Double Tap (2000)

Hong Kong Panorama Corporation Ltd. 2020 DVD edition, region 3

A crime thriller where two men at first are "enemies" on the shooting range and then also in real life with them situated on
each side of the Law. Polic inspector Shun Miu (Alex Fong) competes in Police Target pistol shooting and his most talented
opponent is the expert gunsmith and master sharpshooter Rick Pang (Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing).

They meet in a contest where the win will go to Rick or Shui. In the final they are the only ones left, the result is a tie between
them and just when it's about to be decided who wins, the contest is interrupted by a deadly incident.
A crime cop and colleague to Miu goes berserk and starts shooting people. Miu hesitates shooting him and finally Rick has to
stop him and hits him with a "double-tap" in the head (two fast firings and almost as a single shot).


3 Years Later Rick has developed mental problems due to the killing and when 4 police agents are expertly assassinated with Double
Taps the Hong Kong police knows they have a sharpshooter on their hands, who could it be ?

Yes, Rick is highly suspected and with his girlfriend Colleen (Ruby Wong) as a possible accomplice. When she's held for further
questioning Rick gets furious and threatens to massacre the police force, and that's just what he does. Rick walks around with his
specially made sharpshooter gun and massacre members of the Hong Kong Police Crime Squad, a blood bath
How to stop him ? I guess it would be a horror if a professional sharpshooter went berserk like Rick, but surely a SWAT team would've
been called in immediately when the Crime Squad got a grasp on who the perp was.

A decent crime-thriller this was but not a great one, as it was so frustrating to watch that Rick's reign of terror wasn't stopped earlier.
The highly incompetent inspector Shun Miu not only was slow to stop the gunman at the shooting range and thereby forced Rick
to do it and which made him a psychotic, he also was slow to do anything to stop Ricks murder spree.

The DVD is presented in anamorphic widescreen with a DD 5.1 or 2.0 cantonese audio with english subtitles, region 3, with a trailer
and a Card as extra.


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