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1. Save the Green Planet (2003) direction: Jang Jun-hwan - one of the most sensational and offbeat film debuts ever

2. Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002) direction: Park Chan-wook - a classic feel bad tale of revenge

3. Secret Sunshine (2007) direction: Lee Chang-dong - gripping drama with lots of sorrow and great acting

4. Mother (2009) direction: Bong Joon-ho - brilliant crime-drama with a fantastic Kim Hye-ja as sleuth

5. Old Boy (2003) direction: Park Chan-wook - crime drama that rocked the world

6. Oasis (2002) direction: Lee Chang-dong - protest drama and love story about 2 outcasts in the korean society

7. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring (2003) direction: Kim Ki-duk - beautifully meditative and peaceful

8. Texture of Skin (2006) direction: Lee Sung-gang - enigmatic and fascinating non-animated feature debut

9. Never Ending Peace & Love (2003) direction: Park Chan-wook - short film about an unfortunate nepalese in Seoul

10. The Quiet Family (1998) direction: Kim Je-woon - a delightfully offbeat comedy and a great feature film debut

11. The Day A Pig Fell Into the Well (1996) direction: Hong Sang-soo - Korean "Short Cuts"

12. Yobi the Five Tailed Fox (2006) direction: Lee Sung-gang - uneven with too many plots but still just GORGEOUS visually

13. Night Fishing (2011) direction: Park Chan-wook - absolutely haunting experimental short filmed on iPhones

14. The Foul King (2000) direction: Kim Je-woon - another offbeat comedy and with Song Kang-ho as a loser bankman becoming a wrestler

15. The Chaser (2008) direction: Na Hong-jin - neo-noir crime-thriller with a great Kim Yun-seok as a pimping bum

16. Epitaph (2007) direction: The Jung Brothers - dreamlike visually stunning horror-drama and another great debut

17. Dasepo Naughty Girls (2006) direction: E J Yong - eccentric impressive sex-comedy-high school-musical-satire

18. Memento Mori (2000) direction: Kim Tae-young - a sensual and dreamlike drama-horror about high school girls

19. A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) direction: Kim Je-woon - visually atmospheric and fairy tale like horror-drama

20. My Beautiful Girl, Mari (2002) direction: Lee Sung-gang - lyrical, just lovely animation about a magical summer

21. Pluto (2013) direction: Shin Su-won - an offbeat indie high school thriller with criticism of the harsh school system

22. Untold Scandal (2003) direction: E J Yong - A gorgeous and highly stylized love costume drama from 18th century

23. Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005) direction: Park Chan-wook - the third part of the legendary Revenge Trilogy

24. A Bloody Aria (2006) direction: Won Sin-yeon - a refreshingly bizarre korean take on Deliverance with dark humour added

25. The Host (2006) direction: Bong Joon-ho - wonderful creature horror with great actors and a lot of fun. Charming

26. Address Unknown (2001) direction: Kim Ki-duk - lots of darkness and misery about human shipwrecks but still fascinating

27. Memories of Murder (2003) direction: Bong Joon-ho - great crime-drama based on real serial killings committed 1986-1991

28. A Bittersweet Life (2005) direction: Kim Je-woon - great and intensely violent crime-action with great acting

29. The President's Last Bang (2005) direction: Im Sang-soo - great drama-thriller about the killing of dictator Park

30. Architecture 101 (2012) direction: Lee Yong-soo - romantic indie drama about bitter memories of a love affair