Bullet for Hire (Zidan chu zu, 1991)

Hong Kong CN Entertainment Ltd. DVD edition, region 3


Yes, B grade crime action with unappropriate humour, a child that's killed for no reason, where everyone even slightly over-weight is
called Fatty and a parallell story with the chinese Interpol woman that goes nowhere. So, it's a mess and maybe even a reprehensible
such, sure, BUT .... it's a Crime Action from the Hong Kong Golden Era filled with intense and bloody Hyperkinetic action and with
shoot-outs a plenty. Well made action scenes done the Old style way and the film picks up pace in the second part.

The film starts with a statement that Hong Kong is considered the centre of the Triads activities, and that they have spread around
the world. There's an Interpol police meeting in HK and the two professional killers Han Gor (Simon Yam) and Ngok Gor (Lieh Lo) have
been hired to assassinate the US topman, Mr. Wilson. Something which they do, in an intense and well made action scene.
A Chinese Interpol officer woman (Elaine Lui) almost gets hold of one of the assassins, Ngok, but he finally manages to escape.

Then the film follows these two skunks and pieces of shit when they relax with whores and drugs in between hit jobs. The Triad member
who ordered the Hit on Mr. Wilson were Mr. Dick (played disgustingly well by Dick Wei, seemingly always the bad guy in HK movies).
A new partner has been chosen to Han Gor, the youngster from the country Shan (Jacky Cheung) and Han Gor's task is to learn him
everything he knows about the Job (= killing) and of how to relax, drink, take massage and frolic with whores when not killing people.
Very in Vogue today indeed and i'm sure the Woke Hollywood would love to make a re-make of this one ... or not

There's an unashamedly blatant Rip Off of Brian De Palma's "Scarface" and the famous "The Colombians scene" and not until the 55th
minute do we see the Interpol woman again, but soon to disappear again.
Taiwanese veteran actor and martial arts artist Dick Wei gets to show off some of his martial arts finally and the film ends in shoot-out
mayhem (I remember seeing him kicking against Cynthia Rothrock in the Corey Yuen Kwai's classic "Yes, Madam!").

The DVD is presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen with a 5.1 cantonese audio with english subtitles, no extras, region 3.


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