Las Luchadoras contra La Momia (Wrestling Women vs. Aztec Mummy, 1964)

US VCI Entertainment DVD

Text below written 2015-09-19

One of my favourite movies of all time, a trash cinema Masterpiece by the great René Cardona Sr. In this the great
wrestling duo of Loreta Venus (Lorena Velazquez) and The Golden Rubi (Elizabeth Campbell) takes on chinese
supervillain Black Dragon and his gang, his judo wrestlers Lien and Tzu and finally but not the least, the magnificent
and reanimated aztec mummy Tezomoc with the ability of turning himself into a bat.
Great locations in the pyramids outside of México City and some nice documentary (?) footage of aztec rites makes
this A Classic in Psychotronic Film History. And, Mexican Mummies just look the GREATEST (see below)

Scary Tezomoc

I first saw this film a quarter of a century ago on a US VHS and then on the blurry Something Weird Video DVD,
and this time i watched the VCI Entertainment DVD from 2014 with spanish speaking WITHOUT subtitles.
So, i didn't get the details regarding the story in the film as my spanish understanding unfortunately is quite bad.
But, there's a chinese villain and his banda, The Black Dragon Gang who's killing off archaeologists in the intro.

a mexican chinese bad guy

There's a lot of wrestling scenes where the obviously shorter and stockier body doubles for our tall beauties Loreta
and Rubi wears wigs and do the real wrestling, and then some quick cuts to the more beautiful ones.
Velazquez and Campbell sometimes do some wrestling manouvres themself though, and maybe Campbell more so
as the lovely Gringa really do look strong. Elizabeth Campbell - the definition of an Cult actress, gorgeous and Lost.
No one seems to know what happened to her after her mexican film career during the 1960's. Where is she now ?
The Crime Fighting Quartet of the first film is re-united in this film, Loreta, Rubi, police captain Armando (Armando
Silvestre who plays himself) and his supposedly funny assistant Chucho (Chucho Salinas dito himself)

The Crime Fighting Four

Black Dragon kidnaps Chela (Maria Eugenia San Martin, also in Las Lobas del Ring 1964) the daughter of yet another
Dr. Trelles, a mysterious man who knows something about the hidden tomb of aztec princess Xochitl.
Well, The Dragon sends 2 of his asian hench-woman, the Judo experts Lien and Tzu to fight against Loreta and Rubi
and everything ends in the pyramid in the famous aztec ruins just outside of Mexico City.

Now, there's a long segment from som aztec documentary (?) which shows the sacrifice of the aztec princess Xochitl
and the attempts of the warrior Tezomoc to save her with the result of he's being buried alive in a coffin near her. This
footage is of a better quality (both photo- and budgetwise) than Cardonas, so it must be borrowed from another film?

Tezomoc and Chela

They find the tomb of the sacrificed princess and her buried alive warrior and when someone takes the jewel-piece
from her chest - Tezomoc awakens from his long sleep, and he's pissed off. He can change himself into a bat and
he looks really cool and quite scary. Tezomoc takes on The Black Dragon Gang and want the jewels back.
He also plan to sacrifice Chela, the professor's daughter. Will the Crime Fighter Quartet save her life ?

Fullscreen 4:3 original ratio, spanish version without english subs, black&white. VCI Entertainment says on the cover
that the film has been restored for this DVD release. But how was the picture quality then ?
Much better than the old Something Weird DVD .... BUT NOT VERY GOOD unfortunately. It looks like someone
put a filter of some sort over the picture, it's a bit fuzzy all through the film.
It's a poor transfer and looks cheap compared to earlier US mexican film releases from great companies like Panik
House Casa Negra who really did a great serious job. The question is:
Has VCI even made any restoration at all or are these releases the same as the dvd's in Mexico ?


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