Las Lobas Del Ring (1965)

US VCI Entertainment DVD

a tender training moment

Text below written 2015-09-19

This is the 3d film in René Cardonas magnificent Las Luchadoras film series and this time it's a bit different
from the others as we don't have any super villains, mad doctors or aztec mummies but we do have a Bad
Guy though. Las Lobas Del Ring (She-Wolf Wrestlers in english maybe) it's about Wrestling and the tricks
played to get hold of the tournament prize money of 1 million pesos. Las Luchadoras vs. Luchadoras and
again we meet our heroines Loreta Venus (Lorena Velazquez) and The Golden Rubi (Elizabeth Campbell)

and ... The Golden Rubi Wins!

This is the spanish language version without english subtitles and as my spanish is poor i may have missed some
plot elements, sorry about that. Well, anyway, the film starts with a lot of men discussing something. This is the
Mexican Wrestling Association and they want publicity and decides to arrange a big all-female tournament with
a prize sum of 1 million pesos to the winner, to the last lady standing.

Then we meet the luchadoras and the different teams. Naturally Loreta Venus and Golden Rubi but also Susuki
(Maria Eugenia Martin, who played Chela in Las Luchadoras contra La Momia), the psychotic Malena (Cecilia
Viveros) who for some reason enjoys beating up her elderly husband, Tonia Rubio and evil Sonia La Borrada -
(utraderaren/eraser?) played by Sonia Infante, the ape-woman wrestler Vendetta in El Médico Asesino 1962).

Loreta Venus, ready for the final

Golden Rubi and Loreta's mother

Sonia and her brother, the gangster-killer Bernardo (Eric Del Castillo) really wants the prize money and starts to
kidnap, murder and drug the other wrestlers in the tournament. In the semi-final Sonia La Borrada beats Golden
Rubi because Rubi was drugged and helpless (and also because we couldn't have a final between our 2 heroines
could we) and will meet Loreta Venus in the Final. Then Bernardos gang kidnap Rubi and Loreta's mother to
force Loreta to loose the final match, or else ... Will the Rubi escape in time so Loreta could win the match?
Sorry for the spoiler, but i guess the picture above gives the answer to that.

Fullscreen 4:3 original ratio, spanish version 2.0 without english subs, black & white. VCI Entertainment says on
the cover that the film has been restored. But how was the picture quality then ?
NOT VERY GOOD unfortunately. It looks like someone put a filter of some sort over the picture, it's a bit fuzzy
all through the film.

It's a poor transfer and looks cheap compared to earlier US mexican film releases from great companies like
Panik House Casa Negra who really did a great serious job. The question is:
Has VCI even made any restoration at all or are these releases the same as the dvd's in Mexico?

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