Las Luchadoras vs. El Médico Asesino (Doctor of Doom / Wrestling Women vs. the Murderous Doctor, 1963)

US Something Weird Video DVD

Lucha Libre and Luchadoras Sci-Fi Horror, couldn't get any better and maybe this is the Greatest Film Genre ever ?
Unique Méxican Trash horror with unbelievable heroes as the wrestlers El Santo or The Golden Rubi (Elizabeth
Campbell) fighting against mad scientists, Panther women, aliens, vampires or Aztec mummies.
Yes, how could they let the old boy rest in his Sarcophagus and it was time to reanimate the Aztec mummy from
Rafael Portillo's 1957-1958 Mummy Trilogy with "Las Luchadoras contra la momia" in 1964.

This DVD features the 2 first Luchadoras films: 1. Las Luchadoras vs. El Médico Asesino (Doctor of Doom) 1962
and 2. Las Luchadoras contra la momia (Wrestling women vs. the aztec mummy) 1964.
As i will write about Las Luchadoras contra la momia on the VCI Entertainment edition release 2014 i only mention
the film - Las Luchadoras vs. El Médico Asesino (Doctor of Doom - the english dubbed version).

The first film with the female mexican wrestling champion Gloria Venus (played by bonita Lorena Velazquez, and in
some of the Luchadoras films she's called Loreta Venus instead) and the amazing Gringa La Brilliante Rubia or The
Golden Rubi/Ruby (played by the tall, strong and GORGEOUS american Elizabeth Campbell,
in which they fights against the crazy surgeon Dr. Ruiz (Roberto Cañedo) and his creature, superwrestler Vendetta.


Dr. Ruiz are experimenting with brain transplants and his patients/prisoners tend to die. He need more women to operate
on and his henchmen kidnaps the assistant to a professor, Alicia (Sonia Infante, who played wrestler Sonia La Borrada
in Las Lobas del Ring 1964) and guess what, she dies too. But, Alicia is the sister of famous wrestler Golden Venus
and that means the beginning of the End for his murderous experiments.
A new girl arrives to Glorias wrestling team - The Golden Rubi from USA and Elizabeth Campbell speaks her own and
charming gringa colored spanish in all of her Luchadoras films. Aaaah, Elizabeth you were so Lovely, where are you now?

Dr. Ruiz has an Ape Man in his cellar who he uses dressed in an armour suit to kidnap victims and the police bullets just
ricoshets from him. The doctor need a really strong specimen for his brain transplants to succeed and tries to kidnap
Gloria and Rubi, without success. But he get another girl from the duo's team, Carmela (Chabela Romero) and this time
the brain transplant succeeds, she gets the apemans brain and an unbeatable superwrestler woman-ape Vendetta is made.

Gloria and Rubi makes a crime-fighting Team of 4 together with the police captain Armando (Armando Silvestre) and his
funny guy comic relief assistant (Chucho Salinas). Will they get El Médico Asesino y soy banda and will Gloria win the
superfight against La Terrible enmascarada Vendetta ?

Fullscreen 4:3 original ratio, english dub version, black&white and the picture quality of this DVD's version of Doctor of
Doom was pretty good, an OK transfer from Something Weird Video, but ...

the transfer of film 2. Wrestling Women vs. aztec mummy was atrocious. Very Fuzzy and Dark and maybe it's just a
transfer from the old VHS ? 2014 VCI Entertainment released new dvd transfers that were much better if not perfect

This film was re-made in 1968 as Las Luchadoras vs. El Robot Asesino, but without both Campbell and Velazquez

NOTE: VCI Entertainment released Doctor of Doom in a crisp looking Bluray edition in 2021, coupled with Night of
the Bloody Apes
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