Sultanes del Sur (Sultans of the South) 2007

Thai J-Bics DVD edition, region 3


A Not bad Warner Brothers produced Méxican crime action that starts out with a smartly executed bank Heist, and with the loot
being 12,5 million US dollar. The perps being: The Brain of the operation, Leonardo or Leo (Jordi Molla), his girlfriend Monica
(Ana De La Guerra), tough guy Carlos Sanchez (Tony Dalton, also the script-writer) and Little Lecerio (Silverio Palacios).

Their future plan being: Laundering the heist money down in Buenos Aires, Argentina with the help of the crime boss El Tejano
(Celso Bugallo). Will everything go smooth then ? Hardly, and soon the money hunt is on through the street of Buenos Aires,
and with a decent car chase for our entertainment thrown in too. Enjoyable crime action

DVD presents the film in widescreen ratio, with spanish audio 5.1 with english subtitles, region 3. Extra a trailer and a picture gallery


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