People's Hero (Yan man ying hung, 1987)

Hong Kong CN Entertainment DVD Blu-ray edition, region free

From The Hong Kong Golden Era of Film a forgotten and for me completely unknown crime thriller and gritty drama. Suspenseful, well acted (especially
by Ti Lung) and with an intense ending, and in it's gritty unglamorous style somewhat resembling the 1984 Crime Action Masterpiece "Long Arm of the
Law" by Johnny Mak. OK, it's not that great maybe but still very Good, and with Ti Lung in a big meaty part as the dangerous one.

Ti Lung

Two small time criminals, Boney (Ronald Wong) and Ah Sai (a young Tony Leung, and i almost didn't regognize him) is trying to rob a bank but bungles
it, and soon there's a hostage situation with a horde of police outside closing off all ways of escape.
2 robbers and 9-10 people as hostages and everyone feeling uncomfortable with the situation, everyone except one that is - the man who sneaked in just
before the banks closing time, the man with a Magnum gun. He's Sonny Koo (Ti Lung) an infamous criminal and police killer. He quickly takes the 2 robbers
and their hostages as his hostages and then he contacts Captain Chan of the Crime Section (Tony Leung Ka Fai). Sonny plans to use his hostages for a
scheme of his own.

Tony Leung Ka-Fai as police captain Chan and Elaine Jin as Lotus

A GREAT film this is, a unglamourous and gritty crime movie, just the way i wants them, with a very fine Ti Lung and a short but noticeable performance
by Elaine Jin
as Ti Lung's girlfriend Lotus. Prepare yourself for a GRANDIOSE FEEL BAD ending, aaaah, only "Long Arm of the Law" beats this excellent
piece of depressing Hong Kong Noir. As far from the gunplay bullet opera of John Woo as you could get. That evil smile from police captain Cheung
(played by Paul Chun) was Nasty. Humans can be Evil for sure. Very Recommended.

And, even though this great film may've been unknown to me and probably also to most westerners i guess, that doesn't mean that the film is obscure to
Chinese viewers. It may be or it may not, but at the time both Tony Leung and Elaine Jin won Hong Kong film awards for their performances.

DVD presented in anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1 with cantonese audio and with english subtitles, a trailer extra, region free


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