending. L'amour fou and Feel
Bad and maybe the greatest
love story ever told
Read more on Bollywood page 2


45. The Killing of a Chinese

John Cassavetes 1976

Unique Cassavetes film noir
told through shattered pieces
of a mirror. Ben Gazarra a night
club owner with a fatal debt

46. Angel Face
Otto Preminger 1929

A Gripping and unusual art
movie Noir with a haunting
Jean Simmons as a rich but
sad girl. From maestro Otto
Read more on the Film Noir page


47. Brief Encounter
David Lean 1945

Melancholic and finely tuned
drama about unfulfilled love.
Nowadays Hollywood version
would certainly have Kate
Hudson & Adam Sandler in it


48. Citizen Kane
Orson Welles 1941

Genius film debut, cinematic
Fireworks, but .... maybe so
much so as feeling slightly
show-off. But, even greater
films was to come
Read more on the Cult & Classics page 2

49. 3 Women (Tre kvinnor)
Robert Altman 1977

Enigmatic and fascinating
drama about women in
Altman's "Persona"


50. Requiem For a Dream
Darren Aronofsky 2000

Visually hypnotic, pitch-black
on Hubert Selby Jr's novel
and with an otherworldly
great Ellen Burstyn
Read more on the Cult & Classics page 1



51. Metropolis
Fritz Lang 1925-26 Silent

Groundbreaking sci-fi
drama and visually
stunning, even today.
A genre milestone
Read more on the Cult & Classics page 1

52. Leave Her To Heaven
John M. Stahl 1945

Gene Tierney is mesmerizing
and frightening in a melodrama
Noir with Oscar winning photo
from Leon Shamroy
Read more on the Film Noir page


53. High Noon (Sheriffen)
Fred Zinneman 1952

Gary Cooper is unforgettable
as a lonely, scared but deter-
mined sheriff. A famous and
fine soundtrack too


54. Pinocchio
Walt Disney 1940

My favourite Walt Disney
film with breath-taking
animation art at it's best.
The donkey transformation
scene is disturbing as hell
Read more on the Cult & Classics page 1

55. Un Chien Andalou
(Den andalusiska hunden) Luis Buñuel/Salvador Dali 1929

Surrealistic artmovie icon
with that pig-eye scene that
shocked the world. Yuck, it
will haunt you for years


56. Love Streams
John Cassavetes 1984

Robert and Sarah. Great but
underrated sibling drama from
a dying master. Cassavetes &
Rowlands what a brilliant and
beautiful couple


57. Les Quatre cents coups
(De 400 slagen)
Truffaut 1958

Masterful debut and great
youth drama

58. Laura
Otto Preminger 1944

Perfect stylish Film Noir crime
with the out of this world
gorgeous Gene Tierney and a
razorsharp Clifton Webb. From
Otto The Master
Read more on the Film Noir page


59. La Femme du Boulanger
Marcel Pagnol 1938

Life-affirming about how a
bakers sorrow, after being
dumped by his young wife
having an affair, affects a
whole village


60. Vertigo (En Studie i Brott)
Alfred Hitchcock 1958

Brilliant melodrama thriller
where an obsessed James
Stewart becomes slightly
perverted as the films goes
on in a genius Hitch twist

61. Il Cappotto (Överrocken)
Alberto Lattuada 1952

Renato Rascel is gripping
as a grey office-worker and
a ghost, based on Gogol's
short story The Coat
Read more on the Cult & Classics page 1


62. Amarcord
Federico Fellini 1973

A wild childhood yarn and
maybe biographical. For once
Fellini's burlesque and loud-
mouthed italians feels right.
Sex, fascism, Tobacco lady


63. The Red Shoes
Michael Powell 1948

Sometimes magically
beautiful melodrama dance
film based on the fairy tale
by H. C. Andersen
Read more on the Cult & Classics page 1

64. Tokyo Boshoku (Tokyo
Yasujiro Ozu 1957

Meditatively slow and
gripping about feelings of
loss after a mother.
I've only seen a few films
from this japanese master


65. The Wizard of Oz
Victor Fleming m fl 1939

Perfect fairy tale musical
with Judy Garland and the
scariest witch ever on film
in ultra-nasty Margaret
Hamilton. Scared the hell
out of generations of kids


66. Peeping Tom
Michael Powell 1962

Completely groundbreaking
psychological Meta horror
about voyeurism and film.
Before it's time and killed
by British film critics farts

67. Les Choses de la Vie
(The Things of Life)
Claude Sautet 1970

Beautiful Feel Bad about a
man dying after a car accident
and revisiting his life. Michel
Piccoli and Romy Schneider


68. The Bad Sleep Well
Akira Kurosawa 1960

Dark and stringent crime-
drama about revenge and
corporate corruption.
Aaaah, and no screaming
samurai running around
hither and thither


69. High and Low
Akira Kurosawa 1963

Dark and stringent crime
drama about a kidnapping,
social differences and
revenge. And, no samurai
screaming and running
Read more on Japan Film page 2

70. Psycho
Alfred Hitchcock 1960

Absolute genre classic and
probably the most influental
horror film ever made, with
an iconic soundtrack


71. Vargtimmen
Ingmar Bergman 1968

Hypnotic horror-drama
about an artists meeting
with demons on one of
the smaller Frisian islands


72. Eraserhead
David Lynch 1971-76

A Surreal nightmare that
doesn't resemble any other
film. Enigmatic artmovie
Read more on the Cult & Classics page 2

73. Images (Schizo - Den kluvna

Robert Altman 1972

Underrated from the genius
master, but a fascinating and
disturbing psychological
drama about schizophrenia
Read more on the Cult & Classics page 2


74. Bob le Flambeur
Jean-Pierre Melville

Roger Duchesne plays a
gangster with a heart of
gold in a stylish noir that
kick-started the french
New wave of moviemaking


75. Seconds (Död man lever)
John Frankenheimer 1966

Misunderstood, forgotten,
underrated etc. etc. Yes, a
paranoia sci-fi thriller drama
masterpiece and Feel Bad.
Read more on the Cult & Classics page 2

76. Fantasia
Walt Disney 1940

When Disney made art for
adults. An ambitious Trip
Out to classical music



77. Long Arm of the Law
Johnny Mak 1984

Greatest HK crime action
ever made. Gritty intense
about a gang of robbers and
with genius Feel bad ending
Read more on the HK Classics page


78. Fat City
John Huston 1972

Melancholic boxing-drama
with a great Stacy Keach.
Much better than the over-
rated Scorsese one

79. Jeux Interdits
(Förbjuden lek)

René Clément 1952

Impressive anti-war drama
about therapeutical games
of 2 children dealing with
the horrors of WW2. Brigitte
Fossey plays the young girl


80. Picnic at Hanging Rock
Peter Weir 1975

Sensual supernatural drama
about missing girls in 1900.
Based on the novel by Joan
Lindsey, where the missing
chapter was released 1986


81. Unagi (Ålen)
Shohei Imamura 1996

Quiet but fascinating crime-
drama about an ex-convict,
a barbershop and his be-
loved buddy the Eal.
Read more on Japan Film page 2

82. Save the Green Planet
(Jigureul jikyeora!)
Jang Jun-hwan 2003

Wildly inspired and unique
crime-drama-thriller Sci-Fi in
a sensational film debut
Read more on the Korean film page


83. Un Mauvais Fils
(Rötägget) Claude Sautet 1980

The Amazing but tragic
Patrick Dewaere excels as a
sad ex-convict in a seldom
seen Feel Bad drama from
the great Claude Sautet


84. Scarlet Street
Fritz Lang 1945

Robinson is orgasmic good
in a Feel Bad Film Noir as
a middleaged painter falling
in love with a rotten hussy
Read more on the Film Noir page

85. Aguirre, der zorn gottes
(Aguirre - guds vrede)

Werner Herzog 1972

A Hypnotic dream from a
humid djungle hell where
some conquistadors meets
a terrible fate in their brutal
quest for gold


86. Cure (Kyua)
Kiyoshi Kurosawa 1997

Brilliant psychological art
horror thriller from manys
new japanese favourite
director KK
Read more on Japan Film page 2


87. Don Quixote
Georg Wilhelm Pabst

Famous bass-singer Feodor
Chaliapin is powerful but be-
wildered in this inspired but
rarely seen Cervantes adaption
from the genius german Pabst

88. Suspiria
Dario Argento 1977

Visual masterpiece saturated
with colors. The brave Suzy
Bannion escapes from Hell.
Nasty witch clan in a ballet
academy on the gate of hell


89. Paths of Glory (Ärans väg)
Stanley Kubrick 1957

Strong anti-war statement
from WW1 about the sick
code of honour of war.
War gaming kids from over
the world should see this


90. Hana-bi
Takeshi Kitano 1997

Beautiful and pensive about
a burned out cop and his
last days with a dying wife.
Kitano, the Jean-Pierre
Melville of Japan

91. Cargo 200 (Gruz 200)
Aleksej Balabanov 2007

Hypnotically bizarre crime
drama and social satire from
the wild son of russian film.
Dead to early, R.I.P. AB
Read more on the Russia film page


92. The Bird People in
Takashi Miike 1998

A unique, Miike-quirky
and poetic drama from a
remote mountain area of
China. My Favourite Miike
Read more on Japan Film page 1


93. Gulaal
Anurag Kashyap 2009

From the volcano of the
new Bollywood film wave,
this hypnotic nightmare
of a crime-thriller. Indie
Read more on Bollywood Film page 1

94. Macbeth
Roman Polanski 1971

Pitch-black, violent and
disturbing film version of
the bard of Avon's play.
Other great films from Kuro-
sawa, Welles and Bhardwaj


95. On the Waterfront
Elia Kazan 1954

Brando's great in a drama on
Budd Schuelberg's What
Makes Sammy Run? "I
could've been a contender"


96. I Will Walk Like A
Crazy Horse

Fernando Arrabal 1973

Surrealistic and disturbing
flow of pictures in art movie
from avant garde filmmaker
and author Arrabal

97. Old Boy
Park Chan-wook 2003

The Revenge thriller that
shook the filmworld. Instant
cult classic with great pace
and even critics took notice
of the Korean film wonder
Read more on the Korean film page


98. Nine Souls
Toshiaki Toyoda 2003

Fascinating existential
drama about 9 convicts
on the run in a mini-van
Read more on Japan Film page 1


99. Santa Sangre
Alejandro Jodorowsky

Magic artmovie horror
tale from the special one,
Jodorowsky, and with a
fantastic Blanca Guerra
Läs mer på Kult och klassiker sida 1

100. The Fabulous
Baker Boys
Steve Kloves 1989

Personal favourite of mine
A lovely little drama about
2 brothers and a singer and
a nightclub act. Great actors
Läs mer på Kult och klassiker sida 1


100. A Streetcar Named
(Linje Lusta)
Elia Kazan 1951

Fragile Vivian Leigh meets
everyday evil in a young
Brando. Great adaption of
a Tennessee Williams play


100. El Bruto (The Brute)
Luis Buñuel 1952

Crime melodrama from El
Maestro's mexican period
with sex, black humour,
violence and social struggle
Läs mer på Kult och klassiker sida 1





Psychotronic Films

Yes, and then we have some films so strange and/or unhinged that a special category is needed, and here i borrow a heading that
i think the film scholar Michael Weldon first used - Psychotronic Films.
I only add 2 of my favourite films here: A Beloved Cult Classic and an experimental Art art-movie



The 1980's US NTSC VHS

Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!
direction: Russ Meyer (1965) b&w

R.I.P. Tura Satana - The Mother of all cult film villains/heroines

She died februari 2011 and she was between 72 and 75 year old

One of a Kind.

Tura Satana's role portrayal of the deadly but alluring psycho
Go-Go girl Varla doesn't resemble anything else in film history
and she remains an icon for every new generation of film lovers.
Film director and author John Waters has said it best: "FPKK is,
beyond a doubt, the best movie ever made. It's possibly better
than any film that will be made in the future"

Russ Meyer, one of the greatest photographers ever, became a
film director and created his own unique universe of gigantic and
aggressive women. The films were made independently and are
recognized by their gorgeous razor-sharp photography and the
expert editing, but with maybe a bit poor/odd scripts sometimes


Outer Space
direction: Peter Tscherkassky (1999) b&w 10 min (Austria)

With a starting point in the supernatural horror movie The
Entity with Barbara Herschey, this experimental art film maker
and artist dissects the film medium thoroughly almost down to
the atomic level. A wild ride to the inner universe of a film, and
yak yak etc etc ..... A disturbing but fascinating journey it is

This is an experimental art-art movie so beware


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