Night of the Bloody Apes (La horripilante bestia humana / Horror y Sexo, 1969)

Doctor of Doom (Las Luchadoras vs. el médico asesino, 1962)

US VCI 2021 Blu-ray and DVD 2 disc edition - region all

Probably the most famous of the Méxican 1960's Trash Cinema horrors and legendary schlock maestro René Cardona's
re-make of his own 1963 "Doctor of Doom / Las Luchadoras vs. el médico asesino".
This US dubbed version with alternate scenes from the Méxican export version contains nudity and gore with scenes
of Open-heart surgery (maybe ? Unclear WTF it is, provided by Jerald Intrator ?). Anyway, it's very gory and almost
on the Herschell Gordon Lewis level so. Trashy, violent and sleazy this version became a Cult movie in the USA.

This is the US version with dubbed english audio and differs from the Méxican version with all alternate scenes of gore
and nudity inserted from various sources.
This release of "Night of the Bloody Apes" is coupled with René Cardona's
first version of the film, the 1963 "Doctor of Doom", also the first film in his awesome Las Luchadors series - read more
about these amazing wrestling women further down on my Méxican Film Page.
René Cardona co-wrote the script with his son René Cardona, Jr.

This release from VCI Entertainment comes with "Night of the Bloody Apes" (with gore and nudity ) and "Doctor of Doom"
in Blu-ray versions on Disc 1, and with "Night of the Bloody Apes" on a Disc 2 DVD.
Maybe this film is considered to be the 6th film in René Cardona's "Las Luchadoras" series, i'm not sure ? There are No
Lorena Velazquez or Elizabeth Campbell in this movie, but only one wrestling woman, Lucy Ossorio (played by Norma
and she can be seen in the nude in this version of the film.

Reversible sleeve

Night of the Bloody Apes (La horripilante bestia humana) - The Story:

The film starts at the wrestling arena where a cop, lieutenant Arthur Martínez (Armando Silvestre) is cheering on his
beautiful female wrestler/luchadora girlfriend Lucy (Norma Lazareno). (Amando Silvestre played a cop and boyfriend of
la luchadora Velazquez in the first two Luchadora movies). Lucy wins the match but her opponent fractures her skull
in a bad fall out of the ring and is taken to the hospital where she's about to be operated on (by Dr. Krauman).

The Surgeon Doctor Krauman/Krallman (played by José Elias Moreno) works at a hospital where his son Julio is treated
for leukemia and is about to die. The Desperate doctor abducts a Gorilla from the Zoo and with the assistance of his
limping assistant Goyo (Carlos López Moctesuma), mad surgeons always have a limping assistant, he transplants the
monkey heart into his son Julio. Good news: He survives the surgery. Bad news: He turns into a Human Ape Monster.
Even worse news: He turns into a Human Ape Monster with a craving for attacking nude women.

The Julio-Ape attacks are gory with knife stabbing and eye gougings and the question is, can Martínez and Lucy stop it ?
Ex-wrestler Gerardo Zapeda plays the Apeman in both 1969 Night of the Bloody Apes and in 1963 Doctor of Doom, and
Gina Moret plays his victim in the apartment scene.

Leaflet with text

La Horripilante Bestia Humana -
The Méxican original version of "The Night of the Bloody Apes" was released on DVD
in 2007 by US BCI Deimos in the non-nudity spanish audio version, and it was coupled with
the 1960 Muñecos Infernales
(The Curse of the Doll People) by Benito Alazraki.

The VCI Entertainment bluray presents the film in - ratio not stated - in english dub audio with english subtitles, region all
Extras: Audio commentary by Travis Crawford, Video essay on Night of the "Bloody Apes" and "Doctor of Doom" by Dr.
David Wilt, one of the leading authorities on Mexican Film History (35 + 23 minutes and yes, Great info about the Mexican
Trash Cinema we all love, photo gallery, Original theatrical trailer and a leaflet


Doctor of Doom (Las Luchadoras vs. el médico asesino) - Direction: René Cardona 1963

Above: The old US Something Weird Video DVD edition

Lucha Libre and Luchadoras Sci-Fi Horror, couldn't get any better and maybe this is the Greatest Film Genre ever ?
Unique Méxican Trash horror with unbelievable heroes as the wrestlers El Santo or The Golden Rubi (Elizabeth
Campbell) fighting against mad scientists, Panther women, aliens, vampires or Aztec mummies.
Yes, how could they let the old boy rest in his Sarcophagus and it was time to reanimate the Aztec mummy from
Rafael Portillo's 1957-1958 Mummy Trilogy with "Las Luchadoras contra la momia" in 1964.

I found it charming that when doing the real wrestling scenes our model thin heroines clearly are substituted by
much shorter and more muscular female wrestlers, the real Luchadoras. But, i think that Elizabeth Campbell as
Golden Rubi actually with time (in later films) managed to do some somewhat realistic looking grips and throws.

The Story:

The first film with the female mexican wrestling champion Gloria Venus played by bonita Lorena Velazquez, and in
some of the Luchadoras films she's called Loreta Venus instead, and the amazing Gringa La Brilliante Rubia or The
Golden Rubi/Ruby, played by the tall, strong and Gorgeous american Elizabeth Campbell, and they are fighting the
crazy surgeon Dr. Ruiz / Professor Wright (Roberto Cañedo) and his creature, superwrestler Vendetta.
Note that the names differ from the various english dubbed versions.

Poster pic

Dr. Ruiz / Professor Wright is a mad man, experimenting with brain transplants and his patients/prisoners tend to die.
Why ? Maybe they had to low IQ for the experiment to succeed. He needs more women to operate on and this time
his henchmen kidnaps a smart scientist, Alicia (Sonia Infante, who played the wrestler Sonia La Borrada in 1964 "Las
Lobas del Ring) but guess what, she dies too. Maybe a strong woman is needed, as a .... female wrestler.
But, Alicia was the sister of the famous wrestler Gloria Venus and this means the beginning of the end for the Mad
doctor's brain transplant experiments.

A new girl arrives to Glorias wrestling team - The Golden Rubi from USA and Elizabeth Campbell speaks her own and
charming gringa colored spanish in all of her Luchadoras films. Aaaah, Elizabeth you were so Lovely, where are you now?

Above from left to right: Chucho Salinas, Elizabeth Campbell, Lorena Velazquez and Armando Silvestre

Dr. Ruiz / Professor Wright has an Ape Man dressed in an armour suit in his cellar who he uses to kidnap victims and
the police bullets just ricoshets from him. The doctor need a strong specimen for his transplants to succeed and tries to
abduct Gloria and Rubi, without success. But he manages to snatch a girl from the wresting team, Carmela (Chabela
Romero) and this time he succeeds with the brain transplant. She gets the apemans brain and an deadly strong an
unbeatable superwrestler woman-ape Vendetta is born.

Gloria and Rubi makes a crime-fighting Quartet Team together with the police captain Mike Henderson (Armando
Silvestre) and his supposedly funny Comic Relief guy assistant Chucho (Chucho Salinas). Will they solve The Case
of the Missing Women and get their hands on the Mad Doctor, El Médico Asesino y soy banda and will Gloria win the
superfight against La Terrible enmascarada Vendetta ?

René Cardona re-made Doctor of Doom in 1968 as Las Luchadoras vs. El Robot Asesino, but without both Campbell
and Velazquez, and then yet again in 1969 as Night of the Bloody Apes. Gerardo Zepeda who plays the Apeman in
this film also plays the apeman in the latter film.

The VCI Entertainment bluray presents the film in 4:3 fullscreen original ratio with english dub audio and with english
subtitles, region all

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