El lugar sin límites (The Place Without Limits, 1978)

US Strand Releasing - Mirada DVD edition - region 1

The eternal Méxican indie cultmovie favourite Arturo Ripstein, and the brilliant director of films as "El Otro", "Profundo
Carmesi" and the amazing "La Virgen de la Lujuria (The Virgin of Lust) here deals with the latin machismo problem when
méxican men have a problem with their sexual orientation. A great, unusual and finally very dark drama from Ripstein.

Roberto Cobo, once played one of the main roles as an evil street kid in Louis Buñuel's cinematic masterpiece the 1950
"Los Olvidados" and perhaps the greatest film ever made, and here plays a dramatically different role when he acts the
role as the gay transvestite Manuela.
El lugar sin límites won many Méxican Ariel awards for Best picture, Roberto Cobo best actor, Best direction, Best
production design, Best screenplay and Best supporting actor and actresses, Gonzalo Vega, Lucha Villa, Ana Martin

Manuela lives with his daughter Jap (Ana Martin) in the godforsaken méxican country town El Olivo where the old
mayor Don Alejo (Fernando Soler) owns and runs everything, everything except the Whorehouse that is owned by
Jap and run by her and her dad, Manuela. Don Alejo plans to sell everything in El Olivo to land developers, but he's
not a bad man hiring thugs to scare the dwindling number of inhabitants as expected in a film. Don Alejo cares about
the people in El Olivo and he's considered as a benevolent father figure by Manuela and the other.
(Well, maybe he's a bit bad as he cut the electricity in the town and forced people to leave).

Don Alejo is old and tired and soon about to die and his relation to his illegal son Pancho (Gonzalo Vega) is very
strained) and as he constantly nags at Pancho and treats him as dirt. Pancho is a violent macho man and he's about
to explode in anger. Manuela is deadly afraid of Pancho and believes he will kill him in one of his violent moods,
whereas Don Alejo accepts Manuela and calls her "she".
In a flashback to 20 years earlier we get to see how Manuela and his whores, musicians and dancers, arrived to El
Olivo. One of the whores, Japonesa Japs mother, won the whorehouse from Don Alejo in a bet, that Japonesa could
get gay Manuela to make love to her. She won the bet and got both the brothel and pregnant.

With his tall and lanky figure and female clothes dancer and prostitute Manuela was laughed at but he also woke up
both suppressed sexual desires as machismo hatred and with Pancho as a possible closet homosexual walking
around as a loaded gun full of self-hatred and shame of being whipped like a dog by Don Alejo, Manuela's in danger.

The film is presented in fullscreen 4:3 ratio with spanish audio and english subtitles. region 1


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