Evil Instinct (Gik dou sau sing / Ji dou shou xing, 1996)

Hong Kong Panorama Corporation Ltd. 2020 DVD edition, region 3


Aaaaah, the amazing Carrie Ng, The Queen of Category III movies. She is definitely an accomplished actress which can be seen in many
films in her long career but still, for most HK film buffs, i'm sure she's mostly known for her Cat. 3 films made in the 1990's.
Carrie Ng Ka-Lui, born 1963, not just acted in some of the sickest (and best) of these sleeze epics but also, when she herself started to
direct films with the 2015 "Angel Whispers" she made a .... yes, a Category III movie.

She's very beautiful naturally but with a beauty that in a second can be scary, like a female counterpart to the young Simon Yam, who
was handsome and smooth but could turn psycho any second, and also acted in both artmovies and the sickest of the sick Cat.III as
the infamous 1992 "Dr. Lamb" and 1993 "Run and Kill" and some more as 1993 "Insanity".
Simon Yam and Anthony Wong, two of the best actors from Hong Kong also acted in some of the nastiest Cat. III ever made.
Three directors devoted to the genre were Billy Tang, Herman Yau and Ivan Lai, and two notable actresseswere Carrie Ng and Lily Chung.
Regarding the legendary Amy Yip she also acted in lot of Cat.III movies. But they were sleazy and sexy and rarely Nasty.

1992 Naked Killer 1995 Passion Unbounded

Evil Instinct looks slick and with the beautiful and great Carrie Ng in the main part, what to complain about ? Well, there is a lot of nudity
and a weird story, but the acting on some parts and the softcore sex scenes could've been better and the direction more assured.
The film almost jokingly rip off "Basic Instinct" when Ng refers to it when she sits on a chair with a very short skirt in front of a couple
of policemen in the interrogation scene. Actually, i'm not sure if Carrie Ng ever did nudity ?

Crime inspector Bowie Lam (Sam Hui) and his team investigates a series of murders where the male victims have had sex before being
killed with their necks broken. He visits a bar where he meets 2 attractive women, Wendy Pang (Diana Pang) and Penny Ng (Carrie Ng)
and has sex with Penny in the bar. A One-night stand he thinks, but when the murders somehow seem to be connected to an
Insurance Company and a couple of life insurances with recently raised premiums, they meet again.

Penny has been promoted to Sales Manager due to getting a lot of clients, and other co-workers as the ambitious Wendy won't hesitate
having sex, even depraved S&M sex, with Penny's clients to get them to sign a life insurance with her instead.
But who's cashing in on the premiums of the insurances of the killed men ? Who's the killer, is it Penny that is turning into a Snake Woman
filled with snake serum ? Final words: A so-so erotic thriller in a hopeless genre, but with the great Carrie Ng in it.

The DVD is presented in anamorphic widescreen with 2.0 cantonese audio with english subtitles, extra a trailer and a card, region 3


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