Just Walking (Solo quiero caminar, 2008)

Thai United Home Entertainment DVD edition DVD

Eeeh, i can't remember the girls on the DVD sleeve above being in the actual film, but OK, well ....

This Spanish-Méxican co-production is a crime heist and Female Revenge movie that's pretty unpleasant and which take place in the
world of morally empty criminals, a world of Predators. Forget about charming charismatic Bad Guys as everyone in this film are
despicable pieces of shit, even though the gangster "sisters" may be slightly more likeable than the México machismo murderers.

Diego Luna is very good as Gabriel AKA Babyface, a puke of a killer that enjoys executing unarmed and helpless people. Gabriel is
a small slick looking guy wearing a smart suit and you take an immediate dislike to him, yes, hatred of almost the Steven Seagal level
(Seagal insists in playing a "hero" in his C grade movies when everyone watching him "act" hates him with a fervour).
But, Diego Luna is fine in the role and totally believable, as we know it's the small, short and angry guys that are the most dangerous
one's in real life. After a while you get sucked in, into the dark Universe of the film and even this bad guy, this little Angel of Death
display some human traits.

Gabriel's boss is Félix (José María Yazpik, also good) and he's Rotten to the Bone. They travel to Spain on business where Félix gets
a blowjob from the hooker Ana (Elena Anaya) and he takes her with him and marries her home in México City.
What he doesn't know is that Ana is a member of a female Safe-Cracker gang, a "Sister", buddies who has specialized in Rififi heists
(entering through a roof or a wall, and the name taken from the title of an old French crime novel and from the famous 1955 noirish
film by Jules Dassin. And these Spanish bitches won't stand any machismo and hassling without a Payback.

Hookers, blow-jobs and bitches .... yes, we've entered the domains of the machismo gangster world where the pukes see themselves
as Méxican kings, but, their down-coming is coming, be sure.

The 4 españolas are: Gloria Duque (a middle-aged Victoria Abril, who must've done something with her lips as she look a bit weird)
and the Brain behind all the heists performed by the Sisters Gang, Ana (Elena Anaya), Paloma (Pilar López De Ayala) and Aurora
Rodriguez (a very good Ariadna Gil) the angriest and toughest of the quartet, who buys sex from male escorts and who's the
weapons expert of the gang.
I'm not sure about the relations, if some of the "Sisters" were actual Sisters or just crime buddies.

Far from being any great film Just Walking was OK entertainment and with pretty good acting. A Very dark viewing experience
but interesting to see a Female Buddy movie without any annoying too cheery Hollywood bimbo stars. In this film we've got
a bunch of shabby gangster bitches who are hard to love, and this feels more "real".
The DVD presented the film in anamorphic widescreen, with 5.1 spanish audio with english subtitles, trailers other films as extra


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