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A Rock and Power Pop artist/band from Zapopan/Guadalajara, Jalisco and her/their style are somewhat alternative/indie. Fronted by the
GREAT female vocalist Elis (alias Lady Whiskey, Erika Elizabeth) who earlier had a band called The Paprikas. Guitarists are/were ...... well,
nowadays we got wikipedia so look there for this bands complicated changes through the years.
Their 1st EP in 2006 on the big Sony Label (pic, up right) had 7 songs: At 5:00, Give Me Love, Mucho, Texas, Happy, No Puedo and Bitch.

On their second EP in 2007 the rocker No me vas a callar can be heard (listen to it on Youtube and Camila Saavedra's the cute girl who's
playing the role of Elis in the video and Elis can be seen in the audience), and it also had the very fine Hasta que te conoci (until i met you)
a tribute to the artist Juan Gabriel.

Also on the soundtrack to the film Llamando a un angel (Calling an angel) and their album Express was released in 2009. In 2010 she released
the both critically acclaimed and commercially successful album Maldito and in 2012 the album Animal and 2013 the album Adios


From her Express album - the fine Power Pop gem Tarde O Temprano official video



... 1st EP

Follow the link to Youtube - No puedo

... 2nd EP





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