Terror y encajes negros (Terror and Black Silk) 1985

US Desert Mountain media DVD edition

Beautiful women vs. irritated and threatened Méxican Machismo men

In a very obscure and sadly forgotten but very entertaining Méxican Thriller Drama with a whiff of Luis Buñuel as it tells a
story about fetischism in an apartment building, and maybe this film could qualify also as a Méxican Giallo.
Filled with black humour and just as it should be, as a co-worker to the Spanish Master. The Director Luis Alcoriza worked
on the scripts with Buñuel during his Méxican period of filmmaking (yes, and I see these films of Buñuel as his best, his
most vibrant and/or funny.

Maribel Guardia

The gorgeous Isabel Martinez (played by Maribel Guardia, Miss Costa Rica in 1978, and best known for Central American
people for her acting in a lot of Méxican Telenovelas or daytime Soaps) is a bored housewife who likes to stroll around in
her apartment dressed in sexy black silk underwear, and she feels that her jealous, in a machismo way, husband Gregorio
(Gonzalo Vega) ignores her.

In the apartment building there are also three young women who likes to party a lot which disturbs the other residents,
as the housemaid Coquis, and as the middle-aged music historian César (Claudio Obregon) who besides being annoyed by
the disturbances from the young partying women, also is a hair fetischist. And César attacks women to steal their hair and
to add to his hair collection in his closet. Ha, ha, sounds like a Buñuel movie (who had a feet or shoe fetisch i think?)

The film was in 4:3 original ratio with spanish mono audio with english subtitles, thank you Latin Cinema Classics


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