Crypt of Terror Vol. 1 - Horror from South of the Border (4 disc collection)

US BCI EClipse 4 disc DVD edition


Note that BCI Eclipse states on the sleeve on this DVD Collection that this edition is a 3 disc with 6 films - but actually it's a 4 disc
edition and with 7 (seven) films included (and with one in 2 versions).

Aaaaaaaah, Mexican Horror is one of my genre favourites and YES, the possible "Masterpieces" of the genre were probably made
in the 1950's and 1960's (read more about these films on my Mexican Film Page) but still, these later 1980's horror films are indeed
very entertaining. Mexico tried to make their own brand of Slasher movies, as e.g. Ruben Galindo Jr. represented in this collection
with 4 films. These 1980's mostly Slasher horrors are more trashy than the US one's, but just as entertaining and often more wild.

All these films are presented in good visual quality, with spanish mono audio and with english subtitles. 4:3 fullscreen, region 1


Disc 1 side A - Vacaciones de Terror (Vacation of Terror) 1988 Direction: René Cardona III

Black Magic and a possessed child horror where a witch is burned at the stake, and "today" a family with kids moves into a house
situated next to the old execution place. Fernando (Julio Aleman) and his wife, three kids and the niece Paulina (Gabriela Hassel) with her
boyfriend Julio (Pedro "The Mullet" Fernandez), and when one of the kids finds an evil doll unnatural and wicked things start to happen

Note 2020-11-30: Eeeh, sounds pretty generic and bad, but i can't remember these films as it was some 15 years ago i watched them by
now. Well, anyway, i would like to see these mexican obscure films again, and see below ... US Vinegar Syndrome has released some of
these films on Blu-ray in autumn 2020

Disc 1 side B - Vacaciones de Terror 2: Compeaños Diabolico (Vacation of Terror: Diabolical Birthday) 1989 Direction: Pedro Galindo III

A VERY trashy sequel where Julio is back and where he meets the singer Mayra (Tatiana) whose kid sister has got hold of another evil
Devil Doll. A doll that turns into a rubber monster and starts killing people en masse, for some unknown reason

Disc 2 side A - Trampa Infernal (Hell's Trap) 1989 Direction: Pedro Galindo III

An actually quite good and original Psycho Slasher where a group of seven youths (including one with mullet hair) goes on a hunting
trip in a wild life sanctuary but encounters a Slasher killer. The perp is a psycho maniac with a steel claw gadget and with an assortment
of weapons to use on unfortunate trekkers. According to the myth he's a master of setting deadly traps and being a crazed blond soldier.
The film is pretty nicely shot and with some nicely made Gore

Disc 2 side B - Cementerio del Terror (Cemetery of Terror) 1985 Direction: Ruben Galindo Jr.

Mexico's version of Evil Dead where medical students are inviting their poor girlfriends to a make-out party in a dilapidated old house
at a cemetary and where they find an ancient magic book. Trashy and somewhat funny with zombies and demons, but not as good as
some other of Horror Master Ruben Galindo Jr.'s films - see below

Disc 3 side A - Ladrones de Tombas (Grave Robbers) 1989 Direction: Ruben Galindo Jr.

A really cool magic slasher gory horror starting with the Mexican Inquisition torturing and executing a sorcerer with an axe. And, today
a group of grave-robbing youths unwisely removes the axe from the body they've found which results in a pissed off and re-animated mummy
slaughtering everyone he sees. Plenty of fun gore

Note in 2020-11-30: US Vinegar Syndrome has released this film on a Blu-ray

Disc 3 side B - La Rata Maldita (The Demon Rat) 1991 Direction: Ruben Galindo Jr.

A highly original and very funny Sci-Fi ecological horror. In a future Mexico all people have to wear a gas mask when being outdoors due to
the pollution, and when the teacher Irina (Rossana San Juan) has a problem with mutated giant rats walking on two legs, and who eats her
pet poodle Arnold, she gets much needed help from her environmental minded biologist and boyfriend Axel (Miguel Rodriguez).

This film is trashily bad in just the Good sort of way and it's very entertaining. Ruben Galindo Jr. a Trash Master and King of Slashers, and
hopefully someone, maybe US Vinegar Syndrome, will release this on a Blu-ray in 2020

Disc 4 side A and B - Dimension Ocultas (Don't Panic) 1987 Direction: Ruben Galindo Jr.

A Demon-teenage-slasher in a Spanish and in an English version. Michael (Jon Michael Bischof)

Note in 2020-11-30: US Vinegar Syndrome has released this film on an expensive Blu-ray limited edition


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