Mexico Macabre 1959-1963 Four Film Box (The Curse of the Crying Woman / La Casa Embrujuda, 1961)

UK Indicator 2023 Limited edition four film box collection; Numbered copy 4 624 / 6 000 Blu-ray edition, region all

These films were released in 2006 by US Panik House Casa Negra in great DVD editions with lots of extras. They
were very ambitious releases for it's time but unfortunately this film company vanished without a trace. But now
Powerhouse Films Ltd. and the Alameda Films vault gives us this beautiful limited Blu-ray edition with not just the
4 films, but also with a 100 page bookand with collector art cards. The films with spanish or english audio

Misterios de ultratumba 1958-1959 (The Black Pit of Dr. M)

El espejo de la bruja 1960-1962 (The Witch's Mirror)

El Baron del terror 1961-1962 (The Brainiac)

La maldicíon de la Llorona 1961-1963 (The Curse of the Crying Woman)


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