Alucarda (Alucarda, la hija de la tinieblas / The Daughter of Darkness / Sisters of Satan / Mark of the Devil 3)

US Mondo Macabro DVD edition

Poor Justine (Susana Kamini), alone in the world, lives in a convent or monastery and comes under the erotic spell of the mysterious girl
Alucarda (Tina Romero). After an encounter with gypsies and the support of a Doctor Oszek (Claudio Brook) also a warlock, they start
to worship Satan. To stop the chaos that has engulfed the monastery (and combined convent?) the monks led by a Father Lazaro (David
Silva) decides to exorcize Justine, and this ends really bad. Racy and also Arty Méxican Nunsploitation and Catholic horror with some
exciting visuals and fascinating atmosphere.

Lots of screaming nuns, nudity and religious hysteria in an odd horror from the "unusual" fantasy director Moctezuma, who worked with
likewise Chilean director, artist, writer etc. Alejandro Jodorowsky in the 1971 cult movie classic "El Topo".

Probably like so many other modern nunsploitation movies inspired by Ken Russel's 1971 "The Devils", but there are probably a mass
of Convent fantasy movies, nunsploitation perhaps, preceeding that film, especially surely from the Latin Film Industry world.
Yes, i can see the allure of Horny Nuns, of what's really going on behind the thich convent walls .... and that's, sorry to say, probably
because i'm a pervert, or ? There are other takes on this exploitation angle, as - what's really going on in the girls locker room, - what's
really going on in the female prison, - what's really going on .... etc. ?

Mondo Macabro presented the film in a 4:3 fullscreen original ratio, with an english 2.0 audio and a spanish audio without any english
subtitles. Region free. Extras: an original trailer, a 13 minute documentary about the director, an interview with director Guillermo Del Toro
about Moctezuma (7 minutes), an text interview with Moctezuma, still pictures and a filmography


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