Conquistador de la Luna (Conqueror of the Moon)/, 1960) El Castillo de los Monstruos (The Castle of the Monsters, 1958)

US Lion's Gate - Televisa Home Entertainment DVD edition

The popular mexican comedian Clavillazo, one of many mexican film comedians along with big names asi.a. Cantinflas, Tin Tan
and Piporro, can be seen here in 2 trashy but entertaining films. Both of them produced by the genius Jesús Sotomayor, the man
who produced the surely (i haven't seen every crazy south of the border made genre film yet, far from it) greatest Psychotronic
Masterpiece of Mexican golden era of trash movies - La Nave de los Monstruos from 1960 (please read more about this great
film here on my Mexican Film page).

Conquistador de la luna (Conqueror of the moon) 1960 Direction: Rogelio A. González,

Entertaining Science Fiction where electrician and inventor Bartolo (Clavillazo), at the start wearing his special odd triangular hat,
somehow gets into a newly built space rocket along with Estelle (Ana Luisa Peluffo) and the constructor of this space ship is her
absent-minded professor father. Bartolo accidently touches the instruments and, pooof, they're on their way to the moon.
They land on the barren surface of the Moon and then go down by an elevator to meet like shit looking aliens. They have fish
scales bodies and crocodile looking heads and their leader is a giant brain lying in a jar.
They threaten the Earth with a bomb and an alien woman with 4 arms and a blond hairtail falls in love with Bartolo. Will Bartolo
and Estelle manage to return to Earth and save the world ? The first man on the Moon, a mexican, i didn't know.

For being a trashy mexican low budget sci-fi B movie some of the scenes do look pretty great, and that shows us that the Mexican
Golden Era film industry did have the know-how to make decent special effects for a small amount of money. The G forces do
have an impact on Bartolo and Estelle when taking off from Earth, the surface of the moon looks nice (maybe due to having good
pictures of the moon surface at this time) and the space walk sequence look great (and was also used for "La nave de los monstruos"
the same year, 1960. Kudos. Mexican Golden Era films rules.

El Castillo de los Monstruos (The Castle of the monsters) 1958 Direction: Julián Soler, Production: Jesús Sotomayor Martínez

Horror Comedy where Clavillazo works as an undertaker and meets the poor but cute Beatriz (played by film, TV, theatre actress,
singer and author Evangelina Elizondo). He's wearing his special thing, a peculiar looking triangular hat and the significance of
this i don't know. His more famous comic colleague Cantinflas also wore something odd (in the film i watched) draped over his
shoulder (maybe alluding to some sort of official, type of profession or sorts)? Perhaps info lost in time.

Beatriz is mourning her dead auntie and she's poor and homeless, but Clavillazo let her stay with him as he's in love and wants
to marry her. But, at the outskirts of the city there's a castle owned by the evil Dr. Sputnik (Guillermo Orea, in a double role, also
as Clavillazo's friendly neighbour Melchor) where he, with the help of his assistant (Carlos Ortellana) experiments on dead bodies
and has created a horde of monsters.

El Doctor Sputnik has abducted Beatriz in order to create the perfect woman and Clavillazo has to enter the castle where he meets
an assortment of monsters as a mummy, an apeman, a werewolf, the creature from the black lagoon and Count Dracula (German
Robles in a cameo role, famous for his portrayal of the bloodsucker Count Karol de Lavud in the 1957 El Vampiro) and the servant
of Dr. Sputnik, the Frankenstein Monster (looking like Lurch later in the TV series Addams Family, could it be that the creators
of this legendary series saw this south of the border film? No, probably not).

4:3 fullscreen originalratio black & white spanish audio mono with NO english subtitles. Biographies extra


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