Robotrix (Nu ji xie ren, 1993)

Hong Kong Panorama Corporation Ltd. 2020 Blu-ray edition

Hong Kong Fortune Star DVD

A Trash Masterpiece

The Legendary Amy Yip


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OK, THIS IS IT !! This may be the Ultimate category III film - An Absolute Psychotronic Masterpiece with everything
that makes the life worth living for a film geek. Comedy, Sci-Fi action, Sleaze with a big S and Female Fighting, and ....
with the Living Cat. III Legend - Amy Yip in top form, plus japanese goddess Chikako Aoyama and the forgotten
taiwanese celebrity Hsu Hsiao Dan in one of her very few HK films.
The legend of Amy Yip has grown to mammoth proportions today (writing this in may 2017) just as her cup size did.
Many thanks to Fortune Star who re-mastered this on a new (well, newer DVD as this edition was released in 2009)
DVD, but i really, really would like to see Robotrix and other Cat. III classics on a Blu-ray WITH english subs, but
sadly these films, if released at all on blu-ray, mostly are region A releases (HK, Taiwan or Korean) without english subs

Absolute Psychotronic Sleaze Masterpiece - and only from Hong Kong pre-1997, from the Golden Era when the
Crown Colony produced some of the wildest and most unhinged films ever made, anytime, anywhere.

But NO, sadly and much missed, The Great Cinematic Art that the Hong Kong Category III films were has ceased to be
and do not exist any more. Yes, the censorial category may still exist but the few films labelled by it doesn't look like the
old one's did, not after the chinese take-over in 1997. The nowadays HK filmmakers have to abide to the mainland rules
being able to export their films to this enormous market, and to be honest the bite and the Pizzaz of these cat.III films were
gone already some years before the handover. This style of unhinged filmmaking was once the reason i started to collect
Hong Kong films. At first i bought them from the US (some black magic zombie films) in the 1980's, and then at the end
of the 80's and beginning of the 90's i bought them at Lisas Video, a local shop for chinese immigrants here in Stockholm,
and soon thereafter Naked Killer become a Cult Hit in the UK (aaaaah, Carrie Ng .... another queen of the Cat.III film)
among film-nerds (of the Tarantino type) and some cool VHS releases followed there.

And it was the amazing Hong Kong brand of Hyperkinetic film that made me open my own DVD import shop in 2001
as i really, really wanted to show my fellow swedish people how amazingly great this film industry was (only some martial
arts movies had been released, e.g. Jackie Chan, and maybe some John Woo movie) and in better than VHS DVD quality.

The old Hong Kong Mega Star DVD edition

If the King of the Boobies sex films, Russ Meyer, had been a Hong Kong chinese filmmaker instead of the "Rural Fellini"
of the USA, cartoonish and colorful fun Robotrix could've been made by Russ. He would've loved Amy Yip, the queen
of the bras. Robotrix, a mind-bendingly funny and enjoyable trash sex sci-fi action with not just Amy Yip in it, but also
the beyond lovely japanese actress and model Chikako Aoyama (born in Osaka 1966) ....

............................................ Warning! Nudity below ................................................

2 pics from the net - not the movie

Pics from the film - David Wu and Chikako Aoyama

Yes, you couldn't ask for more as there are a lot of comedy, action and copious amounts of sex and nudity in this demented
sci-fi epic. And with Amy Yip, Chikako Aoyama and the interesting taiwanese actress and celebrity Hsu Hsiao-Dan, more
about the latter below, some rare info about this obscure actress which i found in some old cult film magazine.

This i quote from an IMDB reviewer, ha, ha, sums it up pretty well:

"If you gave a room full of college-aged males a small budget and a film-camera, this movie is likely what they'd come up with.
It has everything the hormone-addled male brain would ever need - naked female kung-fu robots"

Yes, maybe it can be seen as a satire of the then popular Robocop with it's delirious trashy action and low-budgeted effects.
But, who needs a special effects budget when you do have lots of full frontal female nudity and beautiful DD actresses of pure
Serena Grandi or Russ Meyer proportions. But it's not just for sleazehounds as Robotrix has got a charming quality to it too.

Chikako Malfunction

The Epic Story:

The son of a rich oil scheik, who finances Cyborg research, is kidnapped by the crazed japanese robot maker Yamamoto
(Billy Chow) who has turned himself into a Killer-Rape robot. The Hong Kong police creates a Task Force with one of the
members being Joe (David Wu) in the efforts to hunt down the cyborg-Yamamoto. The hot robot scientist Dr. Sara (Hsu
Hsiao-Dan) supports them with her female cyborg Ann/Linda (Amy Yip) and with her modified cyborg Eve R27 made of
the recently deceased policewoman Selena (Chikako Aoyama).
The policemen don't know that the 2 front-heavy women are robots and the scene where Amy Yip acts as bait in a brothel
is both very vulgar and very funny .... a classic really (and yeah, yeah i'm a pervert, so what, who cares?).

Chikako Aoyama and Hsu Hsiao Dan are very naked in this film, Aoyama were used to this from her work as an adult model
and Hsu Hsiao Dan from her status as a taiwanese Cicciolina, celebrity and politician with love as her message.
Amy Yip is almost completely naked (see pic above on this page) and made her only full nudity role in the classic Sex & Zen.
3 gorgeous actresses in the same film .... and so much of them to see .... drool .... Yes, it's almost insane and makes this film
an absolute exploitation trash action classic and a MUST SEE.

Some rare info about the Taiwanese actress Hsu Hsiao Dan

Hsu Hsiao Dan in media from the beginning of the 1990´s

Hsu Hsiao Dan (alternative name: Hiu Hiu Tan or Hiu Siu-Dan or Hiu Hiu Daan) could be my favourite in this film, she's very
charismatic and there's something hypnotic about her, it could be something about her eyebrows as i'm a sucker for female
eyebrows. When i first saw this film in the early 2000's i didn't know anything about this taiwanese woman, and no one else did
either as i found nothing, nada on the net about her. Today some 15 years later from my first viewing there's not much about her
too read still. Well, i did find some info in one of my old old movie magazines from the early 1990's and it told me this:

She was born in Taiwan 1959, which made her 7-9 years older than her fellow actresses in this film made in 1991. She was a
celebrity in Taiwan, an uninhibited scandal beauty, a nude model, a painter, a performance artist and a politician. In 1989 she
made the headlines (and was mentioned also in world wide media) when she created a buzz after demonstrating for a better
democrazy in Taiwan dressed like a topless Statue of Liberty. She was also famous for stripping during her political meetings.

Aaaah, her eyebrows Hsu and Amy in a tender scene

She tried to be voted into the Taiwanese National Assembly with her Nudity Brings Peace message (something like ex-pornstar
Romanian Cicciolina) and she was arrested many times. Candidated for the Workers Party with her slogans being - Instead of
Weapons, Boobies
and My Breasts are Nuclear Warheads .... sound very nice, i would vote for that.
Before the filming started, and i suspect she was given the role in Hong Kong because of her status as an international celebrity
and publicity reasons, she said the following about her in Hong Kong famous co-actress Amy Yip - "She's the Big Boob Queen
and Amy's Breasts are the Glory of Woman".
I've no idea if Hsu Hsiao Dan ever made a film in Taiwan though, and after this film i only know about one she made in HK, an
obscure Cat.III movie the 1992 Club Girl directed by a Li Jian Ping. Whatever has happened to Hsu since then?

The Panorama Corporation Ltd. Blu-ray 2020 edition in widescreen with PCM 2.0 cantonese audio and with english subtitles
Extras: Trailers and Bonus clips in Mandarin version 1-3. Region A disc

The old Fortune Star DVD was presented in anamorphic widescreen (bettered from the old Mega Star letterbox edition) and re-
mastered with a cantonese audio 2.0 with english subtitles and a picture gallery as an extra