Seeding of a Ghost (1983)

UK 88 Films Blu-ray & DVD

Reversable sleeve

The Shaw Brothers was behind the shocksploitation groundbreaking Black Magic film series in Hong Kong at the
beginning of the 1980's and they're directed by Ho Meng-Hua in 1980 and 1982, and this film Seeding of a Ghost
is considered to be "the real" third entry in the series. And it rocks. Demented FUN with a Ju-Ju man, a warlock
digging up corpses for his black magic rituals, mucho sleaze with nudity en masse including a slow-motion topless
running at the beach, a wailing saxophone on the ST, upchucking of worms, lethal curses and splatter.
This film really explodes at the end in a delightfully trashy splatter orgy with a tentacle monster clearly more inspired
by early 1980's US horror film than anything chinese (as the monsters in the 1983 trash-horror Deadly Spawn).
The tacky cheap effects are great due to the gusto, the energy with which they're used. Hate CGI in horror, and i
think there may be a retro trend in many modern horror film using make-up manual effects instead of CGI .... i hope.

The Booklet

A taxi driver Chou Tung (Philip Ko or Kao Fei) is cheated by his adulteress wife Irene (gorgeous korean Maria Jo or)
Maria Yuen) who works at a casino when she's woed by the slick rich guy Ming Fang (Norman Chu or Chu Shao-Chiang).
Soon they make love, but what Irene don't know yet is that Ming is married (his wife played by Wai Ka-Man, and she
also can be seen in glorious full frontal sleazovision). After a quarrel with Ming she runs out of his car at night, and then
she meets her deadly fate in the 2 rapists Peter and Paul.
Her taxi driver husband is suspected by the police, but Chou Tung finds the perps himself and then contacts the warlock
for some grisly revenge and his dead wife's body is used for black magic rituals. But, her body surely did decompose fast.
And yes, we do get to see a Gong Tau duel between 2 magic men, so often seen in HK, Thai and even South Korean
black magic horrors (as lately in The Wailing).
Seeding of a Ghost is great viewing and trashy sleazy fun with a lot of demented energy

Widescreen 1.85:1, cantonese audio LPCM stereo with english subtitles. Extras: a great commentary track by legendary
HK film expert Bey Logan
.... who tells us everything about all the actors and the locations and that's just how i want a
audio commentary to be .... e.g. a young slim Lam Tsuet can be seen as an extra in the casino scene.
Hong Kong Horror: A History of Taboo Breaking in the Far East (20 minutes by Calum Waddell) and a Booklet with text

Maria Jo can also be seen in Trash Maestro Godfrey Ho's unbelievably sleazy and hyperkinetic females with guns action
Lethal Panther from 1991. So bad it's god. Aaaah, i remember buying it on a VHS in a local store here in Stockholm in
early 90's, a shop for chinese/HK people, the legendary Lisas Video who also rented/sold CD's with cantonese pop.
That film played out like a C version of B masterpiece Naked Killer.


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