Las Luchadoras contra El Robot Asesino (1968)

US VCI Entertainment DVD

Text below written 2015-09-19

This film, the 5th and last in the Luchadoras Film Series depending on if you count 1969 La Horripilante Bestia
Humana (Night of the Bloody Apes in US version) to a Luchadora film or not. I don't, but both these films are
a Re-Make of 1962's Las Luchadoras vs. El Médico Asesino. René Cardona really knew to re-use his stuff.

Anyway, this film is NO GOOD, it's pretty bad and the luchadoras with Regina Thorne, even though she's good-
looking, in the front are un-charismatic and boring compared to the Godesses Velazquez and Campbell.
If the 1962 version was a truly great B-film this 1968 version is a trashy C-version.
This film supposedly was released in a sexed up version called El Médico loco y el sexo with some nudity, but
can't be found on any DVD it seems. Before the DVD around 1989-1990 i remember i had a US VHS copy of
this film and i'm pretty sure that version had some very brief scenes with nudity, the scenes in the bedroom and
the one in the cellar with the ape man and the nurse when the robot and the monster ripped the clothes off their
victims. Nothing of that here though, and these scenes certainly didn't make this film any better. The film sucks.

The Story:

A mad Doctor Surgeon let his Robot kidnap women for his experiments. He also kidnaps other doctors to help
him in his work. He wants to create a Brain-Impulse remote control apparatus to make people into human robots
- robot humanos. The Robot especially likes to make his way through wood doors which he happily splinters into
flying pieces and El Doctor also have an Apeman locked in his cellar. Unfortunately for the poor Apeman the
Doctor uses the creatures brain by transplanting it into a female wrestler. Not in Vendetta as in the 1962 movie,
but into Elektra, the unbeatable wrestling woman to fight against our heroines ....

Yes, who's our heroines this time with no Loreta Venus or Golden Rubi ? Regina Thorne plays Gaby Reina
and then there's a morena one too, but both of them are very dull. There's a police inspector (Joaquin Cordero)
and his "funny" assistant (Hector Lechuga) in this too and Carlos Agosti plays the Mad Dr. Orlac.
Fullscreen Color, spanish with no subs

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