Police Story (1984)

UK Hong Kong Legends DVD edition


YES! An Absolute Jackie Chan classic from his golden 1980's, from the time when he and Sammo Hung (and Yuen
Biao) made and acted in a series of action comedies with martial arts and mindblowing stunts. Wheels on Meals,
Project A, Winners and Sinners, Dragons Forever etc. etc. and Jackie's Police Story series. After re-inventing the
old time kung fu genre at the end of the 1970's by adding stunts and comedy, he made a string of these action comedies
with his "Brothers" Hung and Biao in the 1980's and in 1985 made his "own" Police Story where he pushed the
boundaries for action stunts to the limit and well into unknown territory.

Jackie plays wild Hong Kong cop Ka-Kui that goes after the bad guys in a way that often demolishes parts of HK.
He was already a big star by then in Hong Kong and many other parts of Asia, but this film made him a superstar.
In this film Ka Kui is chasing the tycoon villain Chu-Tu (Cho Yuen) and a shanty town is almost levelled to the ground
in an amazing intro action scene when cars goes literally "through" the buildings and down a hill.
Then there's the famous bus scene when Ka Kui hangs on to a speeding double-decker bus by using an umbrella ....

Above: Old HK DVD editions

When the Hong Kong police finally manages to arrest Mr. Chu Tu, they want his secretary Ms. Fong (played by
the great Brigitte Lin in an early role) to testify against her former boss, and Ka Kui is the man to keep her alive
from all hitman attempts to kill her. Brigitte Lin later evolved into one of the most charismatic of all HK actresses
in a series of fantasy wuxia films, as Bride with the White Hair or Swordsman 2 with Jet Li.
Maggie Cheung is May, the girlfriend of Ka Kui in all of the tree Police Story films, the unlucky moped girl ...
The film finishes with the legendary shopping mall scene and stunts that just blows your mind. Look at the stunt
men from Jackie's group getting knocked around, ouch! No cry babies these guys.

anamorphic widescreen with cantonese audio 5.1 with english subs (or an english dub).
Extras: an audio commentary by Bey Logan, the martial arts film expert and chinese speaking Bey Logan (could be
as old as from 2003), animated biography, gallery, trailer selection, interview with Jackie Chan (20 minutes in english)
and an out-take montage


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