YES! What's this? Answer: A Dead on target Power Pop and Koran rock classic.
Delightful guitar based indie rock with plenty of hooks and fronted by the fantastic singer Kim Yun Ah ..... or Kim Yoon-ah, Jun-a,
Yu-na, there's no exact way to spell/romanize korean names.

Kim Yun-ah, she's very respected in the South Korean music industry and she has got an AMAZING voice, crystal clear like ice
water from some Greenland inland glacier. A Great singer, musician and songwriter who also manages to act, as in Im Sang-soo's
fine drama thriller The President's Last Bang. She's not to be mixed up with the famous figure skater with (almost) the same name

The Groups members were (are?):

Kim Yuna - vocal, keyboards, acustic piano, programming
Lee Sun-kyu - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocal, programming
Kim Jin-man - bass, vocal
Goo Tae-hoon - drums, vocal

This CD edition is very nice with a picture and text leaflet included. With great songs like Magic Carpet Ride, Miss Korea and Snake
this their 3rd album is something of a rock and power pop classic. Maybe, maybe also with some sort of concept as a rock opera (?)
as besides instruments etc. there's also a mention about Original story from Kim Yun-ah in the text leaflet

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