Robo Vampire + The Vampire is Alive: Counter Destroyer (1987 - 1988)

German Mr. Banker Films 2021 DVD edition, region 2

Godfrey Ho -
The Legendary King of the Hong Kong Trash Movies, or the Chinese Ed Wood, Jr. Known for his enormous output of cheap
and trashy Ninja movies during the 1980's and his ability to cut and edit together material shot in a bunch of different film projects to one
incomprehensible mess of a film. He's known for paying an actor for the shooting of 1 or 2 films, an actor that surprised then could see himself
appearing in a whole bunch of different films.

The "best" and most known of the Godfrey Ho films would be (i guess) his 1993-1994 martial arts action "Bloody Mary Killer" with the genre
icon Cynthia Rothrock. This film is extremely entertaining and please read more about it in my Cynthia Rothrock section on the Female
Fighters film page. The crazy Mullet killer in this gloriously trashy film defies description and Cynthia as the redhaired with ribbons Big Sis
is very cute and she can be seen doing her martial arts weapons act briefly, and that is a thing of elegance and beauty.

Robo Vampire (1988) :

Eeeh, something about drug smugglers using coffins and dead bodies for hiding drugs and a Taoist priest managing the Chinese Hopping
Vampires and the super vampire Peter. But Peter's western ghost girlfriend Christine turns up, and a western anti-drug soldier when killed
is turned into a Robo Vampire to fight the bad guys. Boring C-grade action performed by C-grade actors follows.
A total confusing mess, and i found the hopping vampires to be the best thing.

Beware of serious brain damage due to watching this film !

The Vampire is Alive : Counter Destroyer (1987)

The sequel to Robo Vampire was made the year before, and this sounds logical as, after all, this is a Godfrey Ho movie.
This is a horror-action-comedy spliced together of elements from a couple of different film projects, and the result is confusion and madness.
Most parts of this film was shot in Thailand and with thai and some chinese actors. Some part may have been shot in Hong Kong and then
there are some anonymous western actors about whom i know nothing at all as no info can be found.

The film starts with a western woman, Joyce, who moves into a villa at the beach with her secretary/assistant Cindy to write a film script
for the filming of "The Last Emperor of China" and the film company has rented the villa. At the beach however there's a Taoist priest who
keeps some hopping vampires as slaves. The film company boss, a western guy, hires a private detective Jackie (Michelle Yim) to watch
what is going on with the script and with other competing film companies who also wants to film "The Last Emperor of China".

But, the films producer, a random western dude called Dixon, turns into a Ninja and fights off two hopping vampires and a zombie muscle
guy, and then at the end he shows up again turned into Robo Vampire. Jackie for some reason starts murdering other film company guys.
Or Not ? As this film is spliced together of material from different film shoots, Jackie in the Thailand scenes are working together with a
Thai cop, Paul (Sorapong Chatree) against gangsters, possible smugglers, and she's not involved with anything to do with a film script.

Joyce, the scriptwriter from the start of the film, is turned into a zombie and gives birth to a hopping zombie child, and develops a claw ....

No, NO, i can't take it anymore, i give up, please Godfrey Ho - STOP! Just stop. My brain hurts, too much damage .... too much ....

Beware of serious brain damage due to watching this film !

This German 2021 DVD presents these cinematic landmarks in widescreen 2.35:1 with english audio DD 2.0, region 2.
Extra an interview with the producer Tomas Tang (in english, 7 minutes)

Note: These 2 crappy films were presented with a poor and blurry picture quality and almost looked like a VHS transfer


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