Recorded in the T Studio and in the Paradise Studio in Tokyo and a really strong follow up to their power pop classic
The Wonderland from 2 years earlier. This album is presented in a gorgeous photo book sleeve CD edition and with
a text sheet-poster included.

The Music sounds a litte bit heavier and darker this time. There's the cool I'm My Fan who gathered some interest and
maybe was a minor Hit (?), but i guess not even though it created some buzz on the internet at least. There's also songs
as No. 1, Vlad and Good Morning. Kim Yoon-ah has written the texts to most of the songs and the music to half of them

Well, i guess it would've been about here, at this place in time, that Jaurim should've made it internationally, and not just
in Japan where Kim Yun-ah later made some solo records. But i guess korean indie rock mostly is a korean and maybe
japanese interest among the more eclectic orientated listeners.

After all, indie rock/progressive/power pop are just a narrow niche in the oceans of easily digested Muzak and the Idol
artist terrible wailing ugly R&B that plagues the free world since some 2 decades now. K-Pop should rule the
South Korean music market and with Gangnam Style K-Pop started the conquer of the international charts, something
pop princess BoA started a decade earlier

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