Naked Killer (1992)

British Hong Kong Legends DVD edition - region ALL

Chingmy Yau's Kitty and Carrie Ng's Princess on the cover


An absolute classic from the (once) wild and unhinged Category III genre of Hong Kong Cinema, but after 1997 and the take-over the
director's and producers of Hong Kong has to adapt to mainland China's censor rules. The category still exist when writing this in 2021
but the more delightfully unhinged films from the Cat. III is probably No More.
Hyper kinetic trashy action with sleaze and some comedy, and i well remember that this type of HK film became something of a sensation
in the West, and in some cases (as with Naked Killer) were also released here. Yes, the films and the martial art of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan
and Jet Li were known too, and also the action films of John Woo - but not the unhinged fun films of the Cat. III.

The Cat. III is really Not a genre of it's own, but just a censor category where all types of films are deemed to fit in - if they have a lot of
explicit sex and violence or other shocking material. But most film lovers know what one means with a cat. III movie, that is films like this
Naked Killer or like Dr. Lamb, Untold Story, Ebola Syndrome, Run and Kill, Passion Unbounded etc.

Above: The old Hong Kong edition in letterbox ratio and with Cantonese audio 5.1

The Story:

Ti Nam (Simon Yam) is a police inspector investigating a series of brutal murders and he believes that a woman has committed the killings
due to the violence against the victims (with a dick ripped off).
Kitty (Chingmy Yau) is acting very aggressively against men that treats women bad. A hairdresser who's bullying his pregnant girlfriend
and when she's in conflict with a gangster boss (ken Lo) and his goons she's saved by an older woman, Sister Cindy (Wei Yao).
Cindy is a professional killer and she makes Kitty to join her gang of killers. But, an ex-student of Cindy - Princess (Carrie Ng) a lesbian
psychopath (yes, this wouldn't be allowed today) has been payed to kill off Sister Cindy.

Carrie Ng Ka Lai

The sadistic Princess talks with a deranged purr and she steals every scene she's in. A true Psychotronic performance and what a charisma
this fine actress had. She acted in serious drama too but somehow she ended up in alot of Cat. III movies. Maybe she liked to let her dark
sides be played out on film. She's something of the female equivalent to Simon Yam, both are good actors and good looking, smooth and
both have acted in a lot of Cat. III movies attacking their parts with Gusto (OK, so maybe Yam have had a bit more distinguished career than
Carrie, but still). Carrie - You were a dark and dangerous screen goddess.


The Sequel to the immediate cult classic "Naked Killer" was the 1973 "Naked Killer 2 - Raped by an Angel" directed by Andrew Lau and
with i.a. Chingmy Yau and Simon Yam returning. The sequel is not as hilariously wild and funny as Naked Killer and with a completely
different story. Not as entertaining as "Naked Killer" but still a pretty OK crime thriller.

Yau Yuk Nam (Chingmy Yau) is an actress in Commercials and she's stalked by a sex maniac, a slick lawyer Chuck Chi Sing (Mark Cheng)
Yau has a childhood friend, Chu Kitn-Man, and they grew up in a Orphanage together and Kit-Man is raped by Chuck, and in the following
courtroom scene he uses dirty tricks and no-one believes her story. He's freed and even more evil he rapes and murders Chu Kit-Man, but
with an alibi for himself. When the police won't do anything about it it's up to Yau Yuk-Nam to revenge Kit-Mans death.
Simon Yam is in this film too as some sort of triad man but being a friend to Yau Yuk Nam, and Jacqueline Ng plays the role of Chu Kit-Man

I watched this on an old blurry VHS tape from the 1990's and i've no idea about the ratio or type of audio track