La Rebelion de los colgados (Rebellion of the Hanged, 1954)

US VCI Entertainment 2021 Blu-ray edition - region all. Black & white

Méxican digitally restored classic about peasants in 1910 Chiapas. Poor and with debts to rich landowners
they are lured into signing contracts, many of them analphabets, where they have to work off their debts
at logging camps where they are treated very harshly, almost as slaves. Based on anovel by B. Traven
and with cinematography by Gabriel Figeroua, the master photographer with a 50 year career and the genius
behind the cinematography in some of Luis Buñuel's best méxican films, as "Los Olvidados", "El", "Nazarín",
"El ángel exterminador" and "Simón del desierto". Some of the best films ever made that is.

Cándido Castro (Pedro Armendáriz) is one of the poor indigenous people of México is forced to leave his
little home ranch with his sick wife and two kids. His wife needs an appendix operation but he needs money
for the operation and has to lend money from a man affiliated with landowners. But his wife dies before the
operation and as he signed a contract to lend the money he now has to work off his debt by working at a
Mahogany logging camp in the jungle, and his children has to work too. Modesta, his younger sister joins
them and they are on their way to hell.

Work is very hard and the treatment of the workers is harsh with brutal punishments, hangings, performed
by brutal foremen, and then the owners wants to up the production even more. The workers are treated as
slaves and finally mild mannered Cándido has had enough, the solution .... Rebellion !

The film is presented in original fullscreen 4:3 with spanish audio and with english subtitles. No extras, just
some trailers for other VCI Méxican films. Black & white.


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