We are the Flesh (Tenemos la carne, 2016)

UK Arrow Video Blu-ray edition

Noé Hernández as Mariano from Booklet

Enigmatic and with some sort of strange energy, an experimental artmovie horror from young mexican director Emiliano
Rocha Minter. Lots of primal therapy type of screaming, some gore, full frontal nudity and hardcore non-erotic sex.
The sex can't be erotic, that's a No-No. Yes, then all the requisites are there for the non-konformistic film intellectuals
going bananas, like flies drawn to sugar. Let the war of the intellectuals begin, bring on the bores. Pasolini, Lynch bla bla.

Well, the film was weird at least and that's something. Very physical with human naked bodies seemingly unite with the
surroundings, a nightmarish papier-maché made rendition of hell. Some interesting surreal visuals and almost af if taken
from brazilian José Mojica Marins 1966 movie Esta noite en carnarei no teu cadaver with it's inside Dante-esque nether-
world of squirming naked bodies and perversions. Aha .... there i go, then i'm a bore too, noooooo. Me? No way, i hate
Haneke, von Trier, British dramas, French dramas, Swedish dramas, most european artmovies and all pretentious bores

Reversible sleeve

OK, i didn't like this film that much maybe, but there's always some magic to Mexican film, it's hard to define.
A mentally ill man, Mariano (Noé Hernández) lives in an abandoned building where he mumbles to himself, beats a
drum and screams a lot. 2 homeless youngsters soon join him, siblings they may be, Fauna (María Evoli) and her brother
Lucio (Diego Gamaliel) and they help him with his project, constructing an Inside cave (or Hell) out of wood and papier-
maché. Soon he lures them into having hardcore sex and perversion and madness follows for the rest of the movie.

widescreen 1.85:1, spanish audio DTS-HD MA 5.1 or PCM stereo with english subtitles.
Extras: 2 shortfilms by Emiliano Rocha Minter - Dentro (12 minutes in black&white from 2012) and Videohome (11
minutes from 2014), a Video Essay from Virginie Sélavy about the film (36 .... yes, 36 long minutes, well the film had
lots of genitals, hardcore and perversion in it, so ... Lars von Trier must be excited), a Booklet with text,
Interviews with director (18 minutes in spanish with subs), with Noé Hernández (20 minutes in spanish with subs),
with María Evoli (13 minutes in english) and with Diego Gamaliel (13 minutes in spanish with subs), trailer, gallery


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