México Bárbaro (2014)

Swedish Njuta Films DVD

A collection of horror stories about i.a. 2 robbers taking refuge in an abandoned building with a demon in it,
a serial killer is an organ harvester, a pig-demon rapes a woman and sputters yellow slime on her, cannibalistic
killers has created an island of muñecas for tourists, a deformed man with a rubbery face re-animates a corpse
at a magic place in a barren landscape and mistreated strippers takes revenge on their male tormentors

These stories were directed by: Laurette Flores, Edgar Nito, Aaron Soto, Isaac Ezban, Lex Ortega, Jorge
Michel Grau, Gigi saul Guerrero and Ulises Guzman.
Anamorphic widescreen with spanish audio 5.1 with swedish subtitles, original trailer plus Njutas trailerreel

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