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Trashy surf-punk-power pop-alternative noice often close to pure Chaos...yes, she's a Psychotronic Latin Dream Girl and almost the Silvia
Superstar from The Killer Barbies of Mexico - but just almost. Often fun and sometimes good.
Jessy once was a member of the famous mexican all-girl trashrock band The Ultrasónicas (see below) and she's produced by swede? Martin
Thulin. I love her cool surf-style anthem Maldito and you better listen to it on Youtube, follow the Youtube link below. From her 2008 album
Taras Bulba the cute pop and slightly 60'ish song Mi Muñequita Sintetica is nice too.
Jessy's band that's Jessy herself on bass and Galaxis, EfHector, Super Héroe and Rarón Rarón and in 2002 she left Las Ultrasónicas

Listen to her Über great surf - punk- rock classic Maldito - Follow the Youtube link to Maldito


Las Ultrasónicas


This, also in Europe and the US almost famous, mexican all-female Garage-Punk band from Mexico City started in 1996 with Jenny Bombo
on Drums, Jessy Bulbo on bass, Ali Gua Gua on guitar and also with Susy Vox and Farfisa Tere. Jessy left in 2002 after their 2nd album
(pic at right). Today the band's a trio with Ali Gua Gua, Jenny Bombo and Roxxxy Glam. Listen to these great psychotronic mexican babes...

Listen to Descodada - follow the link to Youtube

Cool, seems to be inspired by Russ Meyer's cinematic masterpiece Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!

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