Las Mujeres Panteras (1967)

US VCI Entertainment DVD

This film, the 4th in the Luchadoras Film Series was the 1st were Lorena Velazquez didn't play the role of Loreta
Venus and also the last were the Gorgeous Gringa Goddess Elizabeth Campbell played her role of Golden Rubi.
A very uncharismatic Ariadne Welter plays Loreta poorly but EC rocks as Rubi as usual. Elizabeth Campbell, the
definition of an Cult actress, gorgeous and Lost. No one seems to know what happened to her after her mexican
film career during the 1960's. Where is she now and is she even alive?

The police duo, the Captain Arturo and his comic relief assistant is no longer played by Armando Silvestre and
Chucho Salinas but by Eric Del Castillo (the killer in Las Lobas Del Ring) and Manuel Valdes.
But, the Strange Thing in this film that's the role of El Angél - The Angel !? A masked wrestler crime fighter with
a smart sports car and his own lab - but he's NOT El Santo. Some sort of Copy he is though.

The story ain't bad and very enjoyable with a whiff of Cat People and with interesting Bad Guys .... eeh, Women.
We are shown Gothic Catwomen, a Mummy, a Magic Sword, an El Santy copy, Golden Rubi and Lucha Libre.

A Sect of Panther women killers wants to revenge the death of their leader, a brujo - wizard, many hundreds of
years earlier. The descendants of the responsible, that is professor Rafael Pietras Santa (Jorge Mondragón) and
his son Ramon (Genaro Moreno) are now the sects targets, and they get killed both of them.
Then there's only 1 living member of the Pietra Santas, Ramons young daughter. Can the police, Angel and Las
Luchadoras save the kid from the Catwomen's fury?

In this Elizabeth Campbell's last film as The Golden Rubi she actually seem to do a lot of the wrestling scenes by
herself, maybe she learned some wrestling manouvres or two during the 5 years since her first Lucha movie.
Fullscreen 4:3 original ratio, spanish version 2.0 without english subs, black & white

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