Misterios de Ultratumba (The Black Pit of Dr.M / Mysteries from Beyond the Grave, 1958)

US Panik House Casa Negra unrated DVD edition

Collector cards (see pic below) were enclosed with these beautiful, unique and very ambitious DVD editions from US Panik House
Casa Negra. A dream for all of us westerners that has longed to be able to watch these horror minor masterpieces from the Golden
Era of the Mexican film, in crisp restored picture quality and WITH english subtitles for all of us with bad spanish speaking skills.
This very serious and beautiful film company (thanks for your dream come true, to be able to release these gems on DVD) gave us
the opportunity to finally get to see these exciting films in high quality, but .... as with other great film/DVD companies releasing
niche films too few of us bought them, and they closed down. People preferred the Hollywood garbage or downloaded on the Net.
Maybe old Mexican horror films are a too esoteric subject to be a commercial success, but thanks Casa Negra for your releases.

Misterios de Ultratumba is a minor Masterpiece of horror. It's both atmospherically beautiful and even poetic in it's question
what lies beyond death, is there a "life" after death. Director Fernando Mendez (of El Vampiro and El Ataud del Vampiro, 1957)
gives us a fascinating melodrama horror and a movie that has some nice Pulse to it.

Above: Casa Negra collector card

Two doctors working at an insane asylum, Dr. Mazali (a very fine Rafael Bertrand) and Dr. Aldama (Antonio Raxel) make a deal
that when one of them dies he will return to tell the other if there's some existence, life, after death and if one's soul can return
to the living. Doctor Aldama dies and Mazali arranges a seance to get Aldama to tell about it, which he does and his message
is that a return is possible but that the prize will be high .... and, that Dr. Mazali will know for himself within three months.

The daughter of Dr. Aldama, Patricia (Mapita Cortes) is told by her father's spirit to visit his old colleague Dr. Masali in the
hospital where he works, and things start to go really bad, ending in Masali being condemned to death.

The film is presented in 4:3 fullscreen original ratio, black & white, spanish audio mono with english subtitles in newly restored
very fine DVD release from Casa Negra.
Extras: An audio commentary by Frank Coleman, a text essay about the director Fernando Mendez, a text essay with pictures
"Mexican Monsters invades the US: A Tribute to K. Gordon Murray", biography of Gaston Santos (Patricia's boyfriend
Eduardo in the movie), a Music Video "The Black Pit of Dr. M", 1961 continuity script, original trailer, stills gallery


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