Angel Force (Mission Kill / Mission of Condor / Tu ying dang an, 1991)

German Imperial Pictures 2020 DVD edition

Somewhat trashy but entertaining crime action with tons of shoot-outs and lots of kickboxing action. Moon Lee Choi-Fung acted in a whole
bunch of films in the Hong Kong Girls With Guns genre and maybe she's best known for her 1986 "Angel".
To find out which Moon Lee film this was you had to do some detective work, as she appeared in more than one film sometimes titled "Angel
Force" and it was slightly unclear (for me that is) who the actors in this film actually were. As this crime action was made during the Golden Era
it also has an appropriate massacre of crime gang underlings. Hundreds of underlings, probably glad to have a well payed job for a triad boss,
gets massacred and even though their friends are gunned down in droves they still keep coming. They are doing daring death dives, somersaults
and they sometimes explode too.

Fujimi Nadeki

A huge drug deal is raided by the Hong Kong Police featuring miss Rose Wong (Moon Lee) and this annoys the gweilo, western devils, drug
gang bosses who hires the hitman boss Lion (Simon Yam) to kill the top police and Interpol officers. Lion sends his trusted hitman Bill/Mutton
(Eddy Ko Hung) to wipe out the top brass and a series of killings occur. Rose and her uncle, Chan (Kwan Hoi-San) are both Hong Kong police
but also Interpol agents, and Chan orders Rose to investigate the killings with the help of the FBI agent Steven (Max Siu Chung Mok.
Rose's cousin Lily (Wong Yee-Kam) hangs around for some comic relief but actually does a lot of kicking and shooting too. She's cute and seems
agile but, as i can see, only made 3 films.

There's a contract on Rose Wong too, but Bill/Mutton fails and as Lion won't accept any failures he sends out a pair of hitmen to take out Bill.
These two are Panther (Ken Lo Wai-Kwong) and his girlfriend Lin Hu AKA Wildcat (Fujimi Nadeki AKA Takajo Fujimi) and she's quite cool
and has a fine kicking fight with Moon Lee. She's also in 1991 Crystal Hunt as Donnie Yen's ex-girlfriend and really show off her MA skills.
But who's the Mr. X that plans everything with Lion ?

The film is presented in a cropped 4:3 fullscreen with english audio (or cantonese audio with german subtitles), trailers


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