Ghost Lantern (Yan pei dang lung, 1993)

Hong Kong CN Entertainment Ltd.. Blu-ray edition

Ghost Romance Comedy Horror .... in that HK Golden Era bizarre mix of genres in a B version of other Ghost Romance movies at that time,
as wuxia "Chinese Ghost Story" and others. With Wong Jing as a producer or in the director's chair (he was producer here) you could be
sure of silliness a plenty and this film is only somewhat entertaining as Tony Leung Ka Fai may not be the most natural of comedians.
I do love HK actor Tony Leung Ka-Fai but i've only seen him in very serious roles and he has been great in them. He just isn't very funny.

But you just can't get enough of the lovely 1990's actress Chingmy Jau, a golden era legend and Roy Cheung is always great as Bad Guy.
The film starts with some neccessary information for the viewer, that in ancient China witchcraft could be used to make lanterns out of
human skin, and that the unfortunate one who lost his/her skin would then be confined to the skin lantern forever without re-incarnation.
This reminds slightly of the classic 1982 horror "Human Lanterns" (Human Skin Lanterns) a film that was very well made and truly horrific.

Chingmy Jau

Tony Leung Ka-Fai plays Fai, a street vendor slob that somehow is supposed to be a gangster boss, if a minor one, and with two
underlings named Jerk and Holland. Fai is a coward and he whines all the time of how unlucky he is and has been for all of his life.
He's also a snitch for the police inspector Kwong (Kwong Leung Wong) and he's supposed to give info about the evil, rich and
powerful gangster boss So Hung (Roy Cheung). In a big gangster fight Fai is saved by a beautiful ghost.

In an earlier life Fai has been an underling to boss Hung and the ghost was Yung, a Peking Opera actress. Both were killed by
Hung who looked to that they wouldn't be able to reincarnate properly, Yung who was turned into a skin lantern and Fai killed
and buried by Hung in a bad place so he would've bad luck for 10 lives. The comedy is played in a Wong Jing farcical way.

The Blu-ray is presented in anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1 and with a cantonese Dolby True HD 7.1 with english subtitles.
Only a trailer and a photo gallery as extras. A Region ALL bluray edition


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