JoJo's Bizarre Adventure : Diamond is Unbreakable - Chapter One (2017)

UK Manga Entertainment DVD edition

Text written 2021-05-05


Yes, another mainstream Miike but still a very enjoyable and snappy manga live action based on the comic by Hirohiko Araki.
In the intro of the film a man, Katagiri, is seen killing his father and then trying to escape the arriving police. But before the cops
can arrest him a mysterious young man turns up, he's dressed in school uniform and equipped with a bow and shoots and kill
Katagiri with an arrow to the neck. This killer is Keicho Nijimura and he says that dead Katagiri is chosen.
Then Katagiri is re-animated and starts on a killing spree using supernatural powers.

The city of Morioh is a small commuter town situated idyllic by the sea but is plagued by murders and with people disappearing
mysteriously. Koichi Hirose is a 17 year old kid attending the Budogaoka highschool, and another student is the popular among
the girls - Josuke Higashikata or JoJo (Kento Yamazaki), sporting a very strange massive hairdo (probably made in CGI).

Back of cover sleeve, from left to right: Koichi Hirose, Yukako Yamagishi, Jotaro Kujo, Josuke - JoJo, Keicho Nijimura,
Katagiri and Okuyasu Nijimura

JoJo (who plays the main role in this film) lives with his mother and his grandfather Ryohei (Jun Kunimura) an old cop who
feels that there's something wrong with the ongoing murders and he's determined to save the town.
But Jotaro, another weirdo turns up and he says he's JoJo's nephew (even though he's much older than JoJo) and that he
wants to defeat "Angelo" AKA Katagiri. Jotaru is also a supernatural fighter with the "Stand" weapon, some sort of a
an Avatar virtually visualizing powerful supernatural ESP powers.

We're up for a powerful fight between JoJo and his "Shining Diamond" Stand against the stand powers of the Nijimura
brothers, Keichi (Masaki Okada) and Okuyasu (Mackenyu). My favourite scene probably were the one with the Mini army.
The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen with japanese audio 5.1 with english subtitles, region 2.
Extras only a Theatrical trailer and some other trailers for japanese live manga films


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