El Vampiro y el Sexo (The Vampire and the Sex) / Santo et le Tresor de Dracula/Santo and Dracula's Treasure, 1969)

French Bach Films DVD edition

YEEEES! A true victory for the Cinematic Art, we have seen careful restorations of film classics as The Magnificent Ambersons
and Touch of Evil by Orson Welles, of Silent classics and of Film Noir etc. and then we have this long lost nude version of Santo
et le tresor de Dracula - El Vampiro y el Sexo being found in some dusty archive.

El Santo, the pride of Mexico, El Enmascarado de Plata, the wrestler Rodolfo Guzman Huerta, appeared in a long row of delightfully
cheesy adventures, superhero horror action comedies in the 1960's and 1970's.

Santo! SANTO! .... da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da .... To the Santomobile! I'm trying to put the 1966 US TV Batman Theme on paper here,
as El Santo is a Superhero too and something of a Mexican Batman, just wearing a silver mask and doing some wrestling now and then.
The films, i suppose, were made primarily for a very young audience in mind, kids, and for infantile grown-ups .... like Me.

French DVD Foldup sleeve

So, Santo and boobs didn't fit that well together, but still, there had been rumours about an adult version being shot too, even though
well-known Mexican actor actor Aldo Monti in the extras denies ever having acted in any nude scenes, ha, ha, he's so embarrassed.
Vivían García Besne is a mexican film preservationist at the Permanencia Voluntaria and she was the one that found the missing film
reels of El Vampiro y el Sexo some 10-12 years ago, and her grandfather was the one who produced the first El Santo movie at the end
of the 1950's. Her family, the Calderon's, produced a mass of independent films, or .... better known as Mexican Trash Cinema.

This is the French sexy version in color - El Vampiro y el Sexo (The Vampire and the sex/Vita sessuale di un vampiro) with french audio
without any subtitles (no english or spanish subs) and the only differences to the Mexican original version - Santo et le Tresor de
Dracula, are that it's in color and in a good looking transfer, and that the Vampiresses in Dracula's crypt are all topless instead of being
dressed in black cloaks. Also there are some very mild sex scenes with Aldo Monti's vampire involved with time traveller Noelia Noel
and the busty housemaid Lupe (Gina Morett).
The mexican original black & white version is included on this disc and blurry looking with spanish audio and french subtitles.
Hey, who knew that Count Dracula was such a boob man, the neck thing we knew about already.

French DVD with 7 collector cards

The Story:

El Santo has constructed a Time machine and invites Nuclear Physicist Dr. Cesar Sepulveda (Carlos Agosti) and his daughter Luisa/Lucia
(Noelia Noel) to look at it. The device works best with a female subject and Luisa gladly volunteers, and she travels back in time to the end
of the 19th century, where she drops down on a bed in a pretty cool scene. Now she's the daughter of Professor Soler and she suffer from
anemia due to her 2 bite marks in her neck. What could those marks be? Probably the visiting Count Alucard (Aldo Monti), that's Dracula
spelled backwards, have something to do with it. Professor Soler and his friend Professor van Roth (Fernando Mendoza) are flabbergasted.

The Count has his coffin and a horde of topless vampiresses in a crypt in the cemetary, and now he bites Luisa and her maid Lupe too.
The nice thing is that Santo and his friends can watch everything that happens on a TV monitor screen.
Aldo Monti's Dracula is pretty cool, he likes boobs and also has got a family treasure in the crypt. Something that not just Santo get to see
and know about but also a hidden intruder in Santo's house, The Black Mask/Black Wolf, a bad guy wrestler with a gangster gang.
It takes almost an hour before we get to see El Santo take part in a regular Lucha Libre fight up in the ring.

The nude vampire girls above ground were Noelia Noel as Luisa and Gina Morett as Lupe the Maid, and they both acted nude also in René
Cardona's 1969 La horripilante bestia humana or more widely known as The Night of the Bloody Apes.
I've tried to identify the topless vampiresses in the crypt, but only succeeded with the one having some lines at the beginning of Dracula's
ceremony, she's Sonia Aguilar (i think) and some of the rest could be acc. to IMDB - Paulette, Magali, Jessica Rivano and Diana Arriaga.

The sexy film version is presented in a 4:3 fullscreen ratio and with french mono audio without subtitles.
Extras: A Propos du film: entretien avec Christophe Bier (23 minutes in french without subs), Les Bobines perdues (5 minutes) from the 2009
documentary "Perdida" about how Viviana Garcïa Besne found the lost film reels, and an interview with actor Aldo Monti + 7 cards


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