La Nave de los monstruos (Ship of Monsters, 1960) Alias "El Rata" (1966)

El Piporro

US Lion's Gate - Televisa Home Entertainment DVD edition

The 1960 "Ship of Monsters - La Nave de los Monstruos" - one of the greatest movies of all time. Directed by Rogelio A. González (1920-1984)
and produced by the Genius Jesús Sotomayor Martínez, both of them also behind the 1966 "Alias El Rata" and also with El Piporro in it.

Two films with the very popular Norteño singer and actor Eulalio "Lalo" González AKA Piporro (1921-2003) with "Alias El Rata" being a crime-
comedy and "La nave de los monstruos" a beautifully bonkers Sci-Fi Comedy with a singing Cowboy. A true Psychotronic Masterpiece.

Rogelio A. González also directed 1960 "Conquistador de la Luna" (read more about this film with comedian Clavillazo on my Mexican Film
page) and also with Jesús Sotomayor Martínez as the producer, who also produced the 1958 "El Castillo de los Monstruos" with Clavillazo.
González, a bit surprisingly, the same year 1960 directed
the Méxican classic, the Buñuellian crime drama and black comedy "The Skeleton of
Mrs. Morales (El Esqueleto de la Señora Morales, 1960) - Read more about this film on my Méxican filmpage.

La Nave de los Monstruos: This US DVD edition is directed to the US latin population as it has only spanish audio without english subtitles
but the picture quality was quite good. It also includes the 1966 "Alias "El Rata" and with the very charismatic and beloved Piporro in both of
them, as a singing cowboy and as the master criminal the Rat. What "La nave de los monstruos" also has got is one of my mexican crushes,
the lovely Lorena Velázquez as an evil space chick, and she's to be seen as a Luchadora, a wrestling woman, in a series of wildly entertaining
comedy action horrors - The Luchadoras film series starting with Las Luchadoras vs. Médico Asesino in 1962 (read more about these trashy
wonders on my Mexican Film page).

A Sci-Fi horror comedy that radiates charm, humour and fun and also with a singing cowboy in it, which i suppose make it into a Musical also.
These amazingly entertaining South of the Border trash movies became cult movies in the USA when they were shown on TV and directed at
kids (and infantile grown ups ... as me). Matinée movies often cut to shreds, re-edited and with hilarious english dubbing, and of all these
unhinged mexican golden era horror-sci-fi-wrestling movies, La Nave de los Monstruos could be ....

The Holy Grail of Mexican Psychotronic Film

Two beautiful women from the planet Venus ... and when i say beautiful i really mean it, YUM! Gamma (Ana Bertha Lepe) and Beta (Lorena
Velázquez) are assigned to find male specimens to their world of women for breeding purposes. They've travelled all around the Universe
and when arriving to Earth they've with them a collection of male monsters from the Galaxies of UK, Utirr, Tagual and Zok, and these
creatures can't be descibed - only from the craziest minds of Mexico. The Space beauties also bring with them the Robot Tor, who loves
children and can teleport things (Tor the Robot could also be seen in the 1957 " La Momia Azteca vs. el Robot Humano" read more about
this on my Mexican Film page). The space walk looks surprisingly good and must be taken from some other sci-fi film (it's also used in
Conquistador de la Luna, 1960) .

When the space ship nears Earth the Ranchero (cowboy) Laureano ( Eulalio "Lalo" González AKA Piporro) notices it and he sings a
lovely song about the star in the sky ....

La Estrella del Deseo (The Wishing Star ?) OMG what a voice he had the great Piporro, listen to it on Youtube, it's just lovely, a classic.

After the ship has crashed in a cloud of smoke and dust, out climbs the 2 Venus goddesses, one dressed in a tight dark bodysuit with a
ray gun, and the other in a bathing suit and with net stockings and with ray rifle, and the first human they encounter is Laureano.
To communicate they test an array of languages before finding the spanish and when fast-talking Laureano talks too fast they can freeze
him and check out what he said on their (computer) mini monitor (hey, looks like a big smartphone and long before it's time).

Tor has the monsters locked into a cave, Gamma and Laureano fall in love, to Beta's annoyance and she gets vampire teeth and is turned
into a huge Bat. Beta let the monsters loose and, for some reason, sings a cute duet with Piporro's Laureano.
Can El Piporro save the world from being ruled by the evil but sexy Lorena Velázquez and her Monster men ?


Yes, as you can see it just can't get any better than this. This is glorious Trash for children and for adults with a severe brain rot,
and for lovers of Psychotronic film. Oooh, i so want this film in a Blu-ray release with english subs and a lot of extras.
Ana Bertha Lepe (1933-2013) is dead, Piporro too but wiki says Lorena Velazques (born 1937) still lives in Mexico City and 82 years old
when i am writing this. Please interview this legend from the Mexican Film Golden Era before it's too late.

The beloved El Piporro was a very likeable actor and he for sure could sing, what a voice he had. He came from the northern parts of
Mexico and was known for singing in the Norteño style, and in this film he sings a couple of songs and a rangero number.
Ana Berthe Lepe (who took part in beauty pageants) and Lorena Velazquez, 2 busty and beautiful goddesses with hypnotic cleavages.


Alias "El Rata" (1966) also directed by Rogelio A. González and produced by the Genius Jesús Sotomayor Martínez, is a crime drama
and comedy where the master safe-cracker The Rat (Eulalio "Lalo" González AKA Piporro) manages a heist in a bank vault.
He's chased by a crime cop who steals his girlfriend, nighclub singer Eva (Regina Torne, also a legendary mexican trash film actress).
The Rat escapes from the police in an ambulance dressed as a doctor, and into a village in the countryside where he falls in love
with a teacher, played by Alma Delia Fuentes - no other than the actress that played the young Meche in Luis Buñuel's Masterpiece,
the 1950 "Los Olvidados" maybe the best film ever made ?

Both films in 4:3 fullscreen original ratio, black & white, spanish audio mono with NO english subtitles.
Extra only a text biography about Eulalio González Ramírez - El Piporro


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