1974: La Posesión de Altair (2016)

US Cauldron 2021 Blu-ray edition - region all plus Soundtrack CD

This Méxican Found Footage low budget indie horror made some buzz when released with it's interesting take on the genre
and with the very atmospherical soundtrack by Enrico Chapela (enclosed on a CD with this edition from Cauldron).
Found footage is a tired genre but the 1970's retro feeling was nice, the actors were quite good and the ending was great.

The intro of the film starts with black and white News footage from 1974 where something has happened to four people, with
an explosion, a fire or something. Then we are back in 1974 before the "incident" happened and we get to see everything
through the 8 mm camera that film maker Manuel (Rolando Breme) uses all the time, he films everything with his handheld
camera. Manuel and his teacher wife Altair (Diana Bovio) are newly weds and lives happily with their puppy dog Carlo.

They seem to be living in a country house and with their closest neighbour being Tere (Blanca Alarcón), Altair's sister.
Yes, everything's dandy But, as this is a horror film that can't last very long, and soon enough Altair starts to change.
She sees a man standing in front of her bed and she starts to act strangely, as building a black brick wall and when
asked why she says that the angels tell her what to do. There are also phone calls with static sounds and screams, and
Manuel calls his friend Callahan (Guillermo Callahan), also a film worker, for help investigating what this is all about.

The film is presented in a 1.78:1 widescreen ratio and with a Spanish audio 5.1 or 2.0 stereo with english subtitles, the
Blu-ray disc in region ALL. A Soundtrack CD is included.
Extras a Sound Design featurette and trailer. US company Cauldron plan to release many a cool film it seems


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