Tricky Brains (1991)

Hong Kong Vicol Entertainment Ltd. Blu-ray edition

Stephen Chow, the king of the gags, the master of slapstick, the funniest Chinese man alive, in an early comedy filled with his unique brand of
"good" nonsensical humour. The 1990's Hong Kong saw a flood of Stephen Chow slapstick movies, and now, they start to show up in Blu-ray
versions, which is great news as i want to see them all. But, he's a divider, you either love him or hate his antics and .... i love him.
His films are slapstick at it's finest and most often he was coupled with his side-kick Ng Man Tat and directed by Wong Jing.

In this film Stephen Chow is the handsome trickster Jing Koo, an expert on hire to create chaos and mischief in peoples lives, and also a Chow
trademark, the unexpected dance number. Great farsical fun nonsense it is.

Andy Lau is Chi Man Kit and works in a office with i.a. cute Banana (Chingmy Yau), Macky (Waise Lee), Ng Man Tat and the bosses daughter
Lucy (Rosamund Kwan) working under cover to check up on how the business is going. Both Chi Man Kit and Macky are interested in Lucy and
wants the upcoming promotion, so Macky starts spreading rumours that Kit is a terrible person, an ex-triad gangster etc.
Then Uncle Chi (Ng Man Tat), the father of Chi Man Kit, is told that he has another son besides Kit, the idiot Chi Man Ching (Stephen Chow) who
enters their life and soon causes havoc at Kit's work. But is Ching really Uncle Chi's son or is he a hired trickster ?

This Blu-ray film is presented in anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1 and with a cantonese audio true HD 5.1 with english subtitles (or mandarin PCM 2.0
audio) , trailer only extra. Region ALL edition


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