anamorphic widescreen, DTS, 5.1, making of m.m.

Great crime thriller and a cool script and some fine actors made this a Blockbuster HIT.
The 2002 "Infernal Affairs" was a Re-Make of Alex Cheung's 1981 Golden Era crime classic "Man on the Brink"
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But, as always Hollywood just had to make their SHIT version in 2006 with the STINKER The Departed.
Always overrated director Martin Scorsese (he's good, not great, sometimes but BAD many times) makes a film
only slightly better than his catastrophe Cape Fear here. Jack Nicholson is at his worst regarding over acting, that
stupid trademark grin of his ... yuck .... and Matt Damon sucks donkey dick too.

To the many Hollywoodized western kiddies giving The Departed high votes on IMDB, better watch this film instead

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