Cementerio del Terror (Cemetery of Terror, 1985) Ladrones de Tumbas (Grave Robbers, 1989)

US BCI Deimos DVD edition


Note: Both these films are also included in US BCI EClipse 4 disc DVD Collection
Crypt of Terror Vol. 1 - Horror from South of the Border (4 disc collection)
and autumn 2020 US Vinegar Syndrome has released Grave Robbers on a Blu-ray

Cementerio del Terror (Cemetery of Terror) 1985 Direction: Ruben Galindo Jr.

Mexico's version of Evil Dead where medical students are inviting their poor girlfriends to a make-out party in a dilapidated old house
at a cemetary and where they find an ancient magic book. Trashy and somewhat funny with zombies and demons, but not as good as
some other of Horror Master Ruben Galindo Jr.'s films - see below (Grave Robbers).

In this Slasher copy of Evil Dead it is Halloween and 3 youngsters, medical students, are planning to scare the shit out of their poor
girlfriends, and what's the usual thing to do ? Yes, correct, they B&E into a Morgue and steal a dead body. As they have found an
ancient black book of magic they will perform some rite involving the body, the regular Halloween stuff South of the Border. But,
bad luck, the re-animated body awakens and he's an executed massmurderer. Soon, there are Slasher killings and the Undead are
rising from their graves á la a Fulci movie. Trash horror it is.

Ladrones de Tombas (Grave Robbers) 1989 Direction: Ruben Galindo Jr.

A very entertaining mexican Demon Zombie Slasher with fine Gore a plenty from The Master of the Mexican Slasher - Ruben
Galindo Jr. It starts with the Mexican Inquisition torturing and executing a sorcerer with an axe, but not without time for him to
make a curse about revenge. Today, a group of grave robbing youths (i.a. Erica Buenfil as Rebecca) are on the hunt for riches as
gold and jewels but fall down into a crypt and they unwisely removes the axe from the body they have found.
This awakens the dead body who's very pissed off and starts a series of gory splatter murders including Olivia's (Edna Bolkan), the
daughter of the police chief, camping buddies. Great stuff.

The films in 4:3 fullscreen, spanish audio mono with english subtitles


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