The Skeleton of Mrs. Morales (El Esqueleto de la Señora Morales, 1960)

US VCI Entertainment 4K restored Blu-ray edition

Ha, ha, Yes, this mexican film classic for sure had some of Luis Buñuel in it, even if it could've had even more of the sexual
angle = war, between the married couple. The satire over the Catholic church and it's repression and bigotry is merciless
and funny and i'm sure the filmmaker genius Spaniard would've liked that.
The scriptwriter Luis Alcoriza worked with Luis Buñuel when he made some of his Mexican films - and his best films.

And ....

Él (1953) Direction: Luis Buñuel

Arturo de Córdova (1908-1973) the actor played the main role in one of Luis Buñuel's Mexican absolute masterpieces, the
1953 Él. Of what i heard it could even be the spaniards greatest film ever, and that means one of the best ever by anyone.
It's a big scandal that this film still today (this written in April of 2021) hasn't been released in a remastered copy and with
english subtitles. The greatest films of Luis Buñuel .... and not released !? Not Olvidados and not Él. It's a Shame.

The Director Rogelio A. González maybe wasn't known for directing these kind of "serious" films but he for sure directed
the insanely funny 1960 "La Nave de los monstruos" (Ship of Monsters) the probably greatest Méxican Psychotronic film
ever made - Read more about this sci-fi comedy and musical on my Méxican film page


Back to Mrs. Morales:

This is a Black Comedy and Crime Drama and as many reviewers has mentioned, there are Hitchcock and Buñuel vibes
all over it. "El Esqueleto de la Señora Morales" is considered a Mexican Classic and among the best films made there, and
VCI Entertainment has restored it to a very fine crisp and clear condition and in black & white.

Doctor Pablo Morales (Arturo de Córdova) is a mild-mannered middle-aged taxidermist beloved by his friends, the kids
on the street and even by the dogs playing around there. But, two neighbour women dressed in black like some ominous
cormorant birds (this type of bird is not popular in my country) stares at him with hate in their eyes (Mercedes Pascual
and Paz Villega) Why ? Because of Señora Gloria Morales (Amparo Rivelles) his wife.

She has a very dark mindset, she's very unhappy and dissatisfied with her life and she has turned their 15 year long marriage
into a living hell. She nags and bickers all the time. She spreads lies about him to the neighbours, to her sister and to the
quirky priest, Artemio (great and funny performance from Antonio Bravo) who seems to be eternally angry and annoyed.
She hates his job stuffing up dead animals, hates his smell of dead rottening meat, hates when he's happy, hates the poor
housemaid Meche (Rosenda Montero), hates when he tries to hug her, hates his injured eagle and she hates everything
connected to him. A marriage from Hell - but she still refuses to divorce him.

Gloria also spread lies that he's a violent drunkard who hits her regularly. The reason of her unhappiness partly because
she's crippled and walks with a limp. She's really an attractive woman with a figure to kill for but has a deformed knee.
What will be the straw that broke the Camel's back ? When will Mr. Morales finally have had enough of her ?

A great Mexican film it is and both Arturo de Córdova and Ampuro Rivelles give great performances, but the constantly
choleric and shouting priest, Mr. Artemio Familiar is my favourite. Funniest Catholic priest on film, or is it Don Camillo ?

VCI Entertainment presents this film in a crisp beautiful looking widescreen transfer (ratio not stated on sleeve but maybe
1.78:1), black & white with spanish audio plus english subtitles, region all bluray or BD-R disc, no extras


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